Jennifer's Wrold: The College Years Ch 11

Author’s note: I want to apologize in advance. I realize that torture is not a favorite subject for many of you, nor of mine, and I want to assure my readers that it is not part of my nature. I allude to it here, but never culminate it. This is fiction and is a part of an ongoing storyline. This chapter, the previous one, and the next one is to help wrap up a loose end from the previous series, “Adventures in Jennifer’s World”, Chapter 4. If you haven’t read that one yet, I suggest you read it for continuity.


Alan smiled to himself. Everything went smoothly, just as he had planned last night. His friends were waiting for him outside of Cetnerville at the old shack on Pineview Ridge Road, a small tunoff 10 miles out and 6 miles into the forest. It had been abandoned for 20 years, and it lay on the edge of his friend’s property. Not many knew of it anymore, and those that did would not talk. Alan made sure of that.

Jennifer squirmed in the back seat. Alan had efficiently tied and gagged her. She was helpless. She couldn’t see, but it felt like her ankles were taped together. Alan heard her moving.

“Don’t worry, my little slave,” Alan said over his shoulder. “You will soon be reunited with your master, alone and uninterrupted.”

“Mmmmph!” Jennifer grunted angrily through her gag.

“Ooh, that will get you ten more lashes, slave!” Alan said severely. “You see, I met some very…helpful people who showed me things that I didn’t know how to do, and I will be doing them to you, one at a time. Oh, you have been such a willful slave these past months. You must be taught a lesson. Don’t worry. You will get them!”

Alan kept driving through the late afternoon.


Daly let the doors of her store fly open as she headed to the office. The rest of the group filed in and followed. Jason was the first to reach the office after Daly as she picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello, Bill?” she said as the other party answered. “This is Daly. You know how you wanted to get your hands on me? Well, here’s your chance. How fast can you get to my store?” A pause. “OK, see you in ten.” She then hung up.

“Who’s Bill?” Jason asked.

“Bill is one of the most depraved S.O.B.’s in the B&D game around here,” Daly explained. “Gets into racks and whips, tight tying and cages. Stuff like that. I don’t think he’s had straight sex at all in his life. A real pervert, that one. He started cruising me about a month after I broke up with my former boyfriend.”

“I know of him,” Tommy piped in. “He’s a really nasty one in the game. He tried to get into the group I was with a few years back. We threw him out. He likes inflicting pain. Even the S&M groups shy away from him.”

Everyone looked at him.

“Well, I told you I was into this stuff before,” he said a little uncomfortably.

Eric was the first to recover. “What you did in your past is unimportant. It’s what you do now that counts,” he said to him. Tommy looked gratefully at him.

“OK, listen,” Daly piped in, “Everybody get into the storeroom. Jerry, get behind the office door. I will need you to subdue him.”

Now everyone looked at Daly.

“Look, I figure that this asshole may give you some information. I mean, you all get into some B&D. I figured that Alan was part of this once…”

“He was,” Eric said grimly.

“…And if that is true,” Daly continued, “then he might have gotten into one of these groups or some faction of it. Now Bill knows of all those groups, and if Alan were a part of any of them, Bill would know which one, and where he may be.”

Jason took this in, then nodded. He herded Angela, Yolanda, Alexandra, and Sherry into the storeroom. He then returned to the office.

“I’ll stay with Jerry,” he said.

“No you won’t!” Daly exclaimed. “You are in no state to subdue him. You might kill him!”

“She’s right, my friend,” Eric said to Jason. “Jerry is quite capable to do this on his own. We’ll question him AFTER he is subdued.”

Jason glared at Eric, but gave in to his logic. He nodded.

Tommy, Mark, and Sam went into the storeroom. Jason and Eric followed. At the door, Jason turned and addressed Jerry.

“You will be able to handle him, right?” Jason asked.

For an answer, Jerry tightened his fists until the knuckles cracked, and nodded. Jason grunted and went into the storeroom, pulling the door shut behind him.

“You know what to do?” Daly asked Jerry.

“Yes,” he said simply, then got behind the office door.

“Good. I’ll lead him in here, and then you do… what you do.”

“Do not worry. You be careful.”

“God, I hope he’s good, ” Daly thought to herself.

In a few moments, the front door opened. Daly went out into the store. She hit an intercom button on the pole near her so the people in the storeroom could hear what went on.

When she got into a position to see the front door, she stopped dead in her tracks. She saw not one, but three, men. She recognized the front gorilla as Bill. She did not know the other two.

“Bill!” she called. “Who’re your friends?”

“Oh, they’re friends of mine,” Bill said smoothly. “I figured since we are gonna party to share the joy.”

“Oh boy,” Daly said to herself. “Well, that’s fine!” She said in her most silky voice. “Why don’t you boys come on back? I got all the things we need…”

“No need,” Bill said, brandishing a whip from behind his back. The man to his left showed a full set of body manacles, and the man to his right showed a set of coarsely braided ropes and a black mahogany paddle. “We Brought our own. And what is wrong with out here? We need room, you know, to…play. These pillars seem strong enough.”

“Oh, no! Jerry, save me!” Daly thought to herself.

Daly started walking towards Bill, and stopped between the first set of pillars, about ten feet from the office door.

“These are the strongest in the building, Bill,” she called to them.

Bill grunted happily and moved forward, unfurling his whip. Daly looked closer at the whip, and quailed inwardly. It was coarsely braided, meant to give maximum pain while tearing up the skin.

Bill and the other two men reached Daly. “Strip her and string her up,” Bill told the other men. “Her first beating is mine, then you can have your turn.”

Daly turned white.

The two men put down their implements and grabbed Daly. She screamed.

“That’s it, you bitch,” Bill snarled, “scream. No one is gonna hear you. I’m gonna tear you up. You’ve been stringing me on for almost six months now. You’re gonna pay for that!”

The two men efficiently got Daly’s clothes off, and were in the process of tying her between the posts.

“I think 50 lashes should do for a start,” Bill mused, “then 50 lashes between the legs. Let’s see how well your tight little cunt stands up to my lash.” He shook the whip, preparing for the first strike.

“May I join in?” said a voice from behind Daly.

Daly looked over her shoulder. It was Tommy!

Bill looked at him quizzically. “Don’t I know you?” he asked.

“You should,” Tommy said smoothly. “I was part of the Allenville group you tried to join a few years ago.”

“Yes, now I know you. You were that child prodigy of Jim’s. Nice to see you trained up nicely. Now what are you doing here?”

“This is my slave, Bill. Just got her a month ago. Haven’t beat her yet, but she really needs it.” He walked up to Daly and cruelly grabbed her right tit. “Are you good with that thing.


“Good. Back up a bit and snap the tip here right on the nipple. That is where she is tenderest. You’ll get a good scream out of her from that.”

Bill thought about it. “Hmm, good idea,” he said. He backed up three spaces.

“Now don’t hit me,” Tommy cautioned. “I will hold her tit so she can’t move. That way you can hit your target.” He smiled cruelly.

Bill grunted and happily rai
sed the whip for the strike. As he brought it forward, his right wrist was grabbed by a viselike grip.

“I think not,” Jerry said from behind Bill.

Tommy let go of Daly. Daly look at Jerry surprised. So did the other men.

Tommy produced a knife and cut Daly’s bonds. One of the men heard it and turned. He was going to say something to Tommy, but saw two other men behind him. He tapped his friend on the shoulder. He turned, then turned white.

Jason and Eric charged.


Alan turned off the main road onto a private drive.

“”Just a few more miles, sweet Jennifer,” he said to her.

Jennifer closed her eyes. “Hurry, Jason!” She thought to herself.


“Sorry about that,” Tommy said to Daly. “I needed to give Jerry time to get into position.”

“Forgiven,” Daly said while adjusting her shirt. “Just don’t grab my tit so hard, OK?”


Tommy surveyed the area. Bill’s two friends were unconcious and tied up. It took a herculean effort to get Jason off one of them. Bill himself sat in a chair, bruised, cradling a broken right arm. Jerry stood next to him, left hand on Bill’s right shoulder.

Jason came up to Bill, pulled a chair over, and sat down. “All right, you piece of shit, we are going to play a little game of 20 questions. You are going to tell me what I need to know.”

“Huh,” Bill grunted. “What makes you think I’ll tell you anything?”

“Well, right now we do have you on possible assault charges.”

“That won’t stick. We were having a little fun. That’s what they’ll hear, you know. We are consenting adults.”

“True, but you are in a place of business, and your victim screamed, which can be interpreted as a ‘no’, and you disregarded it. Now, I think that the boys upstate would just LOVE to see just how bad you are.”

Bill eyed him warily. He knew he had him dead to rights. “What do you want to know?”

“I want you to tell me a little story of a man named Alan Parks, and what his plans are for a lady named Jennifer” Jason said smoothly.

“I don’t know no Al- OOWWW” Bill cried. Jerry had squeezed his injured shoulder.

“Now don’t be like that,” Jason said. “We have it on good authority that you were in contact with him for the past two weeks, at least.”

Behind Jason, Mark smiled grimly. He had called his investigators and found out that Daly’s original thought was dead on: This man had been in contact with Alan for the past fortnight.

Bill was sweating. He knew Alan.

“Ok, so I saw the little prick,” he finally said. “So what?”

Everybody became interested in the conversation.

“Tell me what you…talked about,” Jason said. Jerry gave a small squeeze, making Bill wince, giving him the incentive to be truthful.

“He wanted to learn whipping techniques, tying techniques, my most cherished disciplinary techniques, stuff like that.”

“Is that all?” Another squeeze.

“No,” Bill said through gritted teeth. “He told me about a slave he was going to get. That’s why he wanted to learn some stuff to, you know, keep her in line. I taught him. He was really interested. He said he scouted for the best, you know.”

Jason leaned forward. “And did he tell you where he was going to do this with his slave?”

“No, he didn’t.”

Jerry squeezed.

“I’m telling the truth!” Bill said painfully. “He didn’t tell me! Maybe his friend would know! He used to come to my place with Alan!”

“What’s his name?” Jason asked, interested.

“Umm…Pat. Yeah. Pat Lake. He lives up on Pineview Ridge! Now let me go!”

Jason looked at Jerry and nodded. Jerry squeezed his shoulder and stood him up. Jason moved away to let Daly in.

“Not until I tell him what I think of him and his ilk!” Daly said. With Jerry holding him, she took three steps back, like a football placekicker, ran forward, and kicked him in the balls as hard as she could!

Bill doubled over from the intense pain in his crotch. He let out a noisless scream and crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

“Serves him right!” Angela said severely.

“What now?” Sam asked.

“Let’s get this shit out of my store,” Daly said.

“Out back door,” Yolanda said.

Jerry nodded and grabbed Bill. Tommy and Eric grabbed one of the other men, and Sam and Jason grabbed the other. Mark walked in front and opened the doors.

Angela and Yolanda took a bandana apiece and tied their hair back. Sherry and Alexandra braided each other’s hair into a tight ponytail. Daly tied her hair back with a scrunchie. The girls then went to their purchases and changed into the halter and shorts that each had bought on a whim. They helped each other to cinch the halter tight. Then they all took two bandanas each and helped each other tie them on each of their arms.

Jason came back in and stopped short, looking at the women.

“Jesus, you guys look like you’re prepping for war!” he exclaimed

“We are,” Angela said, wiping her makeup off. “This Pat Lake is ours. You men got the information we needed, now we are going to find the exact location from him.”

Eric and Tommy came in, saw the women, and whistled. Sam and Mark did the same.

“Where is Jerry?” Sherry asked.

“He is still in the back, taking care of the trash, making sure they won’t be seen too soon,” Eric said.

A moment later, Jerry came back in, a small smile on his face.

“Do any of you know where Pineview Ridge is?” Eric asked.

“About 10 or 11 miles north of town,” Jason said. “You can only access it by a small turnoff road called Pinview Ridge Road. I know of the Lakes, and they are a decent sort. They should be home today.”

“Let’s go then,” Jason said.

The eleven of them filed out of the store and headed for their cars. Of all six cars, only Jason rode alone, a look of fierce determination on his face.

“I’m coming, Jennifer,” he murmured as he turned on the road heading north out of town.


Alan pulled up to the shack after turning of Pinview Ridge Road three miles back and bumping through the forest. It was dark now, now, and his headlights illuminated the paint-peeling boards of the hovel. As he got out of the car, a man came out of the shack and headed towards him.

“I don’t like this, Alan,” the man said to him. “This is kidnapping! We could go to jail!”

“Shut up, Pat,” Alan snarled. “You’re in it just as deep as I am. If it weren’t for you, I would not have known that she was in town yesterday. It was a good thing they stopped in your gas station.”

“Yeah, but she was with a lot of people! They could be looking for us right now!”

“They don’t know the first place to look, you dope! No one knows we’re here! Now help me get her into the shack.”

Pat shut up. He helped get Jennifer out of the car and carry her in. They deposited her on the bed at the back.

“Tie her hands to the headboard frame, and I’ll tie her legs,” Alan said.

Pat complied. He was uncomfortable with the situation, but resigned himself to doing it. Alan was much stronger than him, and he was in fear of him. Alan had dragged him along when he went to see that toad Bill. He was not into BD/SM, and Bill terrified him. The whips, paddles, chains, cages, racks and braziers made his place look like a dungeon, and that made him uneasy. He swore he could smell charring flesh still in that secret room.

Alan undid Jennifer’s legs. She tried to kick him, but he cruelly pinched her left inner thigh and made her stop. He tied each leg to a bedpost. Once he and Pat were done, he took a carpet knife and cut her clothes off. Jennifer was now naked on the uncomfortable bed.

an stepped back and looked at his handiwork.

“I think now you won’t push me off, sweet Jennifer,” Alan said. “You really hurt me that night. I will return the favor.”

He went to the wall to his left and took down a supple leather strap. Jennifer watched him
in horror. He then came over and laid it across her torso.

“When I come back tonight,” he informed her, “this will be the first thing I will use, you know, to sort of get you in the mood, then…” he pulled the sheet off a long table to Jennifer’s right, “I will use each of these. By the time I finish, you will know who is your master, slave!”

Jennifer looked at the implements on the table in sheer terror. The table contained two iron-spiked dildoes of large size, a cat-o’-nine tails, a heavily braided whip, two scapels, what looked to be a dozen metal toothpicks, and other clamps, spikes, and apparati that she could not identify but looked like they were made to inflict great pain. On the ceiling above she saw a set iron ring and a pair of rough leather manacles.

“I will leave these in your sight,” Alan said cruelly, “so you can dwell on our upcoming encounter. Also See that clock on the wall? It is now 6:10. I will return at midnight, and the fun will start.”

Jennifer closed her eyes, tears squeezing out.

“Let’s go,” Alan said to Pat, “Let’s put in our appearances. I’ll see you back here at 12, OK?”

“Yeah,” Pat said, a little halfheartedly. “I’m going home. Where you going?”

“I’m heading to Flander’s Crossing and get something to eat.”

“All right.”

Alan got a little suspicious. “You’re not wimping out on me are you? Remember the last time you tried?”

Pat went white. “No, no!” he said defensively. “It’s just that I’m hungry, and I have a couple of things to do at home.”

Alan peered closely at his friend, and decided he was telling the truth. “OK,” he said.

Pat felt relieved, but did not let Alan see it. “OK,” he said to Alan, “Remember to take the back road to get back to the main street.”

“I know, Pat. All right, see you at midnight.”

“See you.”

Alan left the shack, whistling a happy tune. Pat took off up the hill as Alan fired up his car and drove to the back of the shack to pick up the back road.


Alan has really flipped! He is going to torture our heroine! Will Jason and company be in time? Find out the conclusion in the next exciting chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

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