My 21st Birthday

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My 21st Birthday
by Rich

All the names have been changed to protect everyone, except me.
This is a true story it happened a long time ago. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys the story.
It was mid August of 1979 I was working at a gas station to pay my way through college. I had just finished my junior year and was looking forward to graduating the next June. I had to be at the gas station at 5 A.M. to open up. I was supposed to work until 1P.M. I was planning to have a couple of beers to celebrate my birthday in the afternoon and then get some sleep because I had to be back at work the next day at 5 A.M..
The gas station where I worked was owned by a local lawyer who also owned a car dealership in the small town as well as several other businesses. It was noon when the manager of the station called and told me that the guy that was supposed to replace me was sick and I would have to work until 6 P.M. when another guy would take over. I was pissed but I needed the job and could use the over time. I would have to postpone my birthday celebration until later in the day. Since my girlfriend was away with her parents I had no big plans.
As soon as I hung up the pizza guy delivered my lunch. Since I was the only one at the station I had to eat when I wasn’t busy. I had to pump gas as well as get some of the used cars that we sold fixed up to sell. That day I was putting a clutch assembly in a 1965 Jeep wagon. We hadn’t been very busy so I was almost done. As soon as I sat down to have some pizza in drove the owner’s daughter. I knew it was her because it was the only 1961 Cadillac convertible in town. It was beautiful White, with a white and black leather interior. It looked like it came from the show room brand new that day. The Bosses daughter was my kind of woman! She was big and bold and beautiful! I had known Christine since grade school. She was two years older than I. She was about 6’3″ and a good 400 pounds. Long black hair almost down to her substantial ass. Milky white skin, bright blue eyes, a cute little nose and high cheekbones. She always wore red lipstick that made her little mouth look perfect. She had huge tits and a nice big belly. I had asked her out once in high school but she refused saying that I was way to short for her. I’m only 5’2″. It had taken me a long tie to get over that because I was head over heels in love with her.
I got up cleaned my hands and went to the pump and filled her car with high test.
“Well Rich what’s new with you?” Her soft voice almost gave me a hard on every time I heard it.
“Not much Chris just waiting to start my senior year.”
She got out of the car and told stood over me like a giant. She was showing a good foot of cleavage.
“Check the oil and stuff under the hood I’m going to get a soda.”
I did as I was told no one ever argued with Christine and stayed employed at one of her fathers businesses. She was now his assistant. I had to add windshield fluid and I also cleaned the battery terminals. She came out of the station finishing a piece of my pizza.
“Nice pizza I like the anchovies. Where is that little girl friend of yours, Debbie today?”
“She is traveling with her parents they are going to the Grand Canyon and then Vegas.”
“How sad and isn’t today your birthday?”
“I’m shocked you knew that!”
“I know everything about my employees Rich. You should know that. Well have a good birthday and don’t jerk off to much it isn’t healthy.” She drove off with a big smile on her face.
I went back and noticed that she had eaten half of my pizza. I wasn’t happy but just bit my tongue and wrote down the information about the gas I and windshield fluid I had put in her car. She or any member of her family never paid for what they got at the station we just had to make note of it. I have no idea what the accountants did with the information. I finished the clutch job and tuned up another car before my relief got there at 6P.M..I cleaned up and went back to my apartment and had a beer. Fuck it I said to myself and changed my clothes and went to a bar for some more beer and to relax.
It was 10P.M. when I decided that I should get some sleep. I had more than my fair share of beer and I was tried. I had walked to the bar and the walk home seemed to be longer than the walk down. I was about a block from home when I saw Christine’s Cadillac parked by the curb. She was standing and looking down at the right rear of the car. She was obviously drunk, it was even obvious to me and I was also quite drunk. I was tempted to cross the street and continue on home, but I figured she needed help, and being the last of the good guys, I walked up to her and asked if she needed help.
“The fucking rear tire is flat! I have no idea how to fix it!”
“That’s OK Chris I’ll change it for you it won’t take long. I just hope the cop doesn’t come by he’ll wait until you drive away and give you a DWI you know he would love to do that. He has wanted to since he gave your dad one two years ago. Makes him feel like a big man when he can pick on your family.”
It took me about ten minutes to change the tire. I had just closed the trunk when the village cop pulled up behind us and turned on all the lights,
“Well, well what do we have here?” He looked at me and then Christine. “It looks like a couple of drunks who was driving?”
I spoke up first. “Neither of us we had a couple of drinks at The pub and when we got here the tire was flat. I changed it and we were about to go back to my place on foot and sleep it off. The car is parked legally.”
Christine just grinned.
“Is that right young lady?”
“Of course officer we were celebrating Rich’s birthday. I don’t remember there being a law against that .”
“You won’t mind if I follow you to his place will you?”
Again I jumped in. “Not at all officer would you give us a ride? My apartment is only a block from here.”
“I think I’ll follow you, I think you both need the fresh air.”
We walked slowly to my place and the cop watched is go in. Then he parked right in front of the building and sat there.
“Is that asshole going to sit there all night?” Christine asked.
I looked out the window and said. “Probably then he’ll tell everyone he knows that you spent the night at my place”
“What the fuck can I do dad will be pissed as hell. If I tell him I was to drunk to drive he’ll have a fit and if he hears rumors about us he’ll be just a pissed he thinks I’m a virgin!”
“I have an idea. I think I can solve this problem easily.” I called a friend and he agreed to help. Ten minutes later he and another friend pulled up in front of my apartment. Christine and I went down and she gave one of them the keys to her car and then got in the car with my other friend. He would drive her home and the other would drive her car to her home.
Christine gave me a kiss and the drove off.
The cop followed them but since no one had done anything wrong there wasn’t anything he could do.
I went back up to my apartment and went to sleep.
The next morning I walked to work, it’s only a couple of blocks away, and opened that station at 5 A.M.
as usual. It was a busy day but I was proud of myself for having solved a problem after a dozen beers the night before.
Christine drove up at 11A.M. She came into the office. She was wearing a bright red silk top that showed a lot of cleavage and a long black pleated skirt. She looked great.
“Thank you for helping me last night Mom and Dad were out so they think I was home all night.”
“Not a problem I was glad to help. That cop had followed me home a number of times just hoping I would make a mistake so he could write a ticket. Annoying him was fun.”
“Why did you help me in the first place? I’ve never been nice to you.”
“Two reasons I’m the last of the nice guys and I’ve been head over heels in love with you since I was 12!”
She blushed bright red. “I hope I didn’t lead you on. I never meant to if I did.”
“No you never did yo
ur just a fantasy woman for me. I never really believed we would ever get together I just think y
our the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“Now your making me feel guilty about being rude to you over the years.”
“Don’t feel guilty you never treated me any differently than you do anyone else. Actually it made me feel better than if you had treated me like someone you were sorry for. We short guys have ego problems so when we are treated normally we feel special. It’s hard to explain. Anyway if you ever need help just call.”
She kissed me on the lips. “When you get your degree next year I’ll have a job for you I like your spunk.”
She left.
I never took her up on the offer of a job, working near her would have driven me crazy.

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