Road to Many Dicks Part 2

Not to mention the two weeks, her husband was out of town, would be perfect if she just dared to invite him in. She had a vision of relieving the heat with a cold shower, and more importantly, Kuntal fucking her against the wall as the water cooled their skin. The problem would be how to make that vision come true.

She felt at the thought of spending another night alone without satisfying any of her cravings. Add the fact that her two week ball had just began two hours ago.

She met Kuntal at his apartment door just as he walked towrds of the lift. “I’m on my way to pick up some files,” he said. Damn! He could’ve done way better than that. And why the hell didn’t she tell him pr invite him over for a bite or a drink, she felt. That would’ve been ten times better than the dumb-ass TV serials she would have missed and would have had the perfect opportunity to invite him & get to know him better.

Kuntal likewise felt like banging his head against the walls of the lift in frustration. He could’ve at least asked her to his place for drinks, so they could talk. Any reason to spend time with her would’ve been better than fantasizing about how much he wanted to be with her. Instead, he’d taken the easy way out, fearing that even if he did ask her on a date, she would turn him down. Why would a sexy married woman like, Amishi be interested in a rugged man like him? Shit! He preferred his sex hard and a little rough. He wasn’t too sure Amishi would like the feel of his hands on what appeared to be very enticing, smooth flesh. Lame.

That’s exactly what he was, and being in his late thirties, you’d think he wouldn’t get tongue-tied at the sight of a gorgeous woman. He hungered for her, and she made him harden instantly. Her brown hair reached her waist, and he had wondered one too many times how the strands would feel against his skin. Her lips were full, and her eyes a beautiful shade of brown. Her body enticed him, and he imagined often what she would look like naked. He would’ve done better if he had followed her inside, backed against her apartment door, and rubbed his body against hers, arousing her before he tasted her sweet lips. That was his number one fantasy, starring her. He felt like an idiot for not making a move. His cock had lengthened as their gazes had collided. Perhaps she had felt him watching her and had become curious, or she even felt the same about him. That would be hoping for too much, but it would be heaven if it turned out that way. He had also detected a hint of vulnerability in her tone of voice as she responded to him.

Kuntal swore silently, his gaze on the door she had just closed. His muscles tightened in anticipation. She was on vacation, which made it the perfect time to go ahead with his plan. Soon, he’d make his move, and he hoped to hell Amishi would accept him.

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