A Beautiful Morning

Dennis thought that the day was going to be
like all the other days, but as usual he was wrong.

After firing up the computer and logging on, he read
MzDominica’s blog. “giggle” It was so well crafted
that it captured his mind instantly. “bimbosuzi got
an empty brain, making me so easy to train. Serving
Dominica is what i crave. i am suzi Dominica’s
slave.” The little jingle played and played and
played. Over and over. As he read, the spirals
started and he was captured by a more powerful satina
that controlled his tiny brain. After reading the
blog he went back to work. Absentmindedly he stirred
his coffee and saw the pretty spiral in the black
abyss. Time drifted and the spiral pulled him closer
to me. satina has become so powerful over his weak
mind. Well, back to work.

Dennis chose a pencil and placed it in the sharpener.
The “whiring” of the sharpener opened his itsy-bitsy
mind to the spiral of the motor. “giggle” He
sharpened all the pencils in the office and then sat
in his chair daized for a few moments. Back to work.

A glance out the window showed cars and trucks
whizzing past. Each car has four cute little spirals
on its wheels. Each truck has 18 dazzling spirals.
Blank thoughts. No thoughts. Just spirals. He
thought that maybe a shower—which he was going to take
after his walk at noon—would refresh and renew his
mind to work. “giggle” Silly little boy. Like
clockwork his mind followed the spirals down the
drain. Usually he doesn’t use cream rinse. But,
satina applied it. After toweling off, satina used
the mousse and he moved to the sink. he was satina’s,
and MzDominica’s, and bimbosuzi’s. A little
moisturizer is usually not his regime, but the lid of
the tube spiraled and filled his mind.

Foundation overwhelmed his weak male mind. The gold
lid flashed and he remembered to crave, follow and
obey the voice. Unscrewing the lid showed a shiny
spiral pulling his mind down. . . . down. . . down.
Dollops and waves of beige foundation pulled him into
the scent. bimbosuzi loved that scent. Tracing
little spirals of foundation and feeling the spirals
grow and encompass everything in the room, bimbosuzi
began her day. “giggle” Little boy is lost. he has
no mind, and is sitting in the corner dazed and
wondering why he can’t think. “bimbosuzi” got an
empty brain makes me so easy to train. Serving
Dominica is what i crave. i am suzi Dominica’s slave.”
Over . . . and over. . . and over it plays.

The mascara wand has the cute spiraling bristles that
wind around and around and around deeper into a blank
empty mind. Full of Dominica’s thoughts. The cool,
heavy feeling on the lashes brings relief from such a
hectic day. Heavy eyelids wanting to close, but upon
looking closely at each and every eyelash, i can see
the ends of each spiral. They twist and bring
Dominica’s thoughts and voice into my eyes. Red
lipliner moves up as i twist the knob. More beautiful
spirals. Red lipstick twists up and down, up and
down. Just watching it for a few moments as it goes
up and down, up and down.

After putting on black, lace-top thigh-highs, i
noticed the flash from the toe of my red patent pumps.
Yellow. Green. Purple. Blue. bimbosuzi must obey
the blue. “bimbosuizi got an empty brain makes me so
easy to train. Serving Dominica is what I crave. i
am suzi Dominica’s slave.”

Well, now that little, weak-minded dennis is out of
the picture, it is time for me to do his work. Many
letters to do today. he and his wife hate smoking in
the office, but today, bimbosuzi will smoke and watch
the cute little trails of smoke reach for the sky.
Thank You Mistress Dominica for such a wonderful day.
Oh, the fax machine is whizzing. Another pretty
spiral. And it takes the blank paper and prints its
instructions on it. Its amazing how many spirals and
blank objects are in this office. “giggle”

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