Indescretion (interim)

Danyael remained on his knees. Spent and humiliated, eyes to the floor, I watched him.

Master Pyriel left hours ago..First light wouldn’t be far off now. Danyael hadnt moved except when he wept.
I stayed there kneeling with him for awhile. I couldnt stay down. I was so angry, so furious with Master Pyriel that I just couldnt sit still. I paced the chamber, clenching my fists and fuming. Waiting for His return. This was the first time in all our captivity that I’d been more angry than frightened. I felt the power coursing through my dead veins. The angrier I got, the stronger I felt.
It seemed that something was awakening within me, some dark and malicious thing I couldn’t keep a hold on.
Danyael finally raised his eyes to me just before sunrise. “Thank you Zarah” he whispered. “Thank you for not defying him and making me watch as he did the same to you”
He rose and walked the length of the room to our pallets in the corner. My poor Danyael seemed broken. In body and spirit, he seemed empty.
Danyael smoothed out his side of the bedroll and curled up, facing the wall, and he slept.

The next evening, at moonrise, Master Pyriel returned to us. We had gone back to our expected positions, kneeling, eyes lowered, hands behind our backs, the instant we woke.
Pyriel stood brooding, observant before us. “How long did you follow my orders? My wicked defiant children.. How long??” he almost spat the words at us.
We had learned from past experience that silence was always the best answer in these confrontations with Master.
Neither of us moved or uttered a sound. We were rewarded with sudden backhanded slaps to the face, the Master moving so quickly we didnt even have time to look away.
He knew we had moved, he had to know, he’d been gone the day. Master Pyriel knew we weren’t able to remain kneeling during the hours of light, it was impossible for vampyres as weak as us..He did it just for a reason to punish us. He takes such pleasure from our pain.
Fear began to overcome my rage and I felt the new powerful sensation begin to fade. Danyael and I rose back to our knees from where we had landed on the cold stone floor, waiting for whatever was to come.
Knowing that Master Pyriel would punish me by torturing Danyael, the last of my anger was replaced with terror, self loathing, and emptiness.
“Come to me my useless pets.” Purred Master Pyriel.
We did as instructed, rising and walking toward him in unison.
His hand darted out faster than a spear, and he clutched Danyael by the cock, Pyriel’s grip obviously iron solid.. He almost fell to his knees in shock and pain, but remained on his feet, the last of his pride beginning to slip away.
He looked pointedly at me as he ground his stony fingers into Danyael’s most sensitive shaft.”Why do you make me do these things to you Zarah?….. I know YOU are the reason Danyael gets himself into trouble. YOU are the temptress. He is just a weak infant vampyre lost in lust” Master Pyriel growled at me.
His hand tightened with each reference to me, making Danyael cringe and bite his lip. I watched helpless and terrified of what Master Pyriel may do to Danyael to hurt me.
The anger began to slowly grow within me again. I watched, becoming tense, as Danyael began to sway on his feet. Even as Pyriel’s grip loosened, Danyael fell to the ground, unconscious.
Master Pyriel was staring at me strangely, gazing at me like he didnt know who I was.
“Gods……you have the power don’t you?? How long have you known?” he asked of me incredulously.
I felt the strong tingle coursing through me again. I was overwhelmed with confusion, anger, fear, all at once, and now to be questioned like this.. I was at a loss for words..
Master had asked me a direct question which I had no answer for…. “I don’t know what you mean Master Pyriel” I said. “Please forgive my ignorance” I cast my eyes downward and waited for the blow I knew to be on it’s way, but it never came.
As my anxiety grew, my worry for Danyael and my outrage at Pyriel for what he’d done, so many times, I felt stronger.
With the memory of each brutal act, each insult, each wrong done to us by our Master, I felt it deeper within me. This heat, burning wonderfully and tingling from the center of my chest all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes..

I watched Pyriel’s face slacken and his hands fall to his sides in awe. And still, I was confused as to what was going on..

“You….your anger. Your wrath seeps power from those around you Zarah. I’d suspected it, but never knew for sure..You are growing indeed my pet” he said.
Danyael still lay on the floor at our feet, and Pyriel kept his hateful wondering eyes locked onto mine.
“Kneel Zarah” He commanded of me.

“No.” I breathed

“KNEEL!” he repeated, a dangerous edge in his voice….

“I will not.” I said as I felt myself growing stronger yet again.

Master Pyriel took a quick stride and closed the meager distance between us. He grabbed me by the hair at the back of my head and jerked hard, sending me sprawling to the ground before him.
I found my feet and met his dark eyes with my own. My hate and rage took over, pushing out the fear altogether, as I stood face to face with my master, and spat into his face.

His eyes widened, bewildered, and he actually took a step back.
“Learn your place cunt, or you will not see another moonrise!” He snarled..
I could see that he was no longer as strong and composed as he usually was, I saw a hint of fear in his eyes even as he threatened me..

The new strength inside me made me nervous, I didn’t know how to use it, and wasnt even really sure what it was..But It scared the Master. That counted for something.

“Wake Danyael.” I said to him. “Wake him and punish ME for my acts. Not him”

“Stupid whore. I cannot wake him” Pyriel replied. “You are the reason he’s lost in sleep. Your fury drained his power, his will and his strength. He will not wake until you are calmed”

I was beginning to understand now. I was torn. If I tried to calm myself and obey Master Pyriel, Danyael would wake, regain his strength, but I would lose my newfound power. I wanted so badly to hurt Pyriel, to do to him the unmentionable things he had inflicted upon us. But I wanted more to see Danyael’s eyes open.

I knelt slowly, resigned to my position of subservience. I breathed deeply, accepting what was to come. After a few minutes, the Master towering over me, Danyael to my side, he began to stir. He woke slowly and rose to his knees beside me.

The punishment lasted through the entire night. I will not describe the horrors done to us, the things he did to Danyael in my punishment. We bore the weight of our pain and humiliation, and then we slept.

Weeks passed, Master Pyriel coming nightly to “train” us and keep us weak and numb. I toyed with my new power each moment he was gone, testing it’s limits, learning what I was capable of. Each time I did it, Danyael became weak and fell into a stupor, but I had to practice. He was better off in a daze than wandering the chamber in pain anyway.

I learned that I could, in anger, levitate as the Master does, I could crush rock and wood when I tried, and I could move things with a thought.
The weeks turned into months as I trained myself in the use of my abilities, hiding it all the while from Pyriel. Waiting for the day that I might surprise him and put an end to his torture of Danyael for any perceived indiscretion of mine.
In our hours alone, Danyael and I held each other, we drank from each other and comforted one another as we waited for the torments of the next night to begin.

“Soon Danyael” I whispered into his ear.
I lay behind him, on his side, chewing his long beautiful hair as he was prone to do when he was worried.
I caressed his hair and his strong arms as he trembled. “Soon we wil
l leave him. We will begin to live again”

I effortlessly floated up to the high window in our chamber and sat on it’s ledge just wh
en the moon began to rise. Knowing the Master would come soon. I breathed in the cool night air and looked down at my beautiful Danyael, broken and empty as he had been for months. I let the fury, the rage and hate seep into my blood, into my dead beating heart, and I waited for Pyriel.

**There will be more to come, any suggestions or comments would be welcome! (I promise more action in part 3 ;)

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