Prude Awakening

She wasn’t sure why, but Jan couldn’t help showing off her boobs.

She hadn’t always been that way. In fact, her transformation had been rather recent, but whether it was recent or not really didn’t matter. That was the way she was now.

She didn’t think she was all that attractive. She could see every single one of her flaws, but with men, it was almost as if they didn’t see them at all. They kept coming around. They kept wanting to be with her, and Jan kept pushing them away.

What she wanted was for a guy to be interested in something more than sex but that never seemed to be the case. They always seemed to want something from her and so Jan held them at arm’s length.

Still, Pastor James wasn’t like other men. He was one man she could trust. She had confided her troubles to him and he had empathized with her. He told her he was glad she had come to him and that he could help her.

He told her she needed to understand why men liked her but Jan resisted until Pastor James explained it to her. She needed to understand not to validate their actions but just to understand. She could forgive them or not as she saw fit. Whether she did that was up to her, but first she had to understand.

When he said it like that, it made Jan feel better, but she still didn’t like it. Pastor James said that was fine. She didn’t have to like it, but she did need to understand.

But how was she going to understand what men liked, she wanted to know.

Pastor James smiled at that. “You leave that to me,” he told her, and so that was exactly what Jan did. She left it all in Pastor James’ capable hands.

And yet, it seemed as if Pastor James was in no hurry to educate her. He didn’t tell her what men wanted. He didn’t talk to her about their desires. She would come to him and they would talk and in the end, Jan felt no more enlightened than she had felt before.

And yet, there was this feeling she had. She couldn’t even say what it was or how it had happened, but all Jan knew was that whenever a man asked her to, she couldn’t help showing off her boobs.

The funny thing was that the first person who had asked her to show him her breasts was Pastor James himself. She had been sitting in his office talking with the pastor when suddenly the man looked at her and smiled. “Why don’t you show me yout tits,” he said.

Jan wasn’t even sure why she did what she did but she was still sitting there talking to her pastor even as she started to unbutton her blouse and then she was pushing her shirt down off her shoulders and she was pulling her bra up.

After she had done that, she continued to sit in that chair and she continued to talk with her pastor even as her breasts remained there on view for him to see. She wasn’t sure why she had done what she had done or why she was continuing to do it but she continued to sit there with her tits on display.

After she was done showing her breasts to her pastor, Jan put her shirt back on and she left his office. She was still wondering why she had done it and she was wondering if she should tell someone about it but even as the thought entered her mind, she knew she never would.

The funny thing was that as she left her pastor’s office and as she was driving home, she passed a convertible with some young women in it. The girls were playing loud music and Jan couldn’t help shaking her head. Those girls should be more discreet, Jan thought as her car stood next to theirs at a traffic light. They really should be more discreet.

Deacon Huntley was the next man to see Jan’s breasts. She’d been meeting with him and Pastor James when the pastor suddenly suggested that Jan should show them her breasts.

Again, Jan acted without thinking. She pulled the top she was wearing over her head and then she reached behind her and she unclasped her bra and then she let the garment slide down her arms and then she was letting the men ogle her as she sat there naked from the waist up.

Again, as she drove home from her pastor’s office that night, Jan wondered why she had done that. It was dirty and it was low and yet, she knew she’d wanted to do it at the time. It was just that as she drove home, she couldn’t remember why she’d wanted to do it.

The sound of a siren interrupted Jan’s thoughts. She looked up in her rear view mirror and she saw the red lights flashing behind her. Drats, what have I done now, the girl wondered even as she pulled her car to the side of the road.

Even without realizing she was doing it, she was pulling her top over her head. She could see the officer walking towards her even as she removed her bra and then her hands went to her firm, young breasts and she gave her breasts a little squeeze.

By the time the officer reached the driver’s side window, he found the girl pulling on her nipples. He had started to say something but then he just stared into the car as he watched the young woman pull on her tits and finger her nipples.

Jan just looked up at the man even as her hands continued to work her breasts and even as her fingers worked her nipples. “What seems to be the problem, officer,” she asked.

The man hemmed and hawed as he stood there and watched the girl play with her tits. Suddenly, he had nothing to say, and for her part, Jan was perfectly happy to sit there and have the man watch her as she played with her breasts.

Finally, the officer seemed to come to his senses. He was still staring at Jan as he watched her play with her tits, but then he cleared his throat and he started to speak. “You, um, you ran through a, uh, a stop sign, um, back there,” he finally managed to stammer.

“I did,” Jan asked innocently. “I didn’t realize I’d done that. I guess I’ve had a lot on my mind recently.

The man just stared at the girl and he watched her fingers twist her nipples between them and then he seemed to stammer again. “I guess I can let you go with a warning,” he said finally, “but, um, next time, try to be a little more careful, okay?”

Jan was still fondling her breasts as she looked up at the man. “I will,” she assured the man. “I surely will.”

She watched the officer get back in his car and then she watched him drive away. Even as she watched him drive away, she was putting on her bra again and then she was pulling on her top. What is happening to me, the girl wondered as she drove away. What is happening to me?

That question remained unanswered as she drove home. All the girl knew was that something was happening to her.

All Jan really knew was that she had her shirt off and she was fondling her breasts when the doorbell rang the next day. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she got up and went to answer the door without even bothering to put on her bra or a shirt.

It was a delivery man on her front doorstep. “I have a pack–“

The man stopped as he caught sight of the girl’s tits and then he just stopped and stared.

Jan couldn’t help herself. In spite of what she thought, it excited her to see this man staring at her breasts like that and then she was bringing her hands up and her hands were squeezing her tits. Her hands gravitated out to her puffy nipples and then her fingers squeezed her nipples. She loved the feel of her breasts and she loved the way the man was looking at her.

“Do you like,” she asked as she squeezed her breasts again.

The man licked his lips as he watched her fondle her tits. “Um, yeah,” he said, “I like.”

The girl continued to squeeze her breasts and then in spite of herself, she moaned. She squeezed her tits again and then she moaned again. She really liked the way this guy was looking at her tits.

The man continued to stare at Jan’s tits and then he took a step forward and he was lifting his arm up as if to touch the girl’s tits.

“No,” Jan whimpered even as she con
tinued to squeeze her tits.

That seemed to snap the man out of his reverie. He continued to stare at Jan’s tits even as he held up the package. “I
have a package you need to sign for,” he told her.

Jan took the clipboard that was offered to her and she signed in the appropriate place and all the while, she knew the man was staring at her chest, and even though she knew it was wrong, she also knew she liked it, too.

The weird thing was that as she closed the door behind the man, she couldn’t help thinking that even though she’d said “no”, she really would have liked it if the man had touched her breasts. What is happening to me, she asked herself again. What is happening to me?

Later that same day, Jan went outside to the bus stop in front of her house and she flashed the old man sitting on the bench there. She even let the man touch her breasts and she even moaned as the man wrapped his gnarled fingers around her mammaries. What is happening to me, she asked again.

Jan was frightened. She needed advice and when she thought of who to turn to for advice, only one name came to her mind.

Pastor James opened up his door to find the girl standing there waiting for him. “Jan,” the man said, “what can I do for you?”

“Pastor James,” the girl said, “I need your advice.”

The man took one look at the distraught girl. “Sure,” he told her, “why don’t you come on in and tell me all about it.”

Even as Jan was stepping into the man’s apartment, she was fighting the urge to take off her top and bra and show the man her breasts. What is happening to me, she asked herself yet again.

The man ushered the girl to a sofa and then he sat down in a chair. “So,” he said, “why don’t you tell me all about it.”

Jan bit her lip as she stared at the man. She really, really wanted to show him her tits.

“It’s like this,” she began. “I … I … I keep wanting to, to , to take off my clothes, and I keep wanting to show guys my breasts.”

“Really?” the astonished man asked.

The girl nodded sullenly. “I just can’t seem to help myself, and it’s getting worse.”

“Worse? How is it getting worse?”

The girl stayed quiet for a few moments before she answered the man in a low voice. “Now, not only do I want to show guys my breasts, but I want them to touch them, too.”


The girl nodded numbly.

“Do you want to show me your tits right now, too,” the man asked.

Again, the girl nodded numbly as she looked at her pastor.

“Well then, why don’t you go ahead and do that. Why don’t you go ahead and show me your tits, and while you’re at it, why don’t you show me your pussy, too.”

The girl stared at her pastor and then she was standing up. She pulled her top over her head and the she was reaching behind her and then she was taking off her bra.

“Do you know why you’re doing this,” the man asked.

Jan shook her head even as her hands moved to her skirt and even as she was opening the zipper on her skirt. She pushed the garment down her legs and then she pushed her panties down, too, even as her pastor explained it to her.

“I have the power to control people’s minds,” the man told her, “and I’m controlling yours now. You will do whatever I say and you will do it whenever I want it. Do you understand?”

Somehow, Jan knew the man was telling the truth. “I understand,” the girl said.

Her pastor smiled. “That’s good, because right now, I want to fuck you.”

Jan couldn’t believe it but she knew it was true. Her pastor was going to fuck her.

Her pastor didn’t say or do anything and yet, suddenly, Jan felt the need to sit down on the man’s couch and spread her legs for him.

She whimpered softly as she gave in to the man. She could see her pastor taking off his clothes and she knew she wanted to give her body to him. She knew she shouldn’t want to do it but she knew she was powerless to resist. She felt dirty and low but she knew what she had to do.

“I take it you’re still a virgin,” her pastor said as he stepped between her legs and the girl nodded.

The man smiled at her. “Well, we’ll take care of that right now,” he said and then Jan watched the man step between her legs.

Jan had never seen a cock before but she was seeing one right then and there. It was almost as if the man paused and stopped so the girl could admire his cock and then he was moving it closer still, sliding it between Jan’s legs.

Jan hadn’t realized just how wet her pussy was until she felt that cock stroke her between her legs. She couldn’t help moaning but she wanted that cock inside her and she wanted it so bad.

The man seemed to sense her need because he changed the angle of his cock so that instead of sliding along the outer folds of the girl’s cunt, he was pressing it against her wet, little hole. Jan moaned as she felt that cock press against her and then she moaned again. She needed that cock. She needed to be fucked. She needed it so bad.

The girl moaned as the man pushed his cock even deeper inside her. He wasn’t all the way inside her, she realized, and yet, already, he felt so big inside her. She moaned again as her pussy took a little more of that cock. It felt so good.

The man pushed a little more of his cock into the girl’s aching cunt and Jan moaned again. He was really going to do it, she realized. He was going to fuck her and she was going to love it.

The girl groaned as her pussy took the full length of her cock. Oh jeez, the girl thought, it was good. It was very good.

The girl groaned as the man pulled his cock back and then plunged it inside her again. Oh jeez, she was a dirty, little slut. She was a dirty, little slut.

Her pastor was fucking her even harder and suddenly, Jan knew what that meant, what it had to mean. Her pastor was going to cum. He was going to cum inside her cunt. She’d never had a man cum inside her before, but she knew she wanted it. She wanted her pastor to cum inside her.

The man groaned and then Jan felt him bury himself inside her. She heard the man grunt and then she felt the man press against her again and she felt it. He was cumming inside her. He was cumming inside her and it felt so fucking good.

The girl moaned yet again. She had always disparraged those girls who gave their bodies up for nothing, but now she knew she was one of them. She was a dirty, little slut and she loved it. She loved that cock but more than that, she knew she would love any and every dirty, little cock. She loved that cock. She fucking loved that cock.

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    wow i really liked this one – it turned me on!

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    Fuckin great story! Really liked this one.

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    Keep up the great stories! 😉

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