My AOL Soulmate part 2

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Heather and I just had phone sex and it was great I thought if it is this good on the phone than I cant white to be with her in person but there was 1 catch she lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Maryland I no it is not that far from each other but I could not afford the drive up there so I had to Waite for three month tell I could go so we talked every day and every night it was great the more I got to talk to her the more I fell in love with her and she felt the same with me I finally got enough money to get up to see her I was so nervice but when I saw her every thing was great her eyes were so in vitiating and her hair was as red as a rose and when I kissed her for the first time her lips were softer that slick she really took my breath away and that was just for starters we talk about my drive as we drove up to her house when we got there it was nothing like what I thought it would be it was better she lives on a farm with a hole lot off animals so she is really strong I was just over whelmed with happiness but that soon changed in to hornyness we went up to her room and there she took me by the hand and set me on her bed she told me before that she loves to dance so she did a strip dance for me oh my I never thought she would do some thing like that so I sat there as she went it to the bathroom to put some sexier close on I whated for about 15 min when she came out she was wearing a Minnie secret and it showed off her tight ass she had on top a lose top but she was not wearing a brow her 42DD tits looked sweet she put on a song and rubbed her ass in my face I kissed it as she moved it around my cock was so hard know I could not whate to see her naked the first thing she took off was her secret but she was wearing under ware she wanted me to whate to see her pussy I under stand I told her she moved it to my face and slowly took off her top my mouth was watering she rubbed her breast in my face down my chest oh man I loved the fell off her tits I garbed 1 and rubbed it with my hand her face was in heaven as I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked softly letting my tough move up down her nipple I moved my hand around to her ass and creased it oh her body was so soft and it felt so fucking good to fell her after so long she told me she was ready to show me her pussy I just could not whate to see I told her she had me close my eyes first than open them she got on the bed over me as I looked up I saw the sweatiest pussy I ever saw she lowered her self on my face it was so sexy to look at but it taste even sweeter I licked one side off her lips than the other I knew she was loving it she was moaning softly and I put 1 finger on her clit as I sucked every juice out off her oh yes oh yes she said eat my pussy yes your so god dam good eat my pussy she was yelling she came at least 5 times than she got off of me and took my dick in her mouth and sucked slowly on my head and moved down my shaft it felt so wonderful to have her mouth on my cock faster she moved faster faster faster oh yes you really knows how to suck dick I said to her but she wanted mew not to cum in her mouth not this time she wanted me to cum in her pussy so I told her to get it to doggy still I moved behind her and put my 8 inch cock in her fast she felt it go in and she was saying go fast and hard make me your big bitch whore slut give it to me well I could not hold any thing back know I pounded her in out in out oh yes oh yes I’m you bitch I’m your bitch yes you are tack it every inch tack it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss give it to me know I’m Cumming I’m Cumming I felt her orgasm after orgasm her pussy was getting tighter and tighter around my dick but I just went faster this went on for about 1 hour tell I cam in her after that I knew she was the one for me.

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