Pixie’s Slaves

It was quite by accident that I came, heh, across Pixie. I was scouring the youvids.com for any hypnosis clips I could find. I’d been curious about the idea of using self-hypnosis to heighten my senses when making love and frankly my current partner was a bit missionary position and nothing else type of lass. The idea of acting out fantasies made her uncomfortable and I was getting really frustrated, in both senses of the word. Most videos were either badly made, sound and picture wise, or frankly unbelievable. Some quality stuff in there as well but still not enough to rock my world exactly. Maybe I was impossible to hypnotise, not imaginative enough or just felt weird staring at a pc screen wearing earplugs trying to take on board the fact that I was drifting into hypnotic slumber when I wasn’t.

Pixie, however, was different. She had a sweet face, very intense green eyes and a soothing voice. But there was something else as well, she had charisma. I was sitting there late one night, surfing the goggle search engine for videos. I frowned as I saw her, she seemed to be looking right at me. I clicked on the website, plugged in the earphones and smiled dreamily as she spoke to me,
“Hi there. I’m going to take you to a safe place that’s all. Nothing dramatic, outrageous or silly. I just need you to relax, look at me and listen to what I say.”
Standard operational patter so far, nothing I hadn’t heard before. But I was unconsciously nodding my head and stopped, what the fuck? Pixie already had me agreeing with her even in a small way. I carried on listening to her,
“Take three deep breaths in then out. Now place both feet on the floor, your hands on your knees.” This I did, no problem,
“As I speak to you, you’ll start to feel a warmth beginning to spread from your toes and making you feel as though you are gradually sinking into warm honey. It’s a pleasant sensation and as the warmth spreads it leaves in its wake a feeling of heaviness and total relaxation.” She was right too, I was feeling the sensation of warmth beginning to spread up my legs,
“Focus all your attention now on my eyes and my voice and what I say.” Looking into Pixie’s eyes was no great task, they were very, very sexy,
“As you look into my eyes, you’ll start to feel dreamy and detached, slightly drowsy as well. Don’t worry, it’s a perfectly natural reaction. Just relax and let go of your tension, the warmth should have reached your head by now.” It had, how did she know? “And your entire body is heavy and all your muscles very relaxed. My eyes will start to grow larger as you continue to focus on them and soon you’ll find yourself drifting into them. It’s a beautifully serene feeling, dreamy and light headed. Relax and listen to my voice, just relax as you start to feel sleepier.”
It was getting hard to keep my eyes open now and Pixie’s eyes had filled my vision, just as she said. This girl was incredibly good at what she did,
“Drifting, floating, very relaxed, very sleepy. You’re already in a light state of hypnosis now and I’m going to take you even deeper. Close your heavy eyelids, listen and obey my voice.”
That’s the last thing I recall until a click of fingers and Pixie’s gentle voice telling me to awaken. I opened my eyes as her face faded into nothingness, I felt incredible, really happy and rested. But now I had to email her and wasn’t quite sure why but it was important.

* * * * *

Pixie read the latest email and smiled. Another slave. She quickly tapped out
-Hi Shaun, glad you enjoyed your little sleep. Your trigger is “Lavender blue”. When you phone me tomorrow on the number under this message I will use the trigger to take you into a state of deep hypnosis.”- Clicked on ‘send’ and sighed as Christopher appeared behind and kissed her shoulder, running hands down her sides and cupping firm breasts, she grasped him around the neck pulled him around to kiss his mouth. Another night of fucking. Does he never get enough? Still, he did say I was totally irresistible –but I don’t have him under my control. He seems to think it’s not needed.
Chris stopped for a moment to look at her, then smiled as she stood and rubbed herself against him, he was already stiff and needed no further encouragement. Arms wrapped around his neck, Pixie grinned,
“Seen something you like, big boy?”
“Not yet, but I’ve the feeling I’m about to.”
She looked in his eyes and murmured,
“Oh yeah? What makes you so fucking sure?”
“Cos you want it as much as I do.”
Well, that was true enough, Pixie realised and said,
“Well, does a lady have to walk into the bedroom for fuck’s sake?”
As he picked up he chuckled,
“Some lady you are.” and carried her through to the bedroom and shut the door behind them.

* * * * *

“Morning dear.” Janet murmured as I strolled into the kitchen. I was still thinking about last night and how peaceful it had made me feel. I had even dreamed about Pixie and felt slightly guilty but at the same time, our marriage was going nowhere so what the hell? I knew I had to phone her, Pixie that is, sometime today. Wasn’t sure why but everything about my encounter with her had a hazy dreamlike quality. I smiled, maybe she had hypnotised me or something, ludicrous notion of course.

* * *

I watched Shaun worriedly. I knew he’d been dabbling in pornography but I had just brushed it aside as one of those things that men did, childish if you ask me. Then I had the chance, one night, to peek in at him and was slightly alarmed to see him watching some woman swinging a pendant from side to side, her mouth was opening and closing but because he was wearing earphones I couldn’t hear what she was saying. It wasn’t hard to guess that he had become interested in this hypnosis thing and it bothered me. I enjoyed our, albeit infrequent, lovemaking and didn’t really understand why he would want to do it different ways. I had a good body even at nearly forty and he seemed to appreciate it in the past. Over the last couple of years though, Shaun had lost interest. I suppose it was partly because my father was a bishop and he had very strict rules about the amount of interest I was allowed to show in boys let alone sex. As a result I grew up knowing next to nothing about it and was a virgin when I married Shaun. I wondered whether some kind of therapy might be helpful.

* * * *

Pixie rolled over in bed and felt for Chris. He must have slipped to the bathroom she decided and smiled. She enjoyed the smell of her man after he’d shaved and showered and usually wanted to fuck him silly before going for a shower herself. With this in mind, the woman swung out of bed and padded to the door. He usually shaved first then showered next. The smell of expensive shower gel, Hugo Boss, no less filled the steamy bathroom and Pixie half closed her eyes as she inhaled. She decided she couldn’t wait for him to finish and climbed into the shower with him. Facing him she rubbed her heavy, firm breasts against his chest. Placed a finger on his mouth then started to work her way down his body. His half-erect cock was soon stiff and straining under the delicious pressure of her almost magical ability to excite him. He was soon gasping with pleasure, his hands grasping her short red hair as he urged her to take his erection into her mouth. For once she refused and Chris murmured his disappointment as she smiled up at him before gripping his buttocks in both hands as she kissed his mouth hungrily. Her nipples were hard as rocks now and she felt herself beginning to lose control. She stepped back, flushed and breathing hard, Pixie wanted to be in control of him because it made her feel so aroused.

He raised eyebrows,
“Something wrong hun?”
“I want you to let me hypnotise you.”
“I’ve told you before though. You don’t need mind control to make me want you.”
He was lazily stroking her sides and stomach as he spoke to her. She half-closed her eyes as she felt her resolve weaken. He was an incredible lover and knew her weaknesses so well. He murmured,
“You’re so fantastic Pixie, so beautiful, you have such compelling eyes, they’re like emeralds and so mesmerising. Your breasts are gorgeous, your arse is hard and tight and your legs are perfect.”
She gave in,
“Oh fuck it, come here you devious bastard I want your cock inside my cunt like yesterday.”
“I obey oh great one.”
She giggled,
“You fucking loon. Oh yes.”
He had lifted her up and inserted himself into her warm moistness. He began thrusting his manhood in and out of her and was soon moaning with pleasure. Pixie felt the first tingle of heat in her groin, it grew more intense as her movements became more frantic. She crossed her feet around the small of his back and pulled his head down to kiss him passionately then she tipped her head back as the intensity of the pleasure increased and started to spread to her stomach and breasts,
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes Chris, oh shit, I’m starting to… I’m fucking coming, oh God I’m coming, yes, yes, yes, baby, yes, oh fuck yes, yes….” she gave a strangled cry of ecstasy as the orgasm exploded through her entire body and as she felt her man climaxing, pumping semen into her, she felt the pleasure build again and gasped,
“Oh hell, I’m coming again, keep going lover, keep fucking going, oh, my, God, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh God yessssss!”
Finally she subsided and let her feet drop to the shower floor. She hung onto him for a second, her legs still shaky from the exertion. He said,
“I take it that was to your satisfaction, mistress?”

And that was the other reason she wanted to control him, sometimes she’d like to get to sleep at night without Chris putting his arms around her in bed and whispering the things she liked to hear as he caressed her body. Fucking every night seemed to be his goal in life. Staying in control of her stud was her goal. Next time he wanted sex, about two hours time knowing him, it was the weekend after all, she was going to sort this situation out.

Over breakfast, Chris and Pixie talked about this and that until the phone rang, Pixie picked up and a voice said,
“Hi Pixie, I’m Shaun and I um, just felt the need to call you.”
Her mind raced, the email from last night, must be, she smiled,
“Nothing to worry about Shaun – lavender blue. Now listen to me, you need therapy and I’m very good at that. Come to this address next Tuesday and we’ll discuss your treatment. Make it ten o’clock in the morning. You won’t remember this conversation until it’s time to visit me, wake up now and hang up the phone.”
“Yes, okay.”

* * *

Janet was looking at me with a curious expression on her face. I said,
“Anything wrong dear?”
“No, not at all. Just wondered who you were phoning.”
I vaguely remembered making the call but couldn’t recall the conversation. I just told her it was a work colleague and left it at that.
* * *

Chris said,
“Another victim of your wicked feminine wiles then?”
“Yep.” she replied, “Talking of which, why don’t we try something a bit, um, y’know kinky this weekend?”
He was silent for a moment then said hesitantly,
“Well, okay. How do you feel about a bit of light bondage? No whipping or stuff like that. Just tying me up, or me tying you up. Both if you like?”
She blew out her cheeks. This was a golden opportunity if she played her cards right,
“Sure – you tie me up first then?”
“Right you are.” He seemed surprised at her agreeing to let him have first crack at it. Exactly how she’d planned it. He would be more inclined to trust her this way around.
“Oh yeah, by the way.” he said, Pixie murmured,
“I’d like to try that hypnosis stuff on you.”
“Good God, really? Oh alright then, don’t see why not.”
Absolutely perfect, she marvelled. She’d pretend to go into trance state then he would no doubt try to make sure she didn’t do anything like it to him. Chris said,
“What are you smiling at Pixie?”
“Oh nothing, just looking forward to you being my master. Oh great one.”
She giggled then squealed as he rose from his chair to get to her, Pixie ran from the kitchen and into the bedroom. He pinned her on the bed and murmured,
“Now then slave, what shall we tie you up with I wonder?”
“How about ties?”
He nodded, went to the wardrobe and pulled out four of his ties. Pixie stripped off her bathrobe and panties and lay naked on the bed. He quickly secured her hands and feet to the bedframe, making sure she was comfortable. Then the gentle torture began.

After half an hour of exquisite bliss that never culminated in orgasm and relief, Pixie was sweating, and arching her back to reach his exploring tongue and hands. She had requested a gag be placed around her mouth before she began to scream the place down. Her entire body quivered with lust and every time he touched her, she gave a shudder of delight. He grinned down at her,
“Do you give? Let me put you under ?” She shook her head, not wanting to make it too easy for him although much more of this and she knew she’d have to agree. This was probably the hottest and most remarkable sex she had ever experienced without coming. He scowled,
“I like a filly with spirit by Gad. But this is getting ridiculous.”
Chris knew it was time to start fucking her, but carefully so that she didn’t actually climax before giving in to him. He straddled her and slowly inserted himself into the straining moistness, then back out again. Then in again, back out. Pixie groaned and pushed her hips up to meet his strokes, she could feel the come building and hoped he wouldn’t notice until it was too late to stop her. But her man knew her all too well. He thrust his erection in until her labia touched his balls, back out once more then stopped and said,
“Now do you give?”
Pixie realised he was too wily to let her orgasm before he got his way, it wasn’t as if he was really going to manage to mesmerise her anyway. She started shaking her head, stopped and with a sigh, nodded. He undid her gag and said,
“Yes,” she panted, “I promise, now for fuck’s sake – let me come please, it’s driving me loopy.”
With a smile of satisfaction, Chris pushed himself in again and before long, Pixie gave a howl of sheer pleasure as the most remarkable orgasm she’d ever felt surged through her body and reached every extremity. She actually felt, for a magical moment, as if she were floating in mid-air. At last, she sank back down onto the bed and whispered,
“Fucking hell, Chris, that was bloody incredible.”
As she came, he had climaxed too and was grinning weakly,
“You’re not fucking joking. Good God, Pixie, I thought the bed was going to collapse.”

Pixie gave him a look,
“You were wanting to hypnotise me, yes?”
“Oh yeah, sorry. I’ll just get that diamond pendant of yours.”
-Oh please. That’s nearly as naff as the swinging pocket watch. Oh fuck it, why not. He deserves his fun, he sure as fuck earned it today. Must do this again though. Never realised how wicked it was.-
He returned, pushed an extra pillow under her head to support it and started to swing the pendant,
“Just relax and watch the pendant. Keep looking at it and concentrate on my voice.”
She nodded and smiled. He was quite good actually for a novice. Pixie allowed her eyelids to flicker and close over her eyes. Chris was exultant, he’d actually done it, he’d put her under!
“Now then Pixie. When you tie me down, you’ll just want to give me a bit of torture before letting me come. You won’t want to hypnotise me, understand?”
“Yes, I understand.” she murmured.
He brought her out of the trance, or so he thought and said,
“Okay, your turn for the fun.”

She tied him to the bed, rubbed her hands together and murmured,
“Now then, how shall we start? Oh yeah I know.”
Pixie sat by his side and said gently,
“You really shouldn’t have let me get you in this position y’know?”
“Oh, why not? Oh you think you’re going to hypnotise me now?”
“No, I know I am.”
“Well you can’t because I left a……I didn’t did I? You crafty little bitch.”
But he was smiling as he said it. She pouted and stroked his slowly rising manhood,
“Not very nice, calling me a bitch.”
“Crafty as well though. I was complimenting your acting skills.”
She waggled her head,
“S’pose so.”
“And you have a perfect mouth for pouting as well, it looks so sexy.”
Pixie grinned,
“No you don’t Christopher Jackson. You’re trying to talk your way out of this. Well you can’t. You’re helpless now and are going to stay that way until I have you under my spell.”
He sighed, how to tell her he was already mesmerised by her? She was so gorgeous, so perfect, she really didn’t need to do this even though he knew she would and could. He murmured,
“Don’t suppose putting up a fight will do me any good?”
She circled his now erect cock with a finger,
“Oh you could try darling. Won’t do you any good as you say. Might be fun for me though. I don’t usually get any resistance from anyone.”
“And you’re surprised?”
“Enough talking, it’s time for you to go under.”
He closed his eyes, shook his head,
“That won’t do any good lover. I can still talk to you and use my hands and body.”
She began to suckle his erection and he moaned. Her tongue and lips flicked and squeezed it until he began to arch his back then she pulled back and said,
“See what I mean?”
He nodded,
“Yeah, I see what you mean.”
“Then open your eyes love and look at me.”
His eyes remained closed and she lay by his side,
“Not a good idea, Christopher. I’ll have you one way or another. But you’re going to be in a trance by the time I’ve finished with you.”
She was stroking his body as she spoke to him. Locating his weaknesses with the expertise of experience. The sides, his nipples, the ears which she nibbled then spoke into them,
“Come on, you know you’re going to lose. Give into me Chris, just let yourself go and give in. Relax and give in, obey my voice, relax and give in. Relax, it’s so easy to just relax and give in. Look at me Chris, look in my eyes.”
He knew it was a lost cause and opened his eyes, stared into her green hypnotic gaze. She smiled,
“That’s right, you’re going to feel dreamy, light headed and drowsy. Just relax and give in, relax your whole body, let yourself drift into my lovely eyes, they’re getting bigger as you start to go under my spell. You’re totally losing yourself, your will is dissolving as you look into my eyes. You’re feeling very relaxed, listen to my voice, obey my voice.”

Chris was just lying there, his eyes slightly lidded, completely mesmerised now and she murmured gently,
“Your eyelids are getting heavy, so heavy, you feel very tired, let them slowly close as you go into a hypnotic trance.”
He knew it was too late now but tried to keep his eyes open anyway. She murmured,
“Don’t fight me, sweetheart, you must give in to me, just relax and give in. Yes that’s right you’re so very, very sleepy, relax and listen to me, obey me, relax, you’re going into a trance now and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
Slowly his eyelids drooped and closed and she smiled,
“That’s the way, my love. You’re now in a light state of hypnosis. I’m going to take you even deeper and you don’t mind that at all.”

end of Part One

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