Becky's Dreams come true.

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Becky Love was lonely since she could remember. It had been such a long time since she had been with a man, she could hardly remember when. Her problem was the one hundred fifty pounds she had gained in the past years. She was now tipping the scale sat a cool two hundred ninety-five pounds. As she packed on the fat, she didn’t have much of a social life anymore. She was a fairly attractive woman, until her appetite for foods had turned her into what she felt made her look like a fat cow! Her tits were mammoth 44 DDD, but so were her hips and legs! There weren’t too many men that would be interested in a girl her size. Her love life consisted of her vibrator and lots of phone calls to a phone sex line 800-652 chat an old friend gave her.

Even though she knew it was hopeless, she had decided that tonight she wasn’t going to stay at home! She was going to go out and have a nice dinner and have a few drinks at the bar. Her Best friend had been on her case for months to get out in the world and at least put herself in position to meet someone. She said you may be big honey but you big and beautiful.

She always said, “You’ll never find him in your fridge!” So tonight was the night to go out. Looking in the mirror before she left, Becky shook her head one last time, and headed out the door. She had read about a new restaurant that had just opened and decided to give it a try. When she entered the front door she could see that a lot of people were waiting in line to get a table. She gave her name to the hostess, and went into the bar to kill the half hour wait for her table. Taking the end stool, she ordered a weird drink but she sipped the drink and listened to the radio playing all the new hits. Sipping her drink and casually swaying back and forth, she barely noticed when a man tapped her on the arm and asked her if anyone was using the empty seat next to her.

Shaking her head no, she said, “Go ahead and sit down, no ones using it.” Looking back at the game, she didn’t pay much attention when the man sat down and ordered his drink. It was only when he asked her, Who is singing on the box “I’m really not paying much attention, I’m just waiting for my table in the restaurant side, and its going to be a good half hour yet.” “Say,” he offered, “if you’re eating alone, why not join me, no use taking up two tables on such a busy night!” Giving him a quick once over, Becky decided, why not, and said, “Sure, that would be nice!” For the next half hour the two of them talked about their jobs and all the other small talk new acquaintances exchange.

Dinner seemed to fly by, and Becky was sorry that her evening with Kevin, that was his name, was coming to an end. Kevin picked up the check and said, “My treat!” Walking out into the cool night air, Becky expected Kevin take his leave, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he said, “Let’s walk for a while and let that dinner settle a little bit, okay?” Offering Becky his arm, she took it and replied, “A walk sounds good!” Strolling arm in arm, looking into the store windows, the two of them were just enjoying each others company. Becky didn’t want to scare Kevin off, she really liked him, but she decided it was time to take a chance. She then asked him, “How about coming up to my place for a nightcap?” Becky was holding her breath, waiting for what seemed like hours until he answered, “I could use a glass of wine it you’ve got some!” Twenty minutes later they were riding up the elevator to Becky’s apartment.

While Becky made the drinks, Kevin wandered around the living room checking the place out. Becky came in and found him playing with here stereo. “How about some music,” he asked? “Good idea,” she replied, and stuck in a new CD puddles of mud latest and hit the on button. Becky was now feeling the affect of all them drinks she had consumed that evening, and her pussy was dripping wet, and her clit had hardened in anticipation of an orgasm. It had been so long for Becky, that she was sexually on the edge of a cliff and it would only take one little shove to push her over it. That shove came when Kevin casually rested his hand on her thick thigh. Becky turned to face Kevin leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Kevin quickly responded and returned the kiss, slipping his tongue into Becky’s open mouth. Breathing haltingly, Becky pulled away and asked, “Would you like to handle these?” as she opened up the top of her dress exposing her wonderfully large breasts. Kevin, with shaking hands, felt the huge tits “I love big tits” he whispered into her ear!

Becky stood up and shook out of her dress and stood before him some silk like panties, and pantyhose. Kevin had never seen such a large women in her panties before, and he was transfixed! Kevin sucked in a breath and stared at the massive udders only inches from his face! “Come to momma,” ordered Becky, as she took his head and pulled it to her nipple! “That’s right, suck on mammas nipples, be a good boy and make momma feel good!” Kevin tried, but could only get a very small portion of the huge nipple into his mouth. He was almost being smothered by the huge amount of tit flesh, but he didn’t care, all he could think about was having his mouth on that beautiful chest! By now Becky’s clit was becoming very impatient, and Becky felt the need to show Kevin her wet shaven pussy. Pulling away for just a minute, Becky tugged off her pantyhose and panties, and now stood naked in front of a man for the first time in years! Even though she had one huge roll of fat, she could sense that Kevin wasn’t at all repulsed by her appearance, and that he was really turned on by her large size!

Becky said, “I stripped for you, now you strip for me, okay?” Now it was Kevin’s to slowly remove his clothing in front of a total stranger. When he was down to his boxers, Becky could see the out line of his pecker trapped inside. “Let me,” she said, and reached out and pulled down his shorts. To her utter amazement, Kevin had the largest cock she had ever seen in her life! At least eight inches long and very thick, it stuck out at a forty-five degree upward angle, a drop of precum hung from the little slit on the end of his cock, and Becky involuntarily leaned out and lick it off. Having tasted the big penis, Becky now wanted to eat it, and she opened her mouth and let the smooth head slide into her hungry mouth! “God this tastes good,” she thought, as she moved her head up and down, licking and sucking the entire shaft.

Kevin just stood calmly in front of her, allowing her to get her fill of his pecker. Becky had never let anyone cum in her mouth, but she was in need of some sexual pleasure 9-1-1 style, and all she could think about was milking the big Dick into her mouth! Almost without warning her mouth was flooded with a flood of hot cum, that Becky so happily drank down! Kevin gave out a loud moan as his pecker jerked into the fat girls mouth Becky’s clit throbbed real hard as she drank every last drop of his hot spunk!

“Thank you, ” was all Becky said as she licked and sucked his cock clean of its cum! “Now its my turn,” said Kevin, as he dropped to his knees between Becky’s massive thighs. Gently pushing her legs apart, Kevin saw the huge shaven hot box that was wet along the length of its slit. Right in the middle of this was a little pink head stood out, seemingly crying for attention! Becky’s clit was now throbbing with lust, and Kevin excited it even more when he ran his tongue over its slick little head!

Becky moaned loud and long as he worked his tongue up and down her hot lips. “Do my clit,” she pleaded, “please do my clit!” Kevin chuckled, but bored in on his target with renewed fervor! The big woman was now completely in his control, and he meant to have his way with her! Her first oral sex orgasm in years was more like a tsunami hitting the beach! A tidal wave swept through her loins causing her clamp her legs around Kevin’s head. Holding his breath, Kevin finished her off with a series of licks directly to the end of her c
lit! Her orgasm fading, she released her g
rip on him as she lay exhausted, totally spent!

Several minutes past by, and Becky was roused back to reality when she felt something hard against the opening of her vagina. Kevin was getting ready to fuck her! She shifted her position to give Kevin a better angle for entry, then he slowly slid his big member into her love box! When he finally had it all the way in, Becky had another orgasm. Her cunt hand never been stretched like this before, and it felt wonderful to filled to over flowing! Kevin looked down to see the huge chest under him, and his boner seemed to get even harder! Now moving in and out of her pussy, he leaned down and took a big nipple into his mouth. Becky could not believe the rush that was going through her body! Her pussy was defenseless against the attack Kevin had unleashed on it!

Getting ready to give Becky a fuck of her life. He stopped for a brief moment and got on his back comfortably and slipped two fingers into her now soaked wet cunt. He could feel the wetness and hotness it radiated from his finger tips down to his rock hard boner. Kevin wanted this to last just as long as Becky had been waiting for it. Seeing Becky moan loud and louder made his member pulsate so hard. Jumping up Like a young teenager. he shoved his shaft into her love box. Becky said Fuck me, Fuck my cunt. Kevin shoot your massive load of cum in me. Fill me up with you. Oh baby! Feels so good. All the while she was kissing Kevin and trying to catch her breath. It was not working. “I am so worked up by you,” she said. You make me hot and so very happy. Mmmm. And then without warning he shot his load into her satisfied pussy lips, He shouted oh yes baby take my hot load take it bitch. Becky smiled and said oh yes my pleasure.

As they lay quietly together, savoring the moment, Becky thought that now she had something to tell her Best friend, well not EVERYTHING!

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