Chandra. Pt. 2: Meeting Chandra

When I awoke the next morning, she was gone. She left me a note saying she was looking forward to our time together later today. I hadn’t remembered talking about us meeting again, but I didn’t think twice about meeting her again. As I replay the images of what I had experienced, I still can’t believe what a wanton fucking machine I had become last night. I dressed, my cock now hard from those memories of that night. When my cock started growing out of my boxers, I noticed that my cock had grown from 7 inches to 10 inches and had thickened considerably. I wasn’t sure how to explain it to myself, much less to my wife Maria. I guessed that I would claim to have been taking one of those supplements.

Suddenly, I had a vision of a man sucking on a breast. Each time he sucked the nipple, I felt a strange, wonderful sensation in my chest and groin. Soon my cock pulsed, as if I was being sucked off. I was mad with desire, writhing on the bed until I came so hard that I sprayed semen all over the bedroom. A little dazed and confused, I finished dressing and went downstairs for breakfast.
The conference was very dull. I was dozing off when, at about 11:30AM, I daydreamed that I saw Roman, Chandra’s chauffeur, licking and massaging Chandra’s clit. With a start, I felt my cock harden as it had this morning, so I hurried to the bathroom just in case. I had barely made it into the men’s restroom and unbuttoned my pants when I felt my balls tighten. I convulsed with a powerful orgasm, bracing myself to keep from falling down. Cum shot out of my cock and covered the walls of the stall. When I recovered my composure, I left the bathroom and went to lunch. What was happening to me?

I attended the rest of the conference. Just as the conference was ending, Chandra appeared. My lust flared, and I hurried over to give her a hungry embrace. As we melted into each other, my hunger for her grew to a fever pitch. We swept out to her limo and left for her place. We kissed lustily and I explored and tasted her mouth with my tongue. When we arrived, she showed me to her bedroom and I ripped the clothes off of my body. I devoured her, and she me. I wildly licked and massaged every inch of her, savoring her taste. Soon she invited me into her pussy. I began to pump her furiously, and she matched my rhythm. I felt more energized with each stroke of my cock, and felt powerful waves of pleasure surge throughout my body. As her eyes held mine, I saw a strange, knowing look in her eyes. We moved as one and our pace increased in speed and fury. Again, the energy and pleasure seemed to flow between us. Just before we climaxed together, Chandra grabbed me tightly. As we climaxed together and cried out, it was as if we had fused into one. Again, I blacked out.

When I awoke, I stretched my arms. Glancing at them, I saw slender female hands instead of mine. Glancing toward my feet, I saw two amazing breasts poking out of my chest. I quickly reached down for my cock and found a vagina instead. I sat up with a start and looked at the mirror on the wall. Looking back at me was Chandra. But it was I. Confused, I called to her, but heard her low sultry voice escape my lips instead of my voice.
When she walked into the room, I was shocked to see me. She spoke in my voice, saying, “I know this is quite a surprise. I am able to exchange bodies with whomever I choose. I am a space traveler and I seek to understand humans better by experiencing their lives. I have a copy of your memories, as you do of mine. I will be taking your place for a while.” She touched my arm and immediately my lust flamed up again. “In the meantime,” she said. “You will find yourself to be very horny.”
“Ramon,” she called. ” Come in here.”
As Ramon appeared, she said, “Ramon is here to provide you whatever you need. Before I leave, I want to see you experience sex as a woman. Can you feel the lust welling up inside your body?”

I leapt out of bed and greedily embraced Ramon. My lips met his. As our tongues touched, I could feel my breasts swell with excitement. With each kiss our fever for each other grew. As he lavished my breasts with his attention, my chest was soon heaving. I experienced a wonderful feeling that I had never known as a man. With each kiss to my nipples, my clit began to pulse with anticipation. My pussy was soon dripping, begging for release. Finally, he stuck his cock in and slowly pumped me. Sensations in my body grew rapidly as he entered and withdrew, over and over. As the sound of my rapid breathing and pounding heart intensified my urge for release, I became dizzy with desire.
Ramon pushed me over the top. Nothing could begin to prepare me for this rush, my first orgasm as a woman. It was so much more amazing than the best sex I had ever had. I convulsed with pleasure as it assaulted my senses. My back arched as my pussy sought to meet his cock with each thrust. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and a scream of pleasure escaped from my lips.
Ramon continued to pump me hard as I came time and again. I floated on a sea of ecstasy for the next hour. With a wild look in his eyes, he rammed into me one last time. My back arched as I came with Ramon. I felt his hot cum surging into me. Each spurt sent me into orbit and our screams filled the room. I milked him dry with my pussy, then cleaned off our mixed cum from his cock with my tongue. We collapsed together and lay quietly.

As I returned to my senses, I could see that Chandra had watched us while she stroked my (I mean her) cock. She too had cum together with us. We all showered together as Ramon and I lovingly washed Chandra in her new body. It was strange to know where she kept her clothes, as I had never been there before. I liked the way my breasts bounced when I walked; my hard nipples were peeking out through the fabric of my blouse. As I entered the living room, I saw Chandra at the door on her way out. “One other thing,” she said, “I have given you the power to seduce anyone you desire. With a look, they will be drawn to you. As you touch them while you picture them in a vision, they will instantaneously share that picture and feel an incredible urge to act on it. Once you touch them again with your mind blank, they will remember what they did, but the desire to continue the vision will vanish.”

“I don’t know exactly how long I will be gone. Probably a few weeks. ” She said. “When I return, I will restore us to our bodies. Until then, enjoy being me!” With that she disappeared, probably to my hotel to check out.

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