Veronica Love, Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine

Veronica was standing in an aisle in the store waiting for something to do when she saw a woman who both horrified and aroused her. The woman was monstrously fat. Her knees were hidden in folds of fat, and when she lifted her arms; her stomach bulged from under the hem of her skirt. Her stomach was pale white and marbled with a hundred stretch marks.
Veronica grew wet as she imagined touching the woman’s stomach. She wondered what it might be like to lie underneath this gigantic woman.
The next day, the woman returned to the store, and staring at her, Veronica’s face flushed and her nipples hardened. Her pussy became so wet that she soaked through her panties. She cupped her hand to her pussy and began to discreetly grind against it. She groaned softly, almost too softly to hear, but the woman heard her and turned around.
The woman waddled up to Veronica and pressed her hand against Veronica’s hand, putting more pressure on Veronica’s pussy. Veronica moaned softly and bit her lip to keep from crying out.
“When do you get off?” the woman asked.
Veronica whispered “Now,” and closing her eyes, she groaned suddenly and clamped her thighs against the woman’s hand. Veronica moaned softly as she came.
When she opened her eyes, the woman asked again “When do you get off?”
“At three,” Veronica said. “Why?”
“I’ll be waiting for you,” the woman said.
At three sharp, Veronica clocked out and looked around the store for the woman. The woman was nowhere to be found. Veronica, disappointedly, walked out. She walked through the parking lot to find her car. The woman was waiting right next to her car.
“Hi,” the woman said. “I’m Cheryl.”
“I’m Veronica,” Veronica said.
They drove to the woman’s apartment, a dingy little apartment right next to a train station. Every time a train came by, it rattled their coffee cups and disrupted their conversation.
“Well…” Cheryl said. “Would you like to see my bedroom?”
“Yes, please,” Veronica said, smiling nervously.
Veronica sat on the bed as Cheryl showed her each and every one of her collectable figurines and snow globes. Veronica was about to die of boredom when Cheryl sat down beside her, making the bed shake.
Cheryl awkwardly kissed Veronica, shoving her tongue into Veronica’s mouth. She reached out and put her hands on Veronica’s hips, squeezing her too tightly. Later Veronica found bruises. She continued to kiss veronica awkwardly, and squeezed Veronica’s breasts, causing Veronica to groan in pain. Veronica pulled away.
“Cheryl,” she said. “You’re hurting me.”
“I’m sorry,” Cheryl said. “Would you like to touch me?”
Veronica nodded and Cheryl took off her skirt and her shorts, exposing her voluminous belly, her pendulous breasts. The flesh of her gigantic thighs hid her vagina.
Veronica nervously reached out and began to stroke Cheryl. Cheryl sighed in pleasure.
“Your skin is really soft,” Veronica said.
Cheryl undressed Veronica and pulled her closer so that she could feel Veronica’s skin against hers.
Veronica squeezed and massaged Cheryl’s breasts, sucking the large nipples into her mouth. She kissed her way down tho Cheryl’s stomach and began to make love to it, to worship it.
Veronica ran her hands over Cheryl’s stomach, massaging it and kneading the flesh. She gave it sweet little kisses all over, causing Cheryl to coo and sigh. And then Veronica began to kiss and suck at Cheryl’s naval. Cheryl moaned loudly and spread her legs.
Veronica ran her hands up and down Cheryl’s inner thighs as she continued to make love to Cheryl’s stomach. She ran her tongue around the edge of Cheryl’s naval, and then moved her tongue in and out like she was making love to a pussy.
Veronica began to stroke Cheryl’s pussy, getting it ready. When she felt Cheryl’s wetness began to seep out, she licked it off her fingers and lowered her head. She kissed and sucked and licked at Cheryl’s pussy, bring Cheryl off twice.
Veronica lay down beside Cheryl and positioned herself on top of her. She stroked Cheryl’s face and kissed her tenderly. Cheryl wrapped her arms around Veronica and pulled her closer.
“Cheryl?” Veronica said.
“Yes?” Cheryl asked.
“I want you….on top,” Veronica said.
Cheryl moved so that Veronica was on her back and then she positioned herself on top of Veronica.
Veronica felt so deliciously trapped, pinned against the bed, weighed down; completely helpless. She groaned when Cheryl began to grind against her. She wrapped her arms around Cheryl and pulled her closer.
Cheryl put her leg between Veronica’s legs and began to grind harder. Veronica spread her legs to give Cheryl more access. Cheryl began to kiss Veronica again, shoving her tongue deep into Veronica mouth, so deeply that Veronica could barely breathe, which only made her wetter.
Veronica’s juices soaked through the sheets and smeared against Cheryl’s skin as Cheryl grinded against Veronica and Veronica grinded against Cheryl.
Veronica cried out as her orgasm overtook her and Cheryl pressed even harder, gripping Veronica’s breasts in her hands, causing Veronica to cry out even louder, the pain adding to her pleasure.
Veronica shrieked in pleasure and Cheryl shoved her tongue deeply into her mouth again, even deeper from before. Veronica jerked against Cheryl’s leg; her pussy spewing cum. Veronica gasped and then swooned from the pleasure of it all.
When Veronica regained consciousness, the two of them spent the rest of the evening playing canasta, drinking coffee, and eating cinnamon toast.

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