Sex In A Pew With A Girl Named Sue

Sue (if you remember from a previous story) is a large, strawberry-blonde, Jewish lady that loves to fuck and suck and break balls with the best of them.

We were chatting online a few days ago; I was at work and so was she. She asked if there was something totally outrageous that I wanted to do to which I replied that there were a bunch of things that I wanted to do.

“What would be the most insane thing that you want to do?” she asked.
“I guess that the most insane thing that I would like to do would be to have sex in a Catholic church with a nun or a girl dressed as a nun.”
“Didn’t you used to fuck a girl that liked to dress as a nun?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said, “but she died earlier this year and we never got to do that.”
Sue said, “OK. When would you like to do it?”
“This Saturday would be cool if you can find a nun’s outfit that would fit you by then.”
“No problem,” Sue said. “I will make one myself tonight; I have enough material at home, so I’ll be ready.”
“Awesome,” I said.

Saturday morning I picked Sue up at her place. She is a great seamstress, so her habit looked perfect; you would have sworn that she was a real nun! We were in her kitchen and she said that she had gone online and gotten the patterns that she needed. She was all excited at the idea of fucking in church.

“I’ve never been in a Catholic church before,” she said, “what do I do?” I told her about genuflecting, making the sign of the cross, and the holy water.
She said, “I can do that! What church would you like to do this in?”
“I had not given it much thought. How about Lourdes?” I asked. “It’s an older church and we can find a fairly dark spot to play in.”
“If a priest comes in, what do we do?” she asked.
“I suppose we ask him if he wants to join in.”
She laughed and said, “Let’s go; I’m all wound up!

We drove to the church and went in. The place was almost empty and we found a pew that was far enough from the old people that were praying that we wouldn’t disturb them. We sat in the middle of the old pew and started to kiss and I was playing with her huge tits through the cloth of her habit; she was moaning softly. She had no underwear on and I pulled the bottom of her habit up over her hips to finger her pussy. Sue unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out, bending over to suck on it for a few seconds. Then she put a condom on my hard cock .

She whispered in my ear, “There is someone in the choir loft watching us.” I turned my head a bit and noticed an older lady watching us intently.
“Just ignore her,” I said.
“Cool,” Sue said, “I like to be watched!”
“I know that,” I said.
“Now, how are you going to fuck me in this little space?” she asked.
“No problem,” I said. I stood up and turned to face her . I spread her legs as far apart as I could and was just able to slip my cock in her cunt .
“Oh, yes!” she said.

I could clearly see the lady in the choir loft watching us. Her face was as red as Sue’s, so she was obviously enjoying the show. Sue was moaning a bit louder and I was stroking my cock in and out, as slowly as I could, to make a little noise as possible. Sue came, then held me close to her and softly said, “Fuck, this is fun!” I was starting to stroke a bit faster as I came closer to cumming my self, but was trying to control my movements .

“Oh, fuck!” Sue said. “There is a nun coming down the aisle.”
“Just ignore her,” I said, “it’s too late to stop now.” I covered as much of Sue and I as I could with the bottom of her habit.
The nun stopped at the edge of our pew and said softly, “Don’t let Father Paul catch you!” But kept on walking down the aisle as if it was an everyday occurrence to see a nun and some guy fucking in a pew .
“Oh, shit,” Sue said, “here comes the priest!”
“Damn,” I said, “I’m almost ready to cum.”
The priest walked by, slowing only slightly, and said, “Don’t let Sister Jane catch you,” and he kept walking by!

I continued to fuck Sue until I came and my cock went limp. I pulled it out of Sue’s cunt and sat down. Sue pulled her habit down and took the condom off my cock, placing it on the pew’s seat. I took a small ziplock bag out of my pocket and put the used condom in it. I put my cock back in my pants and zipped up while Sue laughed quietly.

She said, “You know, it almost takes the fun out of it if nobody is going to get pissed off .” We left the church quietly and waved at the old lady in the choir loft; she looked as if she was in a state of shock.
Sue said, “Maybe we should go to that big church in Clinton and see if we can piss someone off there!”
“Let’s go to the porno book store first,” I said, “and see if we get any reaction there.”
“Great idea!” she said.

We went to the biggest adult book store in the Utica area; it was pretty busy on a Saturday afternoon. We got some great looks when we walked in–one old guy almost fell over when he saw Sue in the nun’s outfit.

“Forgive me,” he said and left.
Sue looked at the guy behind the cash register and said, “No sense of humor, I guess.”
“I guess not,” he said, his face as red as a fire truck.
“Where do you keep the girl-girl tapes?” Sue asked.
He pointed to his left and said, “Over there, Sister.”
“Good,” she said and went to study them. I stood behind her and rubbed her ass slowly.
“Let’s get out of her and do some fucking,” she said very loudly.
“Good idea,” I said.

We left and laughed as soon as we got out of the door. “I’m horny again,” she said. “Let’s go to a church and fuck some more.”

We went to the Presbyterian church on park row in Clinton. It is a huge old church with very large pews. We started as we had before, but this time there wasn’t anyone that we could see in the church so we just enjoyed ourselves. Suddenly, just as I was on my knees sucking on Sue’s clit, the organ began to play. It scared the shit out of me! Sue also jumped up and almost broke my jaw when she did.

“That hurt,” I said .
“Sorry,” Sue said, “but that organ scared me! I was about to cum, too,” she finished with a frown.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get you off.” I got back on my knees and Sue came fairly quickly.
“Now it’s your turn,” she said and pulled my pants down. She was sucking on my cock when a priest or minister or whatever came in–when he saw us he shouted, “Stay there; I’m calling the police!”

I pulled my pants up and Sue and I ran out the front door as the priest went to the other end of the church to call the cops. We were in my truck and out of town long before the cops could have gotten there. Sue was laughing.

“You forgot to zip up your pants,” she said, reaching over and doing it for me. “Oh, fuck!” she shouted, “That was fun!”

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