I had dreamed – Now I Know…Part 2

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Hope you enjoyed part 1… here is the rest of the story…

So this enormous woman collapses onto my sofa and takes in the scene around her.

I have a fat girl orgy dvd in, dildos and vibrators all around and the room kind of reeks of my pussy which I have been rubbing all night.

She simply looks around and falls into slumber. I try to awaken her but no dice. Since she is breathing I take this as an opportunity and not as a problem.

What am I going to do? And why the fuck am I – a fat slut in my own right – turned on so much by this humongous tub of lard???

I go into the kitchen to get myself a beer. As I pass through the dining room I realize that I have left my pc on and I go over to it.

Shock of all shocks – my favorite author on Fantasies.com – mrchicken – or Rick as I have come to know him has been trying to IM me.

He writes the best stories about fat sluts like me and it turns me on incredibly. We have talked about trying to meet because he does live nearby but we have not made any real plans.

So I go ahead and IM him back and lo and behold he is online. I can’t resist as I type in “want 2 cum here at last?”

He responds – “when?” And before I can even reply “y now?”

I tell him plainly…. “i have wanted u for so long. but 2nite is 2 good to be true. just trust me when i say i am here with a 500 lb cunt passed out on my sofa. get here quick and bring that fucking viedo camera u write about all the time!!!”

To which he replies ‘my cock is so hard i could drive nails with it. is this 4 real?”

“listen hammerhead” i write – “get that hard cock here with video cam NOW!!” and i proceed to give him directions.

20 minutes later he pulls up. In the meantime I have been checking on my charge – she is still out cold. I don’t smell any liquor on her but she appears passed out.

Her body is huge. Lumps of flesh pressing out against her clothes. I can see her nipples poking through the fabric of her too tight topn and her bumpy aureoles.

I want to rip her fucking clothes off but am waiting.

Rick comes to the door with camera in hand. What a joy it is to meet a man who has long fantasized about me and i him. We embrace. I feel his hardness against me as he pushes into my own fleshy mass.

I am wearing a slutty teddy with garters and fishnets and high platform spike heels. There are mounds of my fat bulging through the top of the stockings where the garters are and the teddy can’t really contain the huge cellulite-y flabby hugeness of my ass.

Rich grabs that ass and starts to rub. He has always thought of me from afar as the sexiest woman evern… I think I am living up to his fantasy.

After some kissing – wow what a tounge he has – and rubbing I say – GET over here to see this whale!

And there she is – mounds of fleshy hugeness.

He looks faint! Between her and I there are about 800 pounds of woman for him to feast on.

He goes ahead and sets up the camera on the tripod.

I go over to our obese prize. I start to shake her- wake up wake up I say.

She begins to stir. I ask are you ok? She mumbles something. Are you ok I ask again?

And in a moment that both shocks and stimulates me she wakes up, grabs me and pulls me towards her!!!!

WHOA. Thank goodness Rick has the camera rolling is all I can think.

She begins to kiss me passionately, fully deeply. Her tounge is … it is like Gene Fucking Simmons… LOOOOOONG toungue! Wow. I am both shcoked and turned on again, by this development.

As I come up for air she looks at me and says “please help me”.

I am like – of course- how? And she begins – and she does not notice that Rick is there- to tell me a most horrifying tale.

She lives somewhat near me. Her son is about 19 and apparently has been coming over to my property(so much for my privacy) and watching me jerk myself into sexual frenzy every day… He even made some videos and had digital photos.

One day she caught him with this stash and made him tell her who I was. The reason she wanted to know is becuase she was so turned on by me and wanted to come fuck me herself.

It turns out that her husband has not fucked her in almost 19 years. After she had her son she started to gain weight. He began to run around on her.

He had a massive porn collection and would force her to watch him masturbate. He thought he was upsetting her – but she just got hornier than ever.

She got huger and huger and eventualy had to give up her job. But not before she had saved enough to buy herself a “fucking machine” that she found on the internet.

You’ve probably seen these things – they are drills or whatever and they have a dildo on them and they fuck the shit out of you.

So she was fucking her machine every day.

Must end here – part 3 to follow.

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