A Close Encounter of The Best Kind

“I had another one of those dreams, I mean, nightmares, again.” Sheila told her best friend Leah as they sat sipping their coffee at the cafe.

“The alien one again?”

“Yes,” Sheila said as her hand shook causing the coffee to spill out over the lip of the cup. “But this one was way worse.”

“How so?”

“This time I was penetrated and violated. It was awful. This dream started like all the others I was nude in the woods, my nightgown and panties were on the ground, I saw them lying there as I was being pulled up by some kind of electrical energy, an energy that was centered in my pussy and extended out of me into that narrow doorway of that craft.”

“Wait, in your pussy? You felt energy in your pussy as you were lifted upward? Did it feel good or bad?” Leah asked.

“I have to be honest it was incredibly pleasurable. You know that feeling you get in your pussy right before the orgasm, you know your clit is filled with blood, your pussy walls are constricting and you feel that long vertical pull inside? You feel super tight, and on the verge of sexual ecstasy, you know what I mean”

“Ohhhh yessss.” Leah smiled lifting her eyes skyward. “I love that right before the orgasm feeling. Wow that’s what you felt when that energy pulled you up? Lucky you!”

“It is a sexy feeling, but the inablity for me tostop myself from being pulled upward is terrifying, you know I feel utterly powerless.”

“Yeah I can understand that you would not like that.”

“So this nightmare last night was by far the worst. I was lifted upward into that craft, the energy stopped once I was in and the large metallic door closed shut. I was able to speak, walk, move. I looked at the door and it was weird, there were no hinges, no lock, nothing. I looked for openers, buttons, knobs anything to get myself out, but there was nothing. Something compelled me to walk down a very shallow hallway. There was a room at the end, and in it was Eric. It freaked me out, since I have not seen Eric in 7 years, but there he was with me in that eerie place. He motioned me in, and Leah it was like we had never been apart. He held me close and caressed my body, he rubbed my back and shoulders and ass, he pressed against me I could feel his excited prick. He asked if I wanted to fuck I said yes. I mean there I was in that strange vehicle yet I was going to be screwed by Eric and that was all that mattered. Leah he took off his clothes and he was perfect he had not changed. He held me close to him and laid me back on that couch/bed whatever that thing was. And he fucked me, in and out hard thrusts just like he used to. He stayed deep in me and kissed me and told me to turn around he wanted to deep doggie fuck me. I knew what that meant, my tits to the sheets, my ass and pussy arched way up high right there for his pleasure. I laid there soaking wet, my pussy waiting for his cock, he entered me, he was in my pussy very deep and then I felt his cock in my ass, I was freaking out, at first I thought seriously it his finger, but a thick hard very long finger, I mean his cock was already in my pussy so I was confused how it could also be in my ass, as I started to turn back to see what was going on some kind of fleshy projection attached from underneath right onto my clit, it started sucking on it in waves, sensual small sucking waves, it was very rhythmical, it felt like a tiny warm hungry mouth sucking over and over on my clit that it magically found. I looked back and it was not Eric it was the weirdest looking, damn I have no idea if it was human-like with animal characteristics or animal-like with human characteristics, whatever it was it looked unearthly and almost sexually demonic. It stared right into my eyes. It was moving its two cocks in and out of my pussy and ass, I swear it was like the way pistons move you know not exactly in unison but close. The movements were more like one cock would go all the way in my pussy, then the other cock would go all the way in my ass, then a second later the one cock would pull almost all the way out of my pussy and the other cock followed suit pulling almost all the way out from my ass then it started those movements all over again and the whole time my clit was being sucked rhythmically by that projection, appendage whatever it was. I did not want to, but I was so turned on by these various sensations that I was moaning in pleasure, I was even twirling my nipples and pinching them and rubbing my breasts and squeezing them together in the center as I was being double fucked and sucked by that creature. I was orgasming like I never had. I wanted to be fucked and filled up and sucked on by that creature forever. Then the creature’s cocks and that clit sucking appendage changed, now the cocks started I kid you not, rotating in my pussy and asshole, but in opposite turn directions. It was the most erotic sensation I ever had, the skin inside my ass and pussy was getting the most intense sensual massage and the heat inside of my pussy and ass was intense yet erotic and the clit sucker appendage clamped tight on my clit and vibrated. Oh my gosh Leah I was getting off so bad….I thought I was going to go insane I have never had that kind of sexual pleasure in my life. When I thought it could not get any better that creature pulled its amazing cocks out of my two holes, but the vibrating appendage just stayed there on my clit vibrating me off I had multiple orgasms, I was gasping and moaning, and massaging my nipples with my two fingers, and my two holes were sore, but pulsating and feeling hot as hell and juicy, but my clit was getting all the attention. Then I felt this unbelievable erotic sensation, something had clamped tight around my hip around my ass, my ass was sucked into some warmish chamber that was wrapped tight around my ass like a vaccuum and it started shaking and vibrating me and get this inside it felt like two very wet long tongues were poking in and out simultaneously in my asshole and coochie hole. It was fantastic my ass was being embraced tightly in that chamber, it was like the warmest most comforting hug and those tongue projections were licking away at my holes. And that clit vibrating appendage now enlarged and cupped around my pussy lips and in there was some tongue like devise as well that licked at my pussy slit up and down over and over in perfect time. I was now murmurring and almost purring it was fucking amazing. I turned back to look at that creature and it looked horny and happy and that turned me on, believe it or not I was totally attracted to it and like it could read my mind everything tightened even more around my ass and pussy and the tongues really started licking very fast. This time I orgasmed so hard I almost peed and that creature lifted me up off the floor at that orgasmic moment so my feet and legs were dangling and it shook me up and down over and over for yet another mind-blowing orgasm. Leah I was never so wet in my life I swear it was running down my thighs, and my clit was never so excited in my life, it was achy sore it hurt so good.This fucking, sucking, licking, vibrating, penetrating, shaking of me by that creature went on forever. I had an unbelievably intense orgasm I think I fainted or blacked out because the next thing I knew I was back in bed, but nude, no nightgown or panties anywhere to be found.”

“Wow!” Leah said big-eyed, “Maybe it really happened. But you know, I’m soaked her just listening to your description. I’d love to experience all of that and how hot that that creature lusted after you and gave you so much pleasure in the process. Umm I don’t think I’d say what happened to you was a nightmare.”

Sheila shook her head from side to side. “No, you don’t understand, it was a nightmare, I never got the guy’s number!”

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