How Many Men????

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From the outside my life looks pretty ordinary. In fact it may look downright crappy.

I am an extremely overweight 46 year old woman living in upstate NY. I live in a pretty simple and kind of rundown house in one of many sad towns.

I am only 5′ tall and weight 305. My tits are 52DDD and are as huge and fat and floppy as you might think. As for my ass – humungous. Celluite? I am a jiggly and bumpy woman. Thighs? Like logs of lard. I do have nice red hair and blue eyes.

Did I mention I am sexually insatiable? I used to hate this about myself but over the years I have made peace with my inner slut.

Don’t ever call me whore… NO way! A whore gets paid.

I am a true SLUT. I fuck around because I want to and I can’t get enough. I don’t want to be paid – I am happy to give it away for free to whomever will stick their cock in some part of me.

Yes I do have a boyfriend. Some men like big fat cunts like me. Yes I said cunt… I am a cunt and a slut. And yes I said I am at peace with both of those things.

He fucks me like there is no tomorrow and then he feeds me… Fucks me and brings me fried chicken. Fucks me again and brings me pizza. Plus I like to drink beer and he always has a case at the ready. At this rate 305 will be history and I may hit 350…

What kind of fucking do I like? Well what kind don’t I like? Me on top. Me on bottom.

Cock in cunt… Cock in ass. Cock fucking the shit out of my face when you shove it in my mouth. Take my photos? Sure… Make video? Why not? Put it on the internet? Who cares if it helps other people cum?

Other women- you BET. Especially if they are big like me. Multiple partners – well until today I have only been with 2 men at once and once a woman and man. But let me get back to my story…

So Joe tells me that he has a surprise planned and that I should clean the basement up.

In his basement we have a whole fuckroom set up. A huge bed. A weird table that he made that I can be strapped to- almost like a gyno exam thing. It props my legs open so he can basically fuck me silly even if I fall asleep.

And toys like you wouldn’t believe and the cameras etc. And a collection of porn that would make some people horny and others – well it would make others vomit. Sick shit but hot and fun.

So I get the place ready- have a few beers to loosen up…Light some candles.

I am waiting there and out of boredom start to read some porn and play with myself.

My nipples are so sensitive and fucking huge. My aureole is large and brown and the nipples are 2″ when soft and when they harden they are thick and long. And sooooooo sensitive. So basically I am sitting there rubbing my cunt with one hand and sucking on my own huge floppy titty.

I hear his car. And then another car… and another… Hmmm.. What the fuck?

He comes in and says Honey I have a big fucking suprise for you. I invited some friends over.

Who – I ask? He says -just some guys I know. And in comes a parade of all different sorts of men.

Tall and handsome in a nice suit. Short and fat in a t shirt that barely covers his fat stomach. Black. Hispanic. Asian. One looks like a junkie. A few are just ordinary and hard to even remember. Wow is that a police uniform? Well yes it is… A turn on by itself! Some guy in a McDonald’s uniform. Is that a doctor in that white coat? Whoa. What the fuck?

I glance around(ok my tit has dropped out of my mouth and its hard nipple sits there exposed for one and all…)and I count about – wait, they are still coming down the stairs. Could it be – 56 men?

Joe comes over and says “baby you are going to get yourself fucked within an inch of your life tonight. are you ready?”

I am so creamed now I can’t believe this is actually happening to me! Joe and I have talked about this before but to make it a reality!!!!

My dream is to be gangbanged and fucked silly by as many men as possible. I want cocks in my hot slit, cocks shoved up my ass, cocks between my huge tits, cocks in my throat. I want to feel cock heads against my nipples.

And most of all – maybe even more than the fucks themselves , I want to be covered in showers of hot white sticky pasty cum. I want it in me – up my pussy, my ass and down my throat, but I want to be covered in it!!!!

Joe leads me over to the table and straps me onto the fuck table. Then he proceeds to take his dick out(and what an amazing dick it is!) and he rubs my titties with it.

The drops of precum on the head are glistening. He brings it to my mouth. I suck on him a bit.

Then without warning he starts to ram it up my cunt and fuck me hard like a bitch. He is stroking hard and thankfully the whole scene has made a river in my hot box cunt. It is almost like a rape fuck.

The he pulls out and sprays me with a long hot stream of cum over my tits and on my face.

Now he undoes me and pushes me over to the bed and says in a loud voice “fuck them bitch- fuck them all hard fuck them alll now”

Next thing I know it is a frenzy. Men are pushing and shoving – ripping their clothes off. I feel an unfamiliar prick in my cunt – it is WIDE AND HUGE. Hnnnnn.,… I love this shit. And then I feel a cock forcing its way up my ass.

There is another one – with purple head about to fuck my mouth.

There are hands and bodies and cocks everywhere.

This goes on and on and on for hours. I am exhausted. But as you can guess I am fucked stupid and also have been cum on by so many men.

My face is covered. My tits. It is caked in my hair. I keep crying out “fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me. Fuck my hot pussy. Ram my fucking cunt.” And how they do… More and more menkeep coming into the mix as others drop out.

After hours of this wanton and sleazy cluster fuck I collapse.

In the morning I awaken. The room is one fucked up mess. I am covered in stinking dried cum. It is up my nose, in my mouth and in and on everywhere. My hair is stiff and sticky with it.

Next to me on the bed is the remote control and a note from Joe saying …. I hope you know how much I love your fat fucking ass baby. And in case you don’t just press play…

I do know… But I press play anyway and there on the large screen tv I can watch this amazing hot fuckfest over and over and over again…

A few hours later Joe is home with a bucket of KFC and a case of Miller. And at this rate all I want to do is eat and fuck and watch the hottest night of my life.

(ps – in total approximatley 156 men fucked me, probed me, gagged me and/or came on me. that is some hot shit!!!)

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    I likes me a fat bitch! Do you like big cocks?

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