The Hypnotic Revenge

My little sister and I never really got along, we would always argue and fight, so when the opportunity to control her every thought presented itself I didn’t hesitate to act upon it. Sarah is four years younger than I, quite attractive with a petite frame sporting 32 B breasts. At the time of this event she had just turned 18 the day before. The previous night had been blurry as she took advantage of being of legal age to drink. She had a party in our local pub from which I had to carry her home because she was too drunk to walk. On the 5 min walk back I had slowly manoeuvred my supporting arm from under her armpit to caressing her breast, being so drunk she hadn’t noticed. This was the start of things to come.

The next day Sarah sat in front of the television with an unforgiving hang over. She was flicking through the daytime television programs on SKY. We came across a hypnotist explaining how he made his volunteers carry out his every command. Sarah was very pessimistic about the program, I suggested I carry out his instructions on her; if it were a hoax nothing would happen. However if it worked I would be able to do a lot more than steal a sly squeeze of her breast.

I carried out the instructions as directed on the television. To this day I’m not sure whether it was the reduced mental capacity induced by the hang over or the influence of the painkillers she had taken but she instantly fell into a trance. I was amazed. I told her to stand up on one leg, as well as to bark like a dog she did both with no hesitation. I had to be sure she was not playing along to call my bluff. I told her that whenever I said the words purple dishwasher she would return to this stance-like state. I told her to forget everything she had just done and to wake up.

She awoke straight away and continued telling me that this was a load of mumbo jumbo and it wouldn’t work. I asked her to let me what had just happened. She couldn’t recall a single thing… Purple dishwasher I said; her eyes glazed over. She was mine!

She was still in her dressing gown. I told her to untie the bow. The front parted to reveal her slight cleavage and her cotton knickers. I began to grow hard. I pushed her gown either side of her breasts to reveal her succulent nipples, the exposure to air caused them to stand on end. I pinched one causing a look of grimace across her face I began to lick it whilst twisting the other. I caressed her boobs pushing them against my face and causing them to jiggle they were firm but malleable. I fetched two clothes pegs from the laundry room and clamped them over each nipple. She gasped and fluttered her hands, her eyes began to well up. I was loving every second.

I said to remove her pants and to show me her cunt. She pulled her pants down her thighs, past her knees and stepped out of them. She hadn’t shaved for a while so her pussy was overgrown, I ordered her upstairs into her bathroom. I took a clump of her pubic hair between my thumb and forefinger and yanked viciously, she yelped and gasped. I said that this wouldn’t do. I told her to shave her snatch clean so I could inspect it closer.

She took her razor and quickly began to cut through the hair. I took the razor from her and began shaving her slowly so I could enjoy it. I decided to remember this moment by recording it on my phone. I was careful not to cut her juicy lips as I finished shaving her bald. I asked if that was better to which she replied yes brother. This reminded me how inappropriate this was and added to the feeling of what I was doing was very wrong which increased my excitement.

I told her to remove her gown, she stood in front of me completely naked, completely innocent and completely at my mercy. I was in my element. I ordered her to lay on the bed, to open her legs and part her pussy lips for me. I approached her noticing a pearl necklace on her bedside cabinet. I began running the beads over her flaps, I stuck my fingers inside her hole holding the beads with my thumb. I pushed the necklace as far inside her as my fingers could go. I started to feast on her cunt as she gasped and wriggled, I fished around inside her snatch and pulled out the beads over her clit, each one causing more juices to flow. I lapped at her snatch sucking and licking again she moaned and moved. Once again I recorded her reaction on my phone she eventually climaxed and screamed to a shudder.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore, I told her to undress me. She could barely move as I had left the necklace inside her, she crawled over to me and took off my clothes. I told her to suck my dick. She held my throbbing cock in her hands and stared at it, my cock isn’t that big only just reaching six inches so her hesitation angered me; I slapped her face. Suck it! I shouted she swallowed my cock and began nodding to the rhythm of my thrusts, she gagged so I hit her again and pushed harder. She began to deepthroat me which I had never experienced before, it brought me to climax quickly. I held the back of her head and pushed her onto my cock I shot my load into her throat and held her.

I could hear our parents return from their Sunday service at our local church. I hurriedly dressed myself. I had to think of how to explain my sister waking up from a trance with a shaven haven. I told her to stand up and get into her shower, handing her the razor, I told her to start shaving herself 30 seconds after the water came on then wake up. I thought this would give an explanation even if she wouldn’t understand it, anyway it is hardly a subject she would bring up over the dinner table.

She left for the bathroom, I waited then I heard her mutter “What the fuck” and crept downstairs. I thought to myself that she was mine whenever I wanted it, but then my mother called up the stairs shouting to Sarah that her friend Kate had arrived. Could it be done, would it work… Kate and Sarah at the same time?

To be continued…

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