Gods Gift to Women

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Gods Gift to Women

Charlie Stanworth thought he was Gods gift to women; his conceit knew no bounds and he strutted around like a proud peacock.
Charlie was handsome and well formed, he dressed well and had a winning smile but he was not exceptional,there were many good looking young men around that could match or exceed his looks.

He was only twenty, but it was not the foolishness of youth that made him so annoying- no- it was his self-centred egotism which was at its worst regarding the opposite sex.

Now Charlie worked for a large engineering manufacturing company. The assembly work was done by women who worked on the shop floor on a shift basis. The women formed a very close knit crew, all looked after each others interests, and they were close friends outside of work often meeting for a drinks and meals out. So when Charlie began to try it on with them they resented it not so much because he was cheeky, it was his utter conciet and disregard for anyones feelings but his own.

The final crunch came when he began touching up Elle Martin who had only been at the job for two months and was a rather shy nervous eighteen year old. One of Elles outstanding features were her large, well formed, shapley breasts and although she did not flaunt them, men could not help but notice them. Charlie in all his brash boastfulness came up behind Elle and cupped her breasts.

“Nice pair you have there young lady you should show them off more,” Elle pushed him away and ran to Mary almost in tears, but Charlie just smiled to himself, silly little girl he thought.

Now that charlie worked on this side of the factory he began to harrass all the girls on the floor, such incidents became commonplace,the floor girls were angry and planned to do something about it.

The most outspoken was Sue she was a middle aged married woman who was a mother figure to the others and a sort of shop steward to them all.

“He’s a puffed up snotty nosed pervert and needs a good lesson,” said Sue.

“Shall we complain to personel” said Mandy.

“No a complete waste of time I suggest we give Mr big boots the Knicker treatment,” and Sue broke into a raucous cackle.

At this suggestion all the women began to giggle but the idea appealled to them all except poor Elle who was nervous of the consequences.

“Ok girls then let it be tommorrow lunchtime in the ladies toilet is everyone agreed?”said Sue.

“Jean will you be the bait? your the best for that part.”

Now Jean was a single girl in her mid twenties and she was a cracker when it came to looks, she had plenty of spunk and could handle men with her eyes closed.

“I’ll get him in there at lunchtime but make sure your all waiting I don’t want his dirty hands on me,” she tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled at the others.

Charlie was convinced he’d scored and he could not wait to meet Jean at lunchtime. His loins leapt when he saw her in a chest hugging top with plenty of clevage and a short red skirt with high heeled shoes to match. She lead him towards the ladies and then said pulling his hand, “Come in for a quick feel come on its quite safe.”

The instant he stepped through the door the noose was over his head and his arms were pinioned, his ankles were quickly strapped,and he was helpless.

“Whats going on,” he yelled.

At that instant he received a sharp slap from Sue, ” Shut your mouth son or you will get hurt the girls think its time we had a friendly little chat.”

Charlie looked around to see six women staring at him, his stomach turned over and he was a bit scared as to what might happen.

“Now your problem is you think you are Gods gift to women and you have no respect, well let me tell you now us girls stick together in this factory and we know just how to treat the likes of you.”

Sue stood with her arms folded looking striaght into Charlies eyes. “Ok girls lay him down.”

They laid him on the floor and several sat on him to keep him still, Charlie was totally helpless and he knew it was no use struggling.

“Please girls I meant no harm I’m sorry if I offended you Elle I just got carried away it won’t happen again I promise.”

“Right knickers off girls lets humiliate Gods gift,” and while he was held down each woman in turn rubbed their dirty knickers in his face, in vain did Charlie twist and turn he had no choice but to take the humiliating punishment. Each of the women then sat on his face in turn grinding the pile of knickers into his nose and mouth.

After about ten minutes of this treatment he was allowed to breath and Sue stared down at his dishevelled face mocking him, “Now its my turn and Ive been wearing these knickers all week,”a big giggle went up and the girls were beginning to enjoy this as groups will once they get a victim.

Sue was not a small lady and she lifted her skirt and removed her extra large knickers,the biggest Charlie had ever seen, she held the white cotton knickers up, “Poo she said I can smell them from here,”and another big giggle went up.

“Serves him right for being an arsehole,” and she folded the huge knickers into a pad which she spread on charlies face, when this was done she sat her self down on his face,” There” she said truimphantly “a nice arse for an arsehole,” and they all roared with laughter.

After about 40 minutes of taunting and horse play they released poor Charlie who was badly shaken. He was not injured but his ego was sadly dented, he had been taught a lesson that he would never forget.

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