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Helping Mom

When I was young my parents divorced. It was not a mean or bitter separation they decided the were not meant to be married and have remained friends and I split my time evenly with both of them. My Dad who is named Will had gotten remarried to Debbie a few years ago to a nice but perverted lady and had settled into a happy life. I did not have the heart to tell him his new wife had been hitting on me ever since I turned seventeen. She was pretty and had nice tits but I am not attracted to her. It was getting to the point of making me really uncomfortable. Though I do love older women and truthfully older men too. I am bisexual and proud of it.
At the same time Mom who is named Katie was not doing so well. She had never managed to find any one for more than a few months companionship ever since the divorce. She has had a string of men who were either drinkers, assholes, abusive or lazy. All of them cheated on her. Her spirits were low after another disappointing break up. I could not figure out why she went with such losers. She was pretty, smart, funny, kind, accepting and non-judgmental. She had put on weight over the last couple of years. She had gone from curvy and cute to a more plump figure. Many would say she was chubby or even fat. To me she was still pretty. But her self esteem was at an all time low.
I decided it was a perfect excuse to get away from my perv step-mother and spend some extra time with my Mom to try and cheer her up. Dad knew she was having a rough time and he understood how much she loved having me around to keep her spirits up and gave me no trouble when I said I was going to Mom’s for a couple of weeks. I suspect he loved the idea of being able to fuck his wife anywhere in the house for a while.
I drove over to her house, stopping for flowers along the way to surprised her, to go with a big hug and smile.
We held each other at the door for a long time. I could tell she needed some affection. She was only in a light shirt with a deep neckline that proved she had on no bra. The shirt was long and covered the top of her pajama bottoms.
“oh David I have missed you honey.” She said into my shoulder.
“I missed you too Ma” I said squeezing her tighter. “Lets close the door before you catch a cold”
We sat in the front room and talked till early in the morning. She had had a couple of drinks so she was more chatty than usual. She poured her heart out about how lonely and depressed she was. She felt fat, ugly, old and un-loveable. I tried to assure her she was only forty-four. Far from old and to me she was beautiful. I even pulled out a joint and lit it up. Not for the first time I shared a joint with my Mother. That seemed to relax her quite nicely. She curled up on the couch with her head on my lap. She shifted a bit and it pulled her shirt down to the point of barely covering her left breast. The thin soft material did nothing to hide her stiff nipples. I tried not to ogle my own Mother as I stroked her long thick dark hair. I shifted trying to hide my semi from her. It was a confusing me. Being turned on by own Mother, but it at the same time I wanted nothing more than to be naked with her.
She got up and went into the kitchen and brought back another bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured two big glasses and sat down super close to me. Close enough I could smell her hair. She asked me about how I was doing. Feeling bad about bearing all to me. She sat next to me on the couch. She smiled and I put my head on her shoulder. She gave me a gentle Mom kiss on my forehead.
“tell me whats going on in your life kiddo” she said as I shifted and my head was now resting on her breasts. “You never talk about yourself anymore”
“I hadn’t realized”
“Are you too cool now to talk to your ole Ma?” She asked kidding me.
“no, not at all Ma” I slid an arm behind her. I just really wanted to be as close to her as I could. She smelled so good. “it’s just you seem to have so much on your mind, and I am doing okay so I did not want to bother you” I said as she began gently stroking my ear with her thumb. It felt comforting and intimate at the same time.
“Davie I am your Mom. Never feel you have to hide things from me. I always have time for you.” She kissed my forehead again.
So I told her about Debbie and how she was making me feel and that I wasn’t sure if I should tell my father or not. Mom said that I should tell m Father. He deserved to know. Then I told her about how I was really attracted to older women and I had been having sex with a woman in her thirties. Then I told her about my bisexuality. I told her everything. I did not hold back. Just like I did as a kid.
She just put her arms around me and we held each other. We had both had a long emotional talk and were getting quite tired. She and I went up stairs.
“Oh dam” she said. I haven’t made the guest bed. The linens are in the wash.”
“Oh.” I said. I can crash on the couch for the night.” I said turning to go back downstairs.
“don’t be silly you can sleep in my bed tonight.” She said turning down her bed. I felt strange and excited at the same time. I shrugged as trying to look as laid back as I could and stripped to my underwear and got into bed. She brushed her hair and slid in beside me.
“tell the truth I could use an extra cuddle with my son” She said as she turned on her side with her back to me. I turned on my side and put an arm over her side and slid as close as I could without her knowing I had a semi hard dick. She and I were soon sound asleep.
I woke up and she was gone so I got up and put my pants and shirt back on and went downstairs. Mom was standing at the counter making coffee. Her hair was wet and she only wore a robe that came to her lower thigh. She was standing in warm morning sun looking as pretty as I could ever remember her looking as she filled the coffee maker. I put my arms around her stomach and squeezed her tight to me.
“well good morning honey” she said affectionately. As I kissed her cheek.
“hey pretty lady” That is when I remembered I had a bad case of morning wood and it was now rubbing on my Mom’s ass crack.
“Oh my Davie” she said. “is that your cock!” she gasp.
“Sorry Mom. Thats really gross I know” I said stepping back trying to hide my fully erect cock pushing straight up my pants. “I. I. Don…”
She stopped me with a finger on my lips. She gave me one of her “it’s okay, I understand and am not going to shame you for a normal body function” smiles.
“It’s okay sweetie. I get it. Your young, virile, just waking up. Of course your cock is going to stiffen up.” She put her hands on my face and kissed my cheek. “I am not offended or embarrassed and you shouldn’t be either.” She turned and started the coffee. “Besides its not like I haven’t caught you playing with that big dick before.
I blushed remembering the time she caught me jerking off in bed. She goggled and put her arms back around me and drew me close again. But it was a different this time.
“David” She said barely above a whisper.
“Yes Mom” I said nearly as low. “what is it”
“I am very lonely here, alone all the time” She was now starting to rub herself lightly against my rock hard cock. “very lonely” One of her hands slid down to my chest and began rubbing lightly. “I haven’t been with a man in over two years David” She put her head on my shoulder. “two long lonely, years of sex toys and masturbation”
I could not understand how a woman as cute and stacked as her could go with out a lover for so long. But she had and now I was starting to feel like I wasn’t the only one having feelings about something as forbidden as a mother and son making love.
“I bet you have had more cock than I have in the last couple of years” She said. Her warm breath humid on my skin.
“Are you asking what I think your asking Mom?” I said pushing back a little, but only a little.
“I know its probably a really bad idea kiddo but I woke up to your big, thick cock in my back this morning.” I tried to speak but she stopped me. Admitted to playing with it while I slept. Even jerked me off a little through my shorts. That was when she stopped herself. Went and took a cold shower to try and relieve the powerful urges that were consuming her.
“I can’t stand the loneliness anymore son. I need to be treated to some deep dick action soon or I may lose my mind.” She was practically begging now. “you even admitted that older women excite you. Well I am older and you know what they say aboutfat girls. We try much harder”
I hugged her as tight as I could. My cock was so hard it was beginning to throb. “I would never call you fat Ma” I whispered in her ear.
“I am though. I am a fatty I know it”
“you’re not” I kissed her full on the mouth. It was a long, hard, open mouth kiss that felt so right. “I think the word is curvacious and sexy” I said as I slid a hand up her inner thigh and slipped two fingers into her full bush of soft pubic hair and began rubbing her clit.
“Oh god yes” She encouraged. “I have never needed sex more than I do right this second”
“I want to eat you” I said as she started to quiver in my arms. “I won’t stop until you come all over my face.”
She took my hand and we rushed upstairs. I quickly took off my boxers and threw them on the floor. Grabbing the silky ribbon that was holding the robe closed I yanked it and the robe flew open exposing her sexy belly and big tits. Not to mention her patch of un-trimmed pubic hair.
I laid in the center of her bed and she knelt over my face and I went to work licking and tonguing every inside and out part of her pussy. She leaned back and started jerking me off.
“that feels so amazing Davie” She moaned as she gripped my cock tight and jerked it hard and fast. “eat Momma’s pussy like a good boy”
As I licked and sucked her clit I came. Hard. So hard it hit her and covered her back in come.
“Oh shit” that felt so good.” I cried out. “Your really good at jerking me off” I gasped. She smiled and pushed my face back into her sopping wet pussy.
“Thank you honey, now finish me off too.” I had my face buried deep in her labia when she came. I tried to catch it all and swallow it but there was too much, too fast.
She was grabbing hand fulls of sheet as she gasp for air after an orgasm that was long overdue. I had not gone soft. I was still rock hard. When she saw that she looked down at me and smiled a look that said that was amazing but I am just getting started. She slid herself down my body. She leaned down and kissed me as she raised her hips up.
“I love the taste of pussy too” She said. “Maybe you should know I am bi too” She grinned and lowered herself onto my dick. She soon had her slick, wet pussy full of me. She continued to kiss me as she ground her hips and raised herself up and down. This was the first time I had heard my Mom drop the f bomb.
“Holy fuck, you are so fucking big. Bigger than almost any man I have let fuck me”
“almost?” I said with a smile.
“Yes. After we split up I fucked your father’s black friend” She closed her eyes and bit her lips as she started moving up and down super fast. “God he could fucking use that huge black tool”
She started to yell this deep gutterall moan as she came even harder than before. She stopped moving and had a lean to the left as she moaned and groaned for two or three minutes.
I slapped my hands on her ass and pulled her all the way down on me as I came deep and hard inside her.
“Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUCK!” I cried as it literally felt like all my energy drained from my body. I then went limp, spread eagle on the bed. Mom slumped down on top of me and I laid there feeling the weight of her spent body on top of mine for ten or twenty minutes. Neither of us able or wanting to move.
Finally we rolled onto our sides facing each other. We gently kissed and caressed each other. Our bodies warm and clammy from the intense sex we just had. I shifted her legs so one was draped over my thigh.
“I am ready for more Mom” I began kissing her neck. Now that we had given in. It felt like maybe we would not stop.
“Not yet honey. I need another few minutes. You’re so big and it has been a long dry spell for me. I need to…”
I kissed her. Pried her mouth open. Stuck my tongue in her mouth and let her feel my hard on rubbing against her inner thigh.
“Oh god David. I forgot how easily young men get hard.” She giggled.
“Especially when they are naked with such a sexxy fucking woman” I said nibbling her ear and I squeezer her breast.
Nothing disturbed us that day. I pushed her over onto her back and entered her again. She ran her nails along my back and sides. Not leaving scratches but firey red trails and I thrust up into her deep and slow. Kissing her neck and sucking her nipples as she scratched, then bit me. Her body in an almost permanent orgasm she came quickly and it never really stopped.
“Oh shit son” She cried out. “you are so fuckin’ good at this!” She pulled my head up and we kissed so nicely it brought me to climax again. As I French kissed my mother I filled the pussy from which I had been delivered with another hot load if come.
“Okay that’s enough for now” She got up off the bed and turned the shower on again. “You made Mommy’s pussy very sore.” She looked back and winked at me. “but I forgive you and will let you play again later.”
I just laid there on the bed and enjoyed the euphoric feeling of having had sex so much and so hard. Mom was humming in the shower and after a minute or two I decided to join her. I took the cloth from her and washed her back and ass. She spread her legs and I washed between her legs.
“I’m sorry if I was too rough Mom. I didn’t mean to hurt you or your pussy”
“Oh David. Never apologize for giving a woman in heat what she wants” She instructed me to use my hand to get all the soap out from between her legs. Then she washed my dick and balls and my chest.
“Maybe I should kiss it and make it better like you used to when I had an owie”
“your owies were never on your genitals.” She said.
“But yours is” I knelt down in front of her as she reached out and put a hand on the wall and the other on the curtain rod. I lifted her left leg and put it over my shoulder and leaned in and began licking her hairy pussy again. “I love your hairy cunt Mom. Don’t ever shave it”
“For you sweet heart I won’t” She grabbed the back of my head and started grinding into my face. I loved the way she humped my face as she became more aroused.
“I can’t believe how much you like eating pussy.”
“I am just helping you make up for lost time” I say before slurping her clit again. She gave no warning this time as I tasted pre come only seconds before she squirt all over my face. I have never had a woman spray come on my face before. A couple of guys but never a girl.
After I finished her off again we got out of the shower and as we were toweling off she asked me about the men I have slept with, if I had had a serious boyfriend and whether I was a bottom or a top. I told her the truth, I had dated a guy for a couple of months, I was a bottom and I loved sucking cock. She smiled and said she loved sucking too.
The next few hours were calm and mellow. We ordered pizza and drank beer. Just really let go and relaxed. Neither of us thinking about anything. We laid on the couch and cuddled as we watched movies on the TV. Kissing a lot too.
It would not be for a while yet that we would discuss how to deal with the feelings and strong attraction we had for each other. At that moment we were happy.
As you can imagine I slept in her bed again that night to. I went to sleep with her head on my chest. But again I awoke and she was gone. Thinking I wanted a repeat of the morning before I went to find my Mom so I could get her off again. I was naked. I had slept that way and hoped Mom was naked too. She wasn’t. She was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking her coffee. She had on a skimpy black nightie. I knew it would easily come off.
“Good morning sleepy naked boy. It’s almost noon.” She put down the coffee and paper. “You want some breakfast honey”
“No I am not hungry” I said as I grabbed my dick and coaxed it to full erect again. “I want you”
I slipped the strings of her gown off her shoulder and the garment fell to the floor softly. “then maybe some breakfast”
“but David honey, now is n..”
I spun her around and bent her over onto her elbows on the counter and entered her from behind. Slowly I began sliding deeper and deeper into her moist vagina as she squealed in delight.
“You were about to say Mother?”
“What?” She pushed her round hips back into me. “ I forget now. Can’t be that important”
I put one hand on her shoulder and one on her hip and pushed balls deep into her and then pulled all but the head of my dick out. I did this a dozen times or more and by number eleven she was coming. Her sweet come slowly running down my inner leg as she reached back and squeezed my ass. Leaving her big sexy tits rubbing on the counter. She was squeezing my ass as I stayed deep in her hungry pussy. I came inside her again. But as I was enjoying my last surge of orgasm I heard clapping from behind us. Neither Mom or I moved.
“oh fuck, shit, hell I forgot.” Mom said in a low embarrassed tone. “That is what I was trying to tell you”
“Umm what Ma?”
“Your Auntie Joy was on her way over”
“Well I am here now.” My Auntie Joy’s voice said in a slow deep voice. “I see Katie you found a way to relieve that hunger for cock you’ve had the past few months”
“Joy let me explain” Joy held up a hand to stop my Mom.
“Katie. This is your son. You are fucking your Son!”
“Actually Auntie.” I said. “technically I was fucking her”
Joy smirked. Like what I said was terrible and gross and she couldn’t believe what we were doing. She walked past my naked mother with mine and her come dripping form between her legs and stood right in front of me. She looked down at my semi hard cock. Which was fading fast under her judgmental stare. She looked over at my Mom who was hanging her head.
“wow I will say this much Katie. Your son. Has a huge dick.” She looked back at me and as she ran a finger over my dick she looked into my eyes with a smile.
“I gotta have me some of this big fucking schlong” she said cracking a big Cheshire grin.
I heard my Mom say proudly, “He is good at eating pussy too”
“MMM just like my own son.”

…….To be continued…..

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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