Linda's Revenge

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We’ve lived across the street from our neighbors, Pete and Linda, for about 10 years. Last summer they were having a barbeque at their place and I had to take a piss. I went into the house, but someone was already in the main bathroom. I couldn’t wait so I went to the other bathroom that is off of Pete and Linda’s master bedroom. It was pretty warm that day and my cock and balls were hanging down extra long and low. My balls were hot and sweaty so I decided to air them out while I was pissing. I pulled my boxers down and let my nuts hang free as I relived myself. I was about halfway through when Linda burst in to the bathroom. “Oops! Brian I didn’t know you were in here! God, I’m sorry! Here, let me lock the door so nobody else comes in here.” She locked the door and left. She was only in there maybe a little more than 5 seconds, but she stared at my cock and balls the whole time! I looked down at my cock. It was hanging about 7 1/2 inches and my balls were out in the open to get some air. I finished up and rejoined the party. Linda never said anything more about it and I didn’t bring it up.I had pretty much put it out of my mind when linda came over this past Saturday. She looked upset.”Brian is your mom home, I need to talk to her.” She told me when I answered the door.” Nope, she went shopping with my sister and you know how those two are when it comes to spending money.” I told her. she seemed really disapointed.” I really need to talk to her so could you have her come over or call me when she gets home?” she said. “O.K ” I said. “Is there something wrong, you seem really upset.” I asked her. ” Uhm, Brian do you have a few minutes, I’ll show you what’s bothering me over at my house.” We walked across the street and into the kitchen. She tossed a manilla envelope to me. “I’ve been worried that Pete has been cheating on me for a few months now. I hired a private investigator to follow him around and take pictures.” she said as I thumbed through the pictures of Pete and a hot young blond girl going into and out of various local motel rooms. There was also two pictures of him with a good looking brunette with big tits. One was going into a motel room and the other was them leaving. They were taken 47 minutes apart. “That asshole has at least two whores on the side!” she said and started to cry. I didn’t know what to do so I said,”Jeez Linda I’m sorry you have to go through this.Whate are you going to do? Are you going to stay with him?” “Hell no ! I want to make that bastard pay! I gave him the best years of my life and raised our 3 kids. I admit that I’ve fanasized about other men but never in my life would I act on my fantasies!” She started bawling and reached out to hug me. I returned her hug and she just cried on my shoulder for about 10 minutes. First of all let me say this about Linda. She is fat so when she hugged my her big tits got squeezed and crushed between us. Also, when I say fat I mean obese. I’m sure she weighs close to 300 pounds. When she sobbed her whole body jiggled and her tits bounced around against my chest. Her face was pretty and she always had her blond hair done nice but she always wore those tent dresses that fat ladies wear. She finally stopped crying and composed herself. “Thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on Brian. I needed that. It’s not just the other women that bother me though.” ” What are you talking about?” I asked. She pointed to a suitcase on the floor that I hadn’t noticed before. “Open it.” she said. It was full of porno tapes. The boxes had pictures of hot chick sucking big cock and bitches with cum all over their face. “You can have it if you want.” she told me. “What will Pete say?” “I don’t care what that asshole says! I’m kicking him out of the house and divorcing him! Forty eight is a little old to start over but I feel like he’s given me no choice. I am going to screw him in court and make him pay for hurting me!” Tears were welling up in her eyes. All of a sudden a big smile brightened her face. “Brian! I just had the greatest idea!!!! Wait right here.” A couple of minutes later she came back. She was completely naked and had a camcorder. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her tits were HUGE and without a bra hung way down over her fat stomach. Her arreolas were as big as saucers and her nipples were hard and sticking out. ” Brian, do you remember when I saw you in the bathroom last summer?” I nodded. “I’ve been tinking about your big cock every since that day. Pete has a big one, dont get me wrong. He never lets me forget it. He always point out that the average cock is 6 inches when hard and he thinks he is sooo cool because he has a 7 1/2 incher. He is so proud that his dick is an inch and a half bigger than normal! Well, judging from what I saw, yours is about as big soft as Pete’s is hard and it looks a lot thicker! So tell me Brian, Does it get bigger when it gets hard?” “Doesn’t everybodies?” I asked. She laughed and told me to drop my pants. I did and she handed me the camcorder. “Just hiy this button right here to record and don’t say anything or make any noise. I don’t want Pete to know who you are.” “What?” I said. “I want to leave a tape of me getting fucked by a nice big cock so Pete knows what it’s like to be humiliated. Now, are you going to help me or not!?” she said. “Of course I’ll help you.” I said. She asked me if I liked her tits, “How do you like ‘em? They’re 40FFF. I have to get my bras specially made. They can be a pain in the ass but they can be fun too!” She lifted one of her enormous tits up to her mouth and started sucking the nipple. she told me to start the tape. ” Hi Pete your probably wondering where all your disgusting pornography is. Well, I took it to the dump!” she said into the camera. “I thought I would leave you one tape. Since you think it’s okay to fuck other people even though your married, I’ve decided to get some action my self! And guess what,Peter? His cock is WAY bigger than yours!” She dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my balls. I caught everthing on tape. “Look at the size of his balls Pete! MMMM the taste batter than yours too!” She sucked and licked my balls and began sucking my cock. it got hard and thick and was all the way up to it’s full 11 1/2 inches. “Holy shit, I knew it was big but I had no idea that it was THIS big!” she said while looking into the camera. She told me to stop the tape. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I’m going to get my sewing tape measure to show Pete just how much bigger your cock is than his!” She went and got it and and measured my hard cock while I recorded it. “11 1/2 inches! My God Pete, thats 4 full inches more than you! And your so proud of your liitle dickie!” She engulfed me cock and sucked like she was starving. “MMMM baby this big dick turns me on so much!!! I want you to fuck my tits!” she laid back on the bed and her tits spread out and pointed to her sides. She rubbed some Vasoline all over them and gresed up my cock. She sqeezed her tits together and I slid my cock between her massive mammeries. After a few strokes she let her tits flop down and told me to let her suck my balls. “God I love this huge fucking cock and these big nuts! They are so much bigger than yours Pete!” I fucked her tits some more and a couple of minutes later she demanded that I fiil her pussy. I slowly slid my cock all the way up her cunt. “MMMM OOh God Damn this big cock feels good. I have never felt so filled up!” She was looking right into the camera. I slowly withdrew until just the tip of my cock was in and then slammed it all the way in ” AAAAHHHHH Jusus Fucking Christ that feels good! Do that again!!!!” I slowly pulled out and quickly slammed it home a few more times and she said ” OH boby fuck me hard with that big cock!” I started slamming her hard and she began to scream and moan. ” oh yeah baby I’m coming!!!” She said and I felt hot liquid squirt out of her pussy and all over my cock and balls. “OH MY GOD I SQUIRTED!!!!” she yelled at the camera. She told me to lie on my back and she climbed on top of me. I propped my head up on a pillow so I could get a
od angle with the camera of my cock going in her pussy. She lowered herself onto my cock and with one hand lifted her fat out of the way so the camera could see the penetration. She started gliding up and down my cock and in no time was screaming again.” Oh fuck yeah I’m gonna come” I got a close up of her pussy as she lifted it a few inches off of my cock and squited hot female cum on my dick. her whole body was jiggling as she rubbed her clit and sprayed her pussy juice. I swear to god about a pint spayed out. “Holy god damn fucking shit that is incredible! I have never done that with you Pete and I’ve already done it twice with my new freind here.” She laughed and strated fucking me again. This time it took her a little longer, about 7 or 8 minutes and when she squirted on my cock it was only about a cup. “Jeez Pete, you are such a lousy fuck!” she said to the camera.” I have NEVER been this satisfied in the 26 years we’ve been married! Another thing Petey boy, this guy thats fucking me is a real man with a big dick! You would have blown your wad a long time ago. He hasn’t cum yet and I’ve already had three mind blowing orgasms. I guess your little cock just can’t get the job done!” she laid back on the bed and I fucked the hell out of her. to tell you the truth her pussy was very loose( you would think an 11 1/2 inch cock wouldn’t run into that problem) and I didn’t get enough friction so I must have fucked her for about 45 minutes. She came a couple of more times and each time she mad a big deal of telling Pete that This was by far the best fuck of her life. I finally felt my orgasm building and pulled my cock out. she grabbed it and started jacking me off. “Oh yeah baby cum on my face!” she said,” Just like your poros Pete huh?” she asked. She stroked my cock from tip to rott but when my first bast hit her on the cheek she rapidliy jacked off just my head. I exploded about 8 long hot sticky spurts on her face. She closed her eyes and made a face like she didn’t like it but when I was done she said,” MMMM Pete, look at all this cum dripping on my face!!!!The best you can do is a couple of dribbles! This guy totally SHOT it all over my face. MMMMM it tastes good too. It really make you feel like a woman when a man can actually shoot his cum on you instead of ooze out a couple of pathetic drops from his small cock!!!!!” She was really rubbing it in and trying to make Pete feel bad. “Now I wan’t that big cock up my ass!! Here, Take the Vasoline and lube my ass and that wonderful dick up and take it very slow!” I lubed her asshole up by slabbing some Vasoline on my fingers and inserting them slowly one at a time until I had three fingers working her bung. Then I greased my cock up and put it in. I got no mre than two inches in before she told me to slow down. “Just leave it there and let me relax. I’ll tell you when to give me more.” I waited a couple of minutes and she said “Allright, just a little more.” I gave her two more inches and waited to proceed. A few minutes and a few more inches and after about a half hour I had worked my entire cock into her very tight ashole. “OOOOHHH pete you’ve buttfucked me but this is incredible. I can feel it way up in my guts and it feels SO MUCH BETTER than you ever did!” I began slowly pumping and she demanded that I fuck her ass hard. I pulled out slowly and then rammed it home. A HUGE fart ripped out of her ass. We both cracked up and I Plunged it in again. She farted even louder. Each time I shoved it in she farted after about the tenth time I was laughing so hard that my dick popped out of her ass.” Hey buddy, you’d fart to if you had an 11 1/2 inch cock up YOUR ass! Now quit fooling around and fuck my asshole!!!” I pumped her long and hard and even though she was farting on each pump, it felt so good that I came in about 1 minute. She turned around so I could cum in her face again and I blasted her with about 5 god spurts. “That cock wasn’t in my ass long enough. Fuck it some more!” I easily slid my cock up her ass again and fucked her hard. She still farted on each stroke but her asshole felt nice. Hot and tight. About 3 minutes later I came again. I shot about 3 good spurts this time.” OOOOHHH don’t stop now baby, keep fucking that ass. I slipped my cock up her buut and started fucking some more. She only farted the first few strokes and her ass was felling a little bit looser now, plus I had already came three times so It took about 15 minutes to cum. Her ass jiggled like crazy as I pumped my big cock in her bunghole over and over again. I pulled out and she eagerly jacked me off so I could cum in her face. I managed 2 nice spurts of cum followed by a dribbling of clear liquid. She had not wiped off the cum from the earlier times so her face was caked with dried cum. ” Okay baby, I want your cock in my pussy again!” She stayed on her hands and Knees and I fucked her doggie style. Since I had cum four times and her pussy is loose, I fucked her for about an hour before I came. She loved every second of it and squirted pussy juice about 10 times as I fucked the hell out of her.The last time she came, it was maybe a quarter cup of juice that she sqirted, and I moved around to the front of her so I could cum in her face again. This time only a single solitary spurt shot out followed by a couple of drops. “Holy shit Pete, after cumming all day he still can cum harder than you! You are a pathetic small cocked piece of shit and I’m leaving you. go fuck your little girlfriends asshole!” My cock was completely limp. Linda tried to suck it and get it herd but there was now way that it was going to answer the call. “Oh well, my pussy and asshole are going to be mighty sore tomorrow and I’ll bet that big cock of yours will be too. I got dressed and went home with my porn. I was sleeping in my bedroom when my mom walked in and saw the pile of porno tapes. “What the fuck is this you perverted little bastard?” She put a tape in and started watching ……What happens next is another story.

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