Patient Hypnotism

Most people have the same misunderstanding of hypnotism.  Too many movies; they think its just some mystic mumbo jumbo, say the right words, put someone into a trance, and make them say or do whatever you want.  The truth is, it’s nothing like that at all.  Sure, if you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to put someone into a suggestive state.  But you can’t make them do anything that’s against their nature.  That’s where patience comes in.

I had been seeing my girlfriend for a few months.  Things were good, the sex was OK.  I knew there was more in her than what she was willing to acknowledge, even if she didn’t.  For a while I struggled with how to make her see that.  You see, she came from a very conservative background, and talking about sex was something you just didn’t do.  And that’s to say nothing of actually trying new things.  But I always felt that based on some of the things she would say, if I could get her out of her shell and break that mind set, she would not only be a hell of a lot more fun in bed, but actually be happier for it as well.  And finally, I decided that it was worth it to simply take matters into my own hands and start her down that path.

The first time, it was simple.  She was over for dinner, and was going to stay the night.  We had finished eating, and were sitting on the couch having a glass of wine, watching some TV.  I had put an extra little something into her glass, to help with the suggestive state.  Before long, she was completely out on the couch.  This was it, test run time.  I carried her to the bedroom, undressed her, and put her to bed.  But before I covered her, while she lay there naked, I decided I needed a test.  She had always been uncomfortable about oral, so I figured now was the time.  Spreading her legs, I gently ran my finger over her pussy lips to see if she would respond.  She did alright, but not the way she usually would.  Her breathing sped up, and a small smile of satisfaction crept over her face.  As my finger moved to her clit, very lightly brushing it, the intake of breath was clearly audible.  In fact, I noticed her legs were spreading farther apart than I had placed them.  This was it, my cue to continue.  Lowering to her, I began to gently run my tongue over her lips, spreading them slightly with my fingers so I could get inside them.  Moving up her pussy, I began to circle her clit with the tip of my tongue.  Her moans and sighs were obvious signs she was enjoying it.  I continued licking her, sucking her clit into my mouth, running my tongue over it while I drew it between my lips.  As I continued to work on her clit with my mouth, I slipped two fingers inside her, working them in and out of her now dripping wet cunt.  In no time, I could hear her breathing become erratic, and soon felt her pussy contracting on my fingers and her body twitch and convulse as she orgasmed.  Cleaning her up, I pulled the sheets up over her and left her to sleep.

The next morning, I was already up making breakfast when she woke.  When she walked in to the kitchen, I gave her a good morning kiss just like normal.  As we chatted, she asked how she got in bed.  She told me she remembered being on the couch, but must have fallen asleep there. I told her she had fallen asleep, and I carried her to bed.  I asked her if she remembered any of it, really searching to see if she remembered what happened after she got to bed.  She said she didn’t, but only remembered some very vivid dreams.  When I asked her what she had dreamed about, she went very red and muttered something about it not being important.  To hide my own smile, I simply turned back to the eggs I was making, and told her as long as she slept well, that was the main thing.  The truth was, I knew now that I had her where I wanted her.  She didn’t remember anything as it had really happened.  Everything she had actually experienced, she chocked up to her own mind filling in the blanks.  This could be exactly what I wanted for her.  Every night, she would drink a glass of water before bed.  If I laced her water the way I had her wine last night, I could have her in a suggestive state every night she stayed over.  This was better than I could have asked for.

A few days later, she was staying over again, and I decided to try a second time.  This time I figured I would put it in her water, since she might become suspicious if she passed out on the couch again.  She drank her water and went to bed, and within minutes was out again.  This time, in addition to enjoying her body and leaving her with some memories of great wet dreams, I decided to try instilling some commands in her as well.  She had a completely shaved pussy, something I was never a fan of.  Personally, I prefer a neatly trimmed patch.  So, after she passed out, I decided it was time to see how far I could take it.  Pulling the sheets off her, rolling her onto her back and spreading her legs, I again began to finger her.  I kissed and licked her nipples, working my hand faster in and out of her.  As she moaned and sighed, I worked my mouth up her collarbone, and along her neck. Still working my hand between her legs, I whispered into her ear that she wanted to grow her pubes back in, and that she wanted to have a neatly trimmed bush.  Over and over I whispered it to her, until I felt her cum on my hand.  As she gasped and shuddered with her orgasm, I figured I was done.  But as I stood up, a second thought occurred to me.  Twice now, while in the trance, she had orgasmed.  Yet I still hadn’t.  I grew extremely bold at that thought, and rolled her over onto her stomach.  Wrapping my arm under her stomach and lifting her, I shoved some pillows under her, spread her legs, and entered her from behind.  I fucked her doggy style until I came, then cleaned her and lay her back down to sleep the night off.

The next morning, she clearly remembered nothing of the night before.  Again, she spoke little of the previous night, but whenever I made any comments about dreams or asking how she slept, she simply went beet red and changed the subject.  But over the next two weeks, although I decided not to try any more suggestions on her, I did notice her pubes growing back.  And, she was keeping them trimmed in just the place and shape I had wanted.  That’s when I realized that the suggestions I placed when she was in the trance, if phrased just right, stayed with her.  With the right wording, I could make her feel my words were her thoughts, and so begin to re-write her into who I wanted her to be.  If I was patient, I could make her into whatever I wanted her to be.  And I was very patient.

To Be Continued…

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