my first man to man

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I am a happily married 38-year-old man. Up until last year I had never even thought about another man in a sexual way. I love looking at girls and love seeing them in there nude state. We have a nudist beach in Cape Town called sandy bay. I went there one Friday afternoon without my wife knowing to perv at the naked girls on the beach. It was quiet and there wasn’t much going on but after walking for an hour or so on the beach in a semi aroused state I needed relief and I found a small enclosed rock area where I thought I could jerk off in private. I took my shorts off and closed my eyes as I started to pull myself off loving the feeling of standing naked in the open air with the soothing noise of the waves crashing around me jerking myself off.

I got a fright as I heard a noise and saw a man looking at me. Embarrassed I covered with my towel up but didn’t leave for some weird and wonderful reason. He moved into the rock enclosure next to mine and although I could see him I sensed he was there. I was still rock hard with a throbbing penis that needed relief. I hoping he would leave quickly so that I could finish what I started but then I noticed him step forward slightly just so I could see his legs and shorts.

He gently rubbed himself over his shorts and stepped back again into the rock enclosure out of view. I couldn’t believe it I was disgusted and excited all at the same time. I wanted to run away but for some crazy reason I didn’t. I just stood there waiting to see what would happen next. Maybe secretly I wanted to see more. I didn’t have to wait long before he repeated his actions this time rubbing a little longer before retreating out of view again. I tried not to watch but I found myself staring at him rubbing himself his boner clearly protruding through of his shorts. Unbelievably I felt my cock twitching with excitement.

The next time he stepped forward almost unwittingly I stepped slightly forward to also stroke myself over my towel. This went on back and forth a few more times until he stepped out of his enclosure and moved into mine. He stood was standing there in front of me. The excitement was overwhelming I felt that I should run but I couldn’t. My heart was beating at 1000 miles an hour. I was scared but amazingly horny to. He was big muscular and well built with a sporty firm body. Before I knew it the man leaned forward and grabbed my dong through my towel giving it two squeezes and then let go .He smiled almost mockingly as if he could sense I’d never done this before. He was like a cat ready to pounce on his prey. He said nothing and just stood there close to me with this funny smile on his face. The ball was now firmly in my court. A lot of me still wanted to turn and run but I didn’t and I found myself doing the same as he did to me through his shorts. He smiled at me as I had the courage not to let go. I was enjoying the feeling of his boner through his shorts as I started rubbing harder. He returned his hand to my towel and groped my now rock hard boner. I stopped caring desperate for sexual relief I pulled my towel off exposing my naked cock to his touch. He pulled his shorts off and was now butt naked for me as he moved in for the kill.

He was huge much bigger than me with a beautiful circumcised cock. I moved to him taking him in my hand as he locked into me. We were now standing there in the open air locked into each other jerking each other off in frenzy. I loved his cock in my hand and loved the feeling of him jerking my huge rock hard hardon off. He kissed my neck and played with my nipples as he leaned forward giving my bum repeated firm squeezes. I did the same back to my hot teacher. We were standing there is the open air where anybody could have been watching us really going at each other with a hungry lust. I felt his finger teasing my butt hole it was warm and nice and I moaned as it tickled the entrance to my hole. He took this as an invitation and started to slide his finger further and further as he pried my hole open. I was done caring, loving what this hunk was doing to me. I followed his lead and did the same back to him. We now fully locked into each other one hand on each other’s cocks wanking like mad the other fingering each other’s bum holes. He leaned forward and kissed me moving his tongue into my mouth. This sent me completely over the edge as I came all over his leg it was awesome. I wanted him to come and loved the feeling of watching him shoot his load as I continued to pull him off. He then just turned and left without saying another word.

At first I felt guilty and ashamed of what I done. After all I was a straight man. But in the coming days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted more I knew it and nothing was going to stop me from getting it. I haven’t been able to keep away since and in the last 6 months have been back 5 other times to the beach all ending in happy endings but those stories are for another time. Hope you all enjoyed what is a perfectly true story.


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  1. binkey boy

    really good story I really enjoyed the story Is it not interesting how men who are straight can come to enjoy another man I have had somewhat the same feeling with the same situation with a man I think this is really not a very bad thing to do

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