Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 10

Morning came all too soon. Daly and Mark woke up together, smiles lighting their faces. Daly had tried valiantly to get Mark’s gigantic 13-inch cock into her pussy, to no avail. Still, it was a memorable night for the both of them.

Out in the living room, Sam and Alex also awoke. They snuggled next to each other in the sleeping bag, looking at each other and not talking. Tommy and Yolanda were still asleep.

Sounds from the kitchen caught Sam’s attention, and the smell of fresh roasted coffee filled the house. Alex’s stomach rumbled a bit, causing her to chuckle softly.

“I think it is time to attend to our other needs, Sam my love,” she said to him.

“Indeed!” he said to her. “I really need to get something me. We didn’t eat that much last night.”

“Not with that quick trip down here,” Alex said.

Daly and Mark came out of Jennifer’s room and came into the living room. Daly was wearing Mark’s shirt, and Mark was wearing his pants.

“I smell coffe,” she said to Sam and Alex.

“Same here,” he said.

“Did I hear coffee?” Tommy said, propping himself up on his elbow.

“UUNNGGHH!” came a groan from within Tommy’s sleeping bag.

“Sounds like Yolanda’s awake,” Alex said.

Tommy pushed back the edge of the sleeping bag. Yolanda had her eyes closed, and her hand was on her forehead.

“Wake, my darling slave,” Tommy said to her.

Yolanda opened her eyes and looked at her master. She smiled, then grimaced as she moved her legs. She moaned again.

“Oh, what did I do to me, master?” she said.

Daly and Mark chuckled a bit.

“I think you got the nailing of your life last night, Yolanda,” Sam said.

“You were really going at it, that’s for sure!” Daly quipped.

Yolanda lifted her head and looked at Mark, who was smiling. She closed her eyes, and lay down again, moaning.

“So big, so big,” she mumbled.

Everyone chuckled.

Alex got up. “I need to go,” she said to Sam. She headed to the bathroom.

“I’m next!” Daly called after her, following.

Angela came out of the door to the kitchen, carrying a carafe of coffe and a jug of orange juice. She was dressed in tank top and shorts, and looked to have already cleaned up.

“Coffee’s on!” she said to the people in the living room.

Sam put on his shorts and headed to the table. Mark followed. Tommy got out of his sleeping bag, then tucked it around Yolanda.

You stay here a bit, Yo,” he said to her. “I’ll get something for you.”

“I appreciate, Master,” she said back.

Tommy found his pants and put them on. Just then, Jennifer and Sherry came out of the kitchen, carrying a small tub, a couple of towels, cream, and bandages. They headed directly towards Tommy.

“Morning!” Sherry said to Tommy as they approached. “We brought this stuff out to tend to Yolanda.”

“We’ll take care of her,” Jennifer said to him. “We’ve done this before. Go and get some coffee. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.”

Tommy looked gratefully at them. “Thanks,” he said. He then headed to the table.

Angela had already poured Tommy’s coffe for him, and handed it to him as he arrived at the table.

“Thank you,” he said, taking the coffee cup.

“You’re welcome,” Angela said to him. “Now, sit down while I get breakfast.”

Tommy sat down, across from Sam and Mark, and slowly sipped hiscoffee. It was excellent.

“You look like hell,” Sam said to him.

“Well, I was up most of the night, calming Yolanda down,” Tommy said. “She really outdid herself last night.”

“I hope I didn’t hurt her,” Mark said.

“I don’t think so,” Tommy said. “She usually knows when to quit. I think she just underestimated you, and was too far gone to stop. Not your fault.”

Mark looked relieved.

“You nmust have been extremely popular in high school with that monster, Mark,” Sam quipped jovially.

“Not really,” Mark said. “For most of the girls, it was just too big. They thought, though, that having a dick this big automatically made me a Don Juan, or something. They told their friends, and all of a sudden I had this queue waiting to get this thing into them. It was fun for a while, but then it got old, and sometimes a little frightening as I saw their faces. They would literally tear themselves up to say they took the whole thing in, and then they would avoid me.”

“That’s stupid,” Tommy said.

“That isn’t the half of it,” Mark continued. “A couple of times this thing ripped a girls pussy, and they had to go to the hospital. Thankfully, they were 18, and I had just turned 18, and a senior. After that, no one wanted to touch me.”

“Hmmm,” Sam murmured.

“Then my uncle got this crazy idea. He’s in the porno industry, and he decided to get me an interview with this pervert producer. He goggled at me, and told me he could make me a star. Well, I needed the money to get to college, since my parents couldn’t afford it, so I decided to go along for a while. I made two movies. After that, I was called Mark Longdong, the Giant Killer. You know, the pros in porno also had the same facination with my dick as the others had, and it got old real quick. I left. You, know, that producer sued me for breach of contract? I won, of course, due to a no-fault quit clause, but it showed me how venial that industry was. Now I have these two movies with me in it, and they can ruin my chances for other things down the line. I’m ashamed of them. Now I wish I never did them.”

Sam and Tommy looked at Mark with a perverse facination. They had never met a true porn star before.

All of a sudden, a scream of “OH, YES!” emanated from the bathroom, startling everyone. Mark started to get up to investigate, but Sam put a hand on his shoulders and had him sit back down.

“It sounds like our women found each other,” Sam said to him.

Angela came out of the kitchen, a pot in her hands. “What was that?” she asked.

“Daly and Alexandra,” Tommy said simply.

Angela set the pot on the table, looked at Tommy, then smiled. “Uh huh,” she said.

“OW!” Yolanda said from the other side of the room. “Watch it, Sherry! That tender!”

Everyone at the table looked over. Yolanda was sitting on a towel on the couch, spread eagle, while Jennifer and Sherry were tending to her bruises. Sherry pulled the washcloth from her pussy after that outburst.

“Sorry about that,” Sherry said. “but some of this is gonna hurt. You’re really bruised. It’s gonna be a couple of days before you can have sex again. You’re bruised inside and out.”

“Oh, poo,” Yolanda said. “I can still fuck my Master anytime.”

“True,” Jennifer said, “but your master is built perfectly for you. You took on a flagpole last night, and, sorry to say Yolanda, you’re only built for fenceposts.”

The room erupted in laughter at Jennifer’s assessment.

“Oh, ha ha!” Yolanda said to Jennifer ironically.

Jennifer and Sherry laughed at this. The men laughed harder.

Another lustful scream emanated from the bathroom.

“Sounds like Alexandra came!” Sam said, mirth still in his eyes.

“That’s Daly for ya,” Mark said in a deadpan voice. That started another round of laughter at the table.

Angela went back to the kitchen, still chuckling. Over at the couch, Sherry was helping Yolanda put on her panties that she had padded, while Jennifer helped her on with her bra.

In due time Yolanda was dressed, and her hair washed and combed. She gingerly got up and went to the table. Jennifer and Sherry took the used towels and tub and headed to the bathroom.

“I’ll tell the two lovebirds to hurry up,” Jennifer called to the table as she passed them.

Angela returned to the ta
ble with a tray of freshly baked biscuits. Mark decided to help. He went to the hutch and pulled out dishes and silverware for all of them.

A thought struck Tommy. “Hey! Where’s Eric, Jason, and Jerry?” he asked Angela.

Angela looked at the clock. It was 8:30
am. “They went to the store for us about an hour ago,” she said. “I figure they’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Jennifer, Sherry, Daly, and Alexandra came into the dining room at that moment. Daly had a sly smile on her face, and Alexandra had a satisfied grin.

“These two were fixing their hair up when we got in there,” Sherry said. “We asked what happened, but they shut up and giggled!”

“Sherry’s just miffed because she wasn’t invited,” Jennifer said goodnaturedly. Sherry punched her in the shoulder.

The men laughed.

Angela was helping Mark set the table during this. “Sit down, ladies,” she said to them. “Breakfast is ready. Biscuits and gravy!”

Any jovial sniping was put aside as eight stomachs rumbled, signalling hunger. Everyone dug in and filled their plates.

The group was halfway through their meal when the front door opened and Eric came in, holding a bag.

“Hi, everyone!” he said. “The others are getting the rest of the stuff. Oh, we also have a couple of surprises for you!”

“Ooh, I like surprises!” Angela said. “What is it?”

“Oh, not yet, lover!” Eric said, passing the table. “Later!”

Jason and Jerry came in, laden with bags.

“Morning, everyone!” Jason said.

“Morning, lover,” Jennifer said.

“Sherry, give me a hand, please?” Jerry asked.

“Sure thing!” Sherry said, getting up.

Jerry gave Sherry two bags. They carried them to the kitchen. Jason followed with his load. The people at the table heard the sounds of bags being unloaded, and cupboards and the fridge opening and closing. Soon, the kitchen people joined the rest at the table.

For the next half hour, the 12 of them talked and ate. Plans were made for the day. Everyone asked after Yolanda, which embarrassed her.

“So, when are you and Yolanda leaving for Thanksgiving?” Eric asked Tommy.

“The day after tomorrow,” Tommy said. “That will give us three days to prepare, which is enough time for us, considering how my mother cooks.”

“Fine. How about you, Sam?”

“The same, if that’s all right with you,” he said. “Alex and I made plans to spend it alone together.”

“That’s fine,” Eric said.

“We’ll leave tomorrow night,” Daly said. “Mark wants me to come to his home for the holiday. I didn’t have any other plans, so what the hell.”

“All right,” Eric said. “Jerry, are you staying here for Thanksgiving?”

Jerry looked over to Sherry, who nodded. “It looks like I am,” he said.

Eric nodded. “That looks like eight for Thanksgiving, Angela,” he said to her.

“Eight?” Jennifer asked.

“My parents are coming up from Florida, Jennifer,” Angela said.

“So,” Eric said, “Let’s clean up this mess and get going on this gorgeous Saturday!”

Everyone pitched in to clean up the mess in the dining room and the living room. Daly and Alexandra then went and cleaned up the bathroom so Tommy, Mark, and Sam could clean up. Soon, everyone was ready to go.

The group spent the day in town, shopping and having fun. Daly even opened her store up to them to get some CD’s for themselves. Angela and Jason gave them a tour of their health spa and gave them all complimentary memberships to it.

It was around 4:30 pm when they got to the street fair in town. Jennifer and Daly had been to this a couple of times before, so they showed the others around. There was food galore, as well as numerous booths sporting all sorts of wares. At this point, the women wanted to shop the booths, and the men wanted to try the beer tent. They parted, heading in separate directions.

The men sampled a few of the beers available; comparing them like wine tasters compared wines. They laughed and joked around, having a ball.

All of a sudden, there was a scream from the booth area. Eric recognized it immediately.

“That was Angela!” he yelled. He dropped his beer and bolted. The other men followed.

The crowd was thick. Eric and Jason pushed through to the center. When he got there he saw Alexandra and Sherry on the ground, holding their head. Angela, Yolanda and Daly were around them. there was no sign of Jennifer.

Jason caught up and saw the same thing. “Where’s Jennifer?” he asked wildly.

“A man came up and knocked Alex and Sherry on the head,” Daly said. He pushed Yolanda and Angela away from Jennifer and took her!”

“It was Alan!” Angela cried.

The mood of the men changed instantly. Eric and Jason looked murderous. Tommy looked grim. Sam and Mark looked shocked. Jerry’s face showed an unsettling calm.

“Who’s Alan?” Sam asked.

“Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend,” Jason said through gritted teeth.

“I threw him out of my house once for almost hurting her,” Eric said grimly. “Looks like he wanted revenge.”

“I’ll kill him when I find him,” Jason said quietly.

“They went that way!” a man yelled from the crowd, pointing between the booths they were near.

Jason bolted in the direction that the man pointed. He barely got between the booths when he heard a pair of tire squeal down the street. He took off after the car he saw pull out, but quickly stopped when the car turned a corner and squealed out of sight.

Jason walked back to the group. He saw Mark on his cell phone, finishing a call.

“That’s right. His name is Alan…” he looked at Eric.

“Parks,” Eric spat.

“…Parks,” Mark said. “Alan Parks. Get your guys out and find her!” He closed his cell phone.

“Have the police been called?” Jason said.

“They’ll be here in a minute,” Mark said. “Someone called them before we got here.”

“Then who were you talking to?” Jason asked.

“My bodyguard. He has a private investigation firm.”

“Your what?!”

“His security person, Jason,” Angela said, coming up to him. “Mark is more influential than any of us knew.”

“What do you mean?” Jason said, looking wildly at her.

“It means that Mark is the heir to his father’s nanotechnology firm,” Jerry said, knowing Mark best. “They have numerous government contracts, and Mark had helped in the creation of new technology. He is rich on his own, and stands to inherit the rest when his father passes. He has access to resources we can only dream of.”

Daly looked at Mark incredulously. Gone was the submissive man she so enjoyed last night, and saw a fiercely determined man in its place.

“It’s true,” Mark said. “My full name is Mark Van Pellte.”

Shock showed on everyone’s face that was within earshot. Van Pellte Technologies was a very large and highly respected industry in the state. Everyone knew of it.

Jerry got on his cell phone snd started talking to someone in swift Japanese. He then hung up and put on his impassive face again.

The police arrived. They took the complaint, and gathered statements. They seemed to go about their business with the normal efficiency until Mark made himself known to them. the sergeant registered him, and swiftly issued orders to make the case a high priority one. Mark then turned away from him and smiled grimly.

“The police will now work on this case with alarcity,” he said to his new group.

Jason and Eric still looked murderous. Tommy and Jerry grouped the women away from them while Mark conferred with Jason. Eric listened in.

“Who’d you call?” Tommy asked his friend.

“My shidoshi,” Jerry said back.

“What can he do?”

“You would be surprised.” He then looked at Tommy with a look that said not to ask any more questions.

Eric and Jason came back to the rest of the group, looking a little better. Mark returned to the police sergeant and conferred with him again.

“I don’t know what else we can do,” Eric said. “I mean, the police will search, Mark’s people
will get us information in a couple of hours, and we were told to go home.”

“I can’t just go home!” Jason said. “I need to do something!”

“I have an idea, Jason,” Daly piped in. Jason looked at her.


“Well I need to make a call, but not from here.
Come on everyone. Let’s go to my store.”

Curious, the group followed Daly down the street. Jason looked back at the site of the kidnapping, swearing to himself that he would kill Alan once he got his hands on her.


Alan made good on his personal threat and kidnapped Jennifer. Where did he take her? What is he planning? How were the police and the investigators going to find them? And what is the plan that Daly has to find Jennifer? Find out in the next explosive and erotic chapter of Jennifer’s World: The College Years!

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