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My fantasy

Me and my wife at home relaxing watching TV and looking outside. The yard guys was there working in the yard and garden they come once a week. So my mechanic came to work on my project car I went to meet him. I come in the house my wife suggested that the yard guys control her mouth. Its about 10 men and My wife have some huge lips I said ok. So we went outside to chat with them and when my wife wants her mouth controlled she interrupt you and says random things really loud. We talking with the men and she’s interrupting them shouting out random things when they try to talk. After about 15 minutes she go in the house given me enough time to tell them about our fetish. I told the guys about our fetish and they agreed to it. The men said they need to wash their hands first I said you guys don’t have to and they work with no gloves on. She likes dirty hands controlling her lips. She comes out the house and looking at one of the guys mixing the dirt with his huge bare hands and stands beside him. I asked him about his family and as soon as he got the first word out my wife shouted out pro poker player and before she could say something else his hand can out the dirt and slaps it across my wife’s mouth. His hand stayed over her mouth for about 2 minutes and she was trying to talk and I know my wife’s huge lips felt good on his dirty palm. And my wife was kissing his hand.He moved his hand and my wife called him a bitch. So he took some of the dirt and and slapped across my wife’s lips rubbing it in for 20 seconds. And when he moved his hand she grabbed my closer to her and gave me a tongue kiss cause the dirt and his fingers had her mouth dry. The other guys looked shocked. My mechanic comes back and he tells me what parts I need so she shouted and he handgagged her. His hands was full of oil grim. He moved his hand and her lips where dirty. So I grabbed her and kissed her. After that we sat in the yard my wife sitting on my legs facing me like she riding me. And the guys were there and they started taking turns controlling her mouth. Every time she tries to kiss me they put their dirty fingers on her lips and she kissing their fingers sometimes they stick a finger in. So they kept taking turns playing with her mouth. One of them was getting really hot so he took his hand put it in his pants rubbing his balls and pre cum dick and rubbed it over my wife’s lips and I seen the balls dirt and pre cum on her lips I kissed her for 5 minutes the guys left and we had fun.

I'm Alvin and I have a fantasy for having a wife that likes several strange men controlling her mouth.

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