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I had been emailing a girl named Clara for about a month. We decided to meet. I arrived at her house on time. She met me at the door with a nice wet kiss. She told me that there is more of those kisses and sex if I would abide by the rules we discussed. The big rule was that I must do exactly what she tells me to do. She asked me if I was okay with the rules. I said ok. Clara asked me to take off my shoes and socks; then go to the refrigerator and pour some wine for both of us. When I came back into the room, we sat on the couch and she asked me again if I was going to obey all of her rules. I again agreed. I thought to myself that this mid-20’s girl had a great petite shape. Clara had a trim figure, red hair, great looking legs, and I was willing to follow the rules to just insert my penis into the young pussy.

When we were done with our wine, she asked me to stand up and take off my shirt. I did as she requested. She then told me to pull down my zipper and take off my pants. I did as she asked. I stood in front of her with only my boxers on. Clara told me stand directly in front of her and make a complete circle, so she can check out my ass and body. She told that she needs to inspect my private parts and examine them. She asked me if I had any problem with that. I said that is okay with me. Clara pulled down my boxers and exposed my penis and balls. She really did inspect and told me that she likes my size. She asked me if I was ready for more and anything else that she wanted me to do for her. I said yes. She got up and took my hand and we went into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, she told me to bend over and inserted some enema into my ash hole. She said to sit on the toilet and she would make shortly. When she came back, the enema did as expected. Clara told me to step into the shower, while she attached a hose with a brush to the faucet. She then inserted into my ash hole to clean me out. It felt good. She dried me off and took me into the bedroom and told me to stand in front of the bed. She put chains with handcuffs on my wrists and ankles. She pushed a button and I was parallel to the floor. Clara asked if I was still okay with this. I agreed. She put a blindfold on my eyes and pushed another button to spread my legs.

A knock on the door and Clara told the person to enter. She told the person to undress and put a condom on. The person came over to me and placed his hands on my hips and inserted his penis into my ash hole. It hurt at the start, but then I got used to it. The feel of the penis touching the inside of my cylinder of my ass aroused me. He pushed harder until I felt the ejaculation in my hole. He pulled out of my ass and threw away the condom. He walked in front of me. Clara told me that I must make him cum to fuck her later. She put his penis on my lips and told me to do it. I sucked his stick several times and then I engulfed his penis in my mouth. He moved his penis in and out and up and down in my mouth as I sucked on it. I knew that he wanted to ejaculate. He cummed in a couple of minutes. He dressed and left.

The next person entered and room. He undressed and put on a condom. He walked over to me and placed his hands on my hips. He rubbed his hands up and down my inners thighs and then popped his penis into my ass hole. It was more aggressive and went in harder and hurt more. For some reason, I wanted this pain more than the last one. I told him to do me harder, so that I would scream. He did it harder than I could believe. The intense action made me scream in pain, but I still wanted it. When done, he got in front of me and put his wang into my mouth. He told me that he wants to ejaculate badly in my mouth. I told him that I want to satisfy his need. He held my head straight and pumped his penis in and out of my mouth. The touch of his penis on my lips was very satisfying and tingly. He cummed right a way. He dressed and left. Clara told me that I am doing very good and getting very close to fucking her. She told me that I have one last one to do.

The last person came in. Clara told the person the same routine, but leave her nylons and heels on. She or He walked over to me and gently felt my hips and inner thighs. Not aware, she/he inserted his/her penis into my hole quickly and started cumming inside me immediately. It seemed smaller, but it felt very good. It lasted longer than the other two. When done, She walked in front of me, took off my blindfold, and told me her name is Carol. I am what you call a she male or tranny. She asked me if I had any problem with that. I said that I was good with that. She told me to suck her good. I did and she cummed immediately into my mouth. Carol asked me if I wanted to be part of a threesome with Clara on a regular basis. Carol pushed a button and lowered me to the floor. She took off my handcuffs and then sat on the bed. Carol told me to lie across her legs for a spanking. I did as told. Clara put a butt plug in asshole, which felt uncomfortable. Carol gave me a good spanking. My butt was red. When done, I got up and they handcuffed me again. I stood in front of the tall bedpost and raised my hands up. Then, my handcuffs were attached to a hook. The girls pushed a button and I was elevated off the ground. Clara asked me again if I wanted to be part of the threesome on a regular basis and other things. I said yes and Clara began whipping my ass harder and harder. Clara said that it is important to answer the first time that we ask you a question. We do not like to repeat ourselves. I said that I would always do what you girls want me to do. When done, my red ass was taken off the bedpost hook, the butt plug out, and they uncuffed me.

They told me that I had some more tasks to do for each girl. If I passed, they I could put my penis into the girls’ pussies and ass. The girls sat on the bed and Carol told me to kneel in front of her. She told me that if I see anything that I like and want that I should help myself to the candy. She put her hands around my head and pulled me closer to her penis. She asked me that I might see something now that I want. She told me that I can have it and should have it for all my good work. I kissed her penis and then licked and sucked the knob of her penis. I then started to move down her shaft until I have it all in my mouth. I placed my hands around her hips and I ate and ate her stick. She cummed at once. Even after her ejaculation, I continued to eat and suck her cute penis. The intense action of her second ejaculation made her high heels fall off her feet, so only her nylons were remaining on her legs. I really like her naked body with only her nylons on it, but I wanted more of Carol. She told me to take off her nylons if I wanted and come to the middle of the king-size bed to cuddle and kiss her. I moved her nylons from her thighs to her ankles. I moved the nylons around the back of her right heel and off. I then performed the same operations on her left foot. She asked me if I would kiss her toes. I said that I would love to kiss her petite toes. I kissed each one gently until done. She told me to come to bed with her. I moved to the middle of the bed and put my arms around Carol. Our penis was touching each other. We stopped for a moment. She asked me how I like going to bed with another person, who has a penis. I told her that it is great. She asked me how I like my penis touching another person’s penis. I told her that I love it. I asked her if it was okay for me to stick my penis in her ass now. She gave me a condom, so that it would go into asshole much easier. She turned over and I got on top of her. My penis went in nice and easy. I move my penis in and out of her ass hole and then I cummed in her ass. My penis ejaculated fast and furious in her.

As we were fucking, I kissed the back of her neck. She turned her face and I kissed her lips, while my stick continued to generate white sauce into her ass hole. When done, my penis came out of her ass and I threw away the condom. She told me to lie on my back and Carol got a top of me. She told me that I could have access to her body every time that I come over. As she lay on top of me, I pulled her up and our lips met for a passion kiss. Our sticks were touching each other and her feet were touching my feet. The intense action of kissing made both of our penises rigid again. My hands were on her ass and her hands were around my neck. She told me that she is giving herself totally to me now and in the future. She said that she has never felt so moved and wants to give herself totally to me when we are together. She asked me if I was still okay with a regular threesome with her and Clara. I said that I am good with this threesome. She also told me that no condoms would be necessary now and in the future for our arrangement. Clara and I prefer to feel the skin of your penis inside of our bodies. Carol told me to take her to a new level of sex. Our lips then rejoined in a wet passionate kiss. Our penises were touching, getting bigger and feeling each other. With my hands on her ass, I began moving her petite body up and down on my stick. Our penises were bigger and bigger. Carol told me that she like the feel of my penis on her penis. I told her that I feel the same way touching her cute penis against my penis. I told Carol that I am giving myself unconditionally to her without any reservation at all. I want her to totally take my body as hers. Our lips were locked and our penises were shooting nice streams of white cum at each other’s penis and private areas. I told Carol that I must have her on a regular basis to fuck. She told me that this is what she wants. Carol told me to just keep pumping the white cum on her body and keep fucking her. Then, I kissed her breasts, sucking them for a while.

While we were fucking each other, Clara left the room for a while to get all three of us wine. She was gone a while. As we finished fucking each other, Carol laid on top of me as our feet were still touching each other. Electricity flowed between our bodies. Clara came in and stroked Carol’s ass and beautiful legs. Now, Clara asked Carol that it is time to share, but first she told me to lie on my stomach. I turned over. Carol told me that she has a big need to fuck my ass again. She told me that she wants to feel her naked penis inside of me. I told that I want her naked penis in my ass very deep. She lay on my back. I could see that her penis was expanding. She inserted her penis into my asshole. It hurt as it went into my rear hole. Carol pushed hard into my hole. She could see that I was in pain. Carol told me that she has a plan to expand my hole and eliminate the pain. As she talked, her penis was finally totally in. Her hands were around my neck and our toes and feet were touching mine. She told me that she is giving herself totally to me. With that said, her penis started to pump and exploded inside of me. I felt so good as she kept fucking me repeatedly. When she turned me over and kissed me, she told me that she loves how our penis touches and the feeling we give each other. She pushed her penis down hard on mine and we kissed.

I told her that I also want to give myself totally to her each time that we are together. As I said, my penis started to secrete my white cum over her private area again. She kept moving her body on my penis to keep my cum coming on her. When done, Carol and I got out of bed. She told me that I must cum on her face and feet to prove my devotion to her. She knelt and sucked on penis until it was hard. I told Carol that I want her and want my cum on her face and feet so bad. Carol told me to do her good. As my penis started spraying her face, my cum was flowing very nice. I kneeled down, continue to cum the top of her feet, and move my penis inside each of her toes. I told Carol that I want to cum her a lot. She told me that she wants that too. We finished and went to bathroom to clean up. When got back, we drank our wine. Clara came in and said that it looks both of you are having some great fun. Carol kissed Clara and told her that she wants to play with us. Carol asked me to put on her high heels, since she knows that I like naked women wearing heels and nylons. I did as she requested.

Clara asked me to do a favor for her the next time that I come over. She told me that I must promise to do it now for her, or I will not get to fuck her pussy and ass. I told her that I would do it for her with no questions asked. Clara looked at me and said that she likes me to be an obedient slave. She said that this way I can always have her naked to fuck over and over again. She told me to bring my girlfriend over next time to meet my friends. I said that I would do this for her. Now, I was ready to ready to have Clara play with us and willing to fuck Clara. More to come into next part.


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