My Friend Larry's Wife By Rick

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My Friend Larry’s Wife
BY Rick

His name wasn’t Larry it’s been changed to protect the guilty . Also he and his brothers remind me to the three guys from the Bob Newheart show I’m sure you remember , Hi I’m Larry and this is my brother Darrel and my other brother Darrel . I ran into her again yesterday and I think what happened ten years ago will make for an interesting story . I’ll call her CC . She has strawberry blonde hair and is a fairly large lady . She has the whitest skin I’ve ever seen . Larry was her third or fourth husband . Everyone told him not to marry her after all she was fucking Larry while she was still married to her last husband and she was also still fucking her first husband . But Larry said that he didn’t care . He was on the rebound from a lady that also worked at the same laundry that we did . She has long black hair and was a woman that I had always wanted to fuck but never did . She had dropped Larry for a younger guy . Anyway as I said I ran into CC yesterday for the first time in years . She is a bit heaver than she was before but looks good to me . We chatted for a while and parted with a promise to get together for some fucking and fucking soon . She is married to who knows what husband now must be number five or six . Back to what happened ten years ago.
Larry and CC were married on his dads farm , it turns out that she thought that all farmers had piles of money hidden a lot of city people think that all farmers have tons of money . That just shows how little they know about farmers , it’s hard work and doesn’t pay well . She quit work a week after they got married . That pissed Larry off but Larry said that she was good enough a fuck to put up with that and she gave a great blow job to . They had been married for a few months when Larry started to bang the dark haired girl at work again . He knew that CC was banging someone else but wasn’t sure who . The truth is that he didn’t care as long as he got what he wanted . Then she started to spend a lot of time away from home and Larry was getting really pissed off . She was spending a lot of money and doing less and less at home . Larry would occasionally do a double shift at work because he needed the money and because the dark hared girl would be at work and they could get together . One day CC came to the plant and was madder than a wet hen . Where is Larry ? She demanded . That son of a bitch is probably fucking that cunt friend of his . Cool down I said he’s working in the wash ally . I don’t believe you she said . Come with me and I’ll show you I said . Sure she said . Follow me I said . She saw Larry hard at work . Shit she said I’ll bet he’s just resting between fucks . No I said she is on vacation in Florida I said . Bull shit CC said . Damn I said you are hard to convince . You know where she works go and ask the people there where she is . I will she said . When she came back she said I’m sorry I guess I was wrong about what he’s doing today but I know he’s fucking her ! I looked at her and asked her to come to my office . She agreed . I closed the door and said Look I don’t care what you and Larry do but just keep it away from here . He’s fucking her I know it she said . Your probably right I said but then you aren’t exactly perfect either I saw you and your first husband going into the Colonial Motel last Tuesday . Were you spying on me ? No I was leaving with an old girl friend while you were going in . It was about 2 P.M.
Oh shit ! She said you are right . I know so if you want to pick on Larry do it at home . She said who were you with ? No one you know I said . Did you have one of the rooms with the water beds ? No I said I don’t like water beds . You should try it sometime they are fun she said . I’ll consider it I said . She smiled and said we could go now I’m horny and pissed off so a good fuck would calm me down . I looked at her big tits and milky white skin and said cool lets go . I grabbed my brief case . She said what’s that for? I have some condoms and lube in there . Great she said lets go.
She was horny she gave me a blow job in the truck on the way to the motel.
She did give a great blow job she would lick your balls and swallow your cum . When we got in the room she turned on the porno on the TV and stripped so fast I had barely taken off my shirt before she was naked and pulling my pants down . She jumped on the water bed and said now lets get going . I kissed her hard and licked her big nipples . I was fingering her cunt when she came for the first time that day . I licked her clit and fingered her cunt until she came again . I put some maintain on my cock before I put the condom on . Then I fucked her as hard and fast as I could . She came several times before I came and went limp . Shit I needed that she said . So did I ! We rested for a while and she started to suck my cock and lick my balls . I love the taste of cock that just came out of my cunt she said and after you fuck a couple of times it takes you longer to cum so I get off more often she said . My cock goy hard again and I put some more maintain on it and another condom and she bent over and said I like doggie style the best . I slipped my cock in her cunt and humped her and she was cumming every few seconds . When I finally came and pulled out she was about to pass out .
Shit she said that stuff really works I’ll get some for Larry and I . She said . I haven’t cum that much in years ! We got dressed and went back to the laundry . She got in her car and left . I had avoided trouble and work and had some good fucking at the same time !

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