Jackie's Totally Amazing Adventure

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Jackie had just had such a great time with her new friend… They had some wild sex and then she went with him to the Colonial Motel to shoot a video(that was his job).

And he was so special… He is a man who appreciates a woman with saggy tits, a bloated belly, a hairy stinky cunt and a fat ass. If your thighs are tree trunks and you can barely reach your own cunt because you are so fat, Rick is your man.

He fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Jackie liked it hard and rough and that was how he gave it to her most of the time. Then there were other times when he would sweetly thrust his hot toungue up inbetween her fat ass cheeks and rimmed her hot hole.

She had plans to ask for so much sex from him… And without having to ask much a lot happened…

First of all they were at his house when there was a knock at the door and who should be there but an old lover of his.

She was about 50, 485 pounds and really seemed to want something.

He seemed awkward oddly enough. I wanted to invite her in. I could see her tits and those heavy hangers were turning me on.

You see one of my many slutty fantasies is to have sex with another fat slut cunt like myself.

Marie came in. I could see her eyeing me too. And truthfully – his placed reeked of sex, of cock and cunt as we had been fucking for about 3 days straight. There was porn all over and I was wearing a robe that barely covered my jiggly fat body.

She sat down and was clearly upset. Rick went to make her a drink and I sat next to her on the couch.

We started to chat… Her boyfriend had found out about how she and Rick were fucking around by accident. They had made a video of themselves and she left it in the vcr after a long session of playing with her own pussy. He watched it the next day, and after cumming, threw her fat ass out.

I tried to comfort her and put my fat arm around her huge girth. She just leaned into me. Rick came in and I sent him away with a wave… He left teh room to get his video camera(I hope!)

She began to really sob and shake and I started to rub her back and hold her. Then the next thing I know she has opened my robe and while still crying starts absent mindedly playing with my huge nipple.

I can almost come from nipple stimulation and the feeling of her doing this in this circumstance made a river run out of my cunt.

So I pretended to be shocked and pushed her back… And her smoldering eyes looked at me and she said this…”can’t you see what I have been through? Can’t you even consider giving me what I want?”

I was all like “well what do you want?” and she said “I came her to fuck and fuck hard. Rick – You- the dog – a fucking machine…. I don’t care. Only a fuck will help me with my pain!”

Rick was back and the camera was rolling. I ordered her to get up and as she stood before me I realized she was even fatter than I thought.

So I said- “listen you fat nasty slut – you want to get fucked you will get fucked! Take off you fucking top bitch and let me see those tits.”

What a sight to behold…. They were enormous huge heavy hanging tits that would possibly smother me.

And they stank of her sweat as she was such a huge fat ass bitch. Just like me!!!

I grabbed a tit and pulled her close to me and started to suck like a baby on some milky titty(oh wait that is another fantasy…)

She moaned and literally fell onto me and pushed me down on the couhc. I was trapped underneath her enormous girth but sucking tit like no tomorrow.

Finally I pushed the fat slut up and switched positions. My titties needed a good hard suck themselves.

Then I pushed her back down and said “fatty – you like clearly like to eat…how much do you like to eat cunt?” And then I forced my dripping slit onto her waiting mouth.

NEVER ever in my life and I have been fucked within in an inch of my fat life… NEVER has my cunt been sucked and licked like this. I felt a wave of pleasure pass over me as she munched on my hot box. Slurp, lick, suck, bite. Her tounge was like a vibrator on high as she jiggled my clit over and over. Her faces was soaked with my juices.

Next thing I know I feel something in my ass…. It is Rick’s finger. He knows how I like ass play.

I get up off of her and she is laying there panting like a ho in heat. Rick says that he has to fuck her hard now and she spreads her fucking huge legs and he mounts the bitch.

This guy knows how to fuck let me tell you. And the fatter you are the better he fucks you so that garbage truck of a ho was getting it good!!!

I jumped back on her face but facing rick and he played with my titties.

All 3 of us rotated positions all night. He fucked her. He fucked me. She and I ate his cock. We feasted on each other’s pussy.

She and I both used the strap on – to fuck each other and then we took turns fucking Rick’s ass – but only after I made her give him the rim job of a life time.

Now when I am lonlely or horny I pop in the tape that was made of that night and I still can’t believe I had such a big adventure.

I keep doing 2 things…. gaining weight and getting hornier.

Any takers?????

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