Little D.

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Little D.
By Rich

This is a true story all the names have been changed to protect everyone involved. I was 18 when this happened.
I have known Debbie all of my life. We had lived three houses apart since we were children. I don’t remember not knowing her. She and I enjoyed the same things. We both loved to swim and fish and in the winter we would build models together at her parents house. Debbie and I are both short and fat. She is a little shorter than I am at 4’10” while I’m 5’2″. She weighs about 275 pounds and I weigh about 200 pounds.
We were often mistaken for brother and sister. We both have black hair and brown eyes and have round Italian faces. She is much better looking than I am her little mouth turns down at the edges and her nose is smaller than mine. She has a nice set of 48FF tits and a big belly and 62 inch hips. She wears her hair in a long page boy style a little below her shoulders. Her dad always called her little D. because her mother’s name was also Debbie.
Debbie and I had been having sex for quite a while and enjoyed each other. We always used condoms and were always careful not to get caught. We used porno tapes as instructional tapes. One day Debbie said that she wanted to try sex with another woman.
“You don’t need my permission but I would love to watch.”
“Well I think Sue is interested in having sex with me. I haven’t asked her but I’m pretty sure she is willing. I just don’t want to offend you.”
“I think it would be cool if you want me to watch or join in just let me know.”
“I’m seeing her this afternoon at the mall, we are shopping for her other’s birthday. Do you mind if I tell her about us?”
“As long as she doesn’t tell anyone else. You know how fast rumors travel and if our parents ever found out we would never be able to see each other again.”
“I’ll be careful and let you know tomorrow what happens. I’m all excited about this.”
I gave her tits a squeeze and kissed her and she went to meet Sue.
Sue is a girl we both know from grade school. She is taller and much thinner than we are. She has always dressed as what we called a to boy. She dressed very conservatively rarely in a skirt or dress but usually in slacks and a top that hid her tits. She never wore make up. I have always liked her because she never said anything about my weight.
Later that evening Debbie called me at home, she knew our parents were at a play in Utica.
“Hey Rich Sue and I are at her parents place we’ve been getting each other off for an hour now she wants to watch us fuck. Can we come over?”
“Cool sure come on over they won’t be back for a couple of hours.”
“We’ll be there in a few minutes as soon as we get dressed.”
I was quite excited about having sex with Debbie while Sue watched us.
Five minutes later they knocked on the door. Sue’s face was bright red and Debbie was breathing hard and obviously excited.
“Lets go to your room I can hardly wait!” Debbie said Sue was just grinning and blushing.
We went to my room Debbie and I were kissing and I was undressing her Sue was just watching us. I had Debbie naked in a couple of minutes. Then she helped me strip. I already had a hard on and Debbie stroked it a couple of times. Now my cock isn’t very large but Debbie didn’t seem to mind. She jumped on my bed and I was sucking on her nipples and worked my way down to her pussy and was licking and sucking on her clit, she loved that. Sue was now naked and pushed me aside.
“I’ll show you how to suck in a woman’s cunt.”
She was very good because Debbie was cumming often. I decided to eat Sue’s pussy and she loved it she and Debbie were cumming at the same time as if they coordinated orgasms.
“Damn Rich your a good cunt lapper Debbie said you were and she was right. Now let me watch you two fuck.”
I put a condom on and Debbie slid to the edge of the bed and I slipped my cock into her wet pussy and stroked as slowly as I could. She was very hot and came almost immediately. She laughed and got on the bed and straddling Debbie’s head and lowered her pussy over Debbie’s Mouth so she could eat Sue’s pussy. Sue’s tits were much bigger than I had thought a B maybe a C cup but since she never wore a bra I had no idea they were that nice. I bent forward and sucked on one of Sue’s nipples and gently pinched the other and Sue came immediately. She and Debbie were both cumming and I was pumping faster and faster until I came. I was young so I kept on pumping and was hard again before the condom came off. I kept on pumping until I came again and went limp. We all fell on the bed exhausted.
“That was awesome I’ve never had a man eat me before and watching you to fuck while Debbie was licking my pussy was great! We have to do this again.”
We all laughed and I was about to play with Debbie’s nipples when I noticed how late it was.
“Holly shit they will be home in a few minutes! You two have to get dressed and get home!”
Debbie looked at the alarm clock and laughed but quickly got dressed as did Sue. I gave Debbie a kiss and Sue a peck on her cheek. She blushed and they both left.
My parents drove in the driveway less than two minutes after they had left. I found out the next day that they both had made it home with just seconds to spare.

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