Adventures with Tia – Part 4

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Adventures with Tia
Part Four
No More Static

Dad was beyond angry when Bill grabbed me by the arm, becoming furious when he saw me being jerked back by the hair. He moved towards Bill, raising his fist and I closed my eyes, only opening them after hearing a buzz and a thud. Jasmine had used her taser and Bill was lying on the floor. Immediately his brothers and sisters ran to him, all but Nikki, who ran to me.

I grabbed Nikki, pushing her towards mom, asking them both to please go out to the limo, promising we wouldn’t leave until we knew for sure Bill was okay. Nikki shook her head violently, but mom took hold of her, leading her out the door.

Bill lay on the floor shaking as drool bubbled out of his mouth. I noticed a couple of the brothers looking as though they wanted to kick Jasmine’s ass and as more family began filtering into the living room to see what was going on, she held up her taser.

“Bring it on boys, I just put fresh batteries in,” she smiled.

Needless to say, they stayed exactly where they were.

As soon as Bill was able to move again, he began calling me some of the worse names I had ever heard. His family was stunned, to say the least, as they stared at him, not quite sure what to say or do as the profanities escaped his mouth.

“Nikki’s 20 years-old and she can make up her own mind!” I shouted. “She’s never stopped thinking about me, no matter how insistent you’ve all been and I’m sorry if you don’t understand how or why we love each other, but that’s not our problem anymore. If you wanna stay in touch with your sister at all, you know where she’ll be,” I stated before walking out.

Dad and Jasmine weren’t very far behind me. Inside the limo, mom was holding Nikki, stroking her hair as she sobbed.

I thanked mom and dad, promising to call them later. Nikki regained her composure long enough to thank my parents before they returned home and we headed for Minneapolis.

Jasmine decided we needed some ‘alone’ time, riding up front with the driver, not that Nikki spoke on the ride, mostly she cried and slept. When she wasn’t doing either of those things, she would touch my face or hug me. She felt so good in my arms again, but she was so upset that I had a hard time controlling my own tears.

At the house, I had every intention of taking Nikki to the cottage, but Jasmine insisted we use her guestroom. I began arguing with her, which forced her to roll her eyes before insisting again. Upon remembering the cameras throughout the cottage, the arguing stopped as Jasmine led us up to the room. Once we were alone, Nikki sat on the edge of the bed with tears in her eyes as I sat to take her into my arms.

“I’m so sorry about your mom. I know that had to be rough on you,” I sympathized.
“Not as hard as realizing Bill had other things on his mind,” Nikki said, shakily.
“What d’you mean?” I could feel my anger rising. “What other things?”
“I think he wanted me. After mom died, he was always trying to touch me and be alone with me. I was really getting scared Tia,” she cried.
“That son-of-a-bitch,” I rasped. “No wonder he wasn’t going home. He never did anything though, right?”
“No, but I don’t think it was for lack of trying. I’m just glad my niece, Louise was sharing my room with me.”
“Me too, but are you gonna be okay?”
“I am now. I was afraid I might not see you again, or be able to touch you. You’re more beautiful than I remember.”
“You too,” I said, holding her tighter. “What a bastard! I wish I had known this when we were still there, Jasmine could’ve given him a couple more taser-taps.”
“Can we just lie down for a while? Then I wanna go thank Jasmine. I’m glad you found a good friend to keep you from being alone.”
“She’s been a good friend, but you’ll always be my best friend, no matter what,” I stated.
“You’ll always be mine too,” Nikki admitted, kissing me.

Nikki slept while I dozed; mostly I watched her, hardly believing she was finally with me. I had erratic emotions as I kept my vigil over her. I was ecstatic and furious all at the same time. How anyone, especially her brother, could even think about forcing themselves on someone as sweet and seraphic as Nikki was unfathomable to me. What a son-of-a-bitch. She looked angelic as she slept, that it made me smile. My mind ricocheted the entire time we were in that room.

Nikki must have been sleeping with one eye open while she was at home, because it was a full 24 hours later before she finally woke up. When she did begin to stir, all I could do was smile at her. She returned the smile when she saw me, leaning up to kiss me.

“I still can’t believe you’re finally here with me,” I admitted.
“I can’t either. I’ve missed you so much. How long have we been sleeping?”
“I slept for a little while, but you’ve been out for a full day.”
“Really? I guess I didn’t really get much sleep after mom was gone; I just felt too nervous.”
“Understandable. I wish I could’ve been there with you.”
“Me too. It wasn’t so bad once my other brothers and sisters showed up, but the first couple of days were pretty creepy. I took a chair into my room to put against the door. I think he might’ve broken it in if he had known his time was so limited. It really pisses me off that he spent so much time harping at me about how depraved I am, but I don’t think it would’ve bothered him one bit to have raped me.”
“Bastard! Fucking bastard,” I muttered, feeling the anger rising again.
“I just wanna try and forget it now. We’re here and things are gonna be wonderful.”
“Things are definitely gonna be wonderful now.”
“So, have you been with anyone since we’ve been apart?” She asked, leaning against me. “I mean, I’d understand if you had.”
“Have you?”
“No, just kissing and that was just John; I had to picture you to get through that even.”
“I don’t know for sure how to even answer you.”
“Was it a lot of people?” She asked. “I really do understand.”
“I don’t think you do though. I wasn’t really a willing participant, well I was but not with her, I was with you.”
“You don’t have to explain, really, I understand.”
“No, I do need to explain. You need to understand how it all happened. It was Christy.”
“What?!” Nikki shouted, jumping away. “You slept with Christy?”
“No, I was with you, while she was with me,” I said, slow and deliberate.
“That doesn’t even make sense Tia!”
“Come with me and I’ll show you,” I insisted, pulling her off the bed. “I’ve been faithful to you the entire time and I don’t want you thinking that I haven’t been.”

At the top of the steps, after a quick trip to the bathroom, I began shouting for Jasmine; she wasn’t answering me if she was around. On the kitchen table, there was a note, she was in the basement with company, but she had left written instructions for the video equipment upstairs. It simply amazed me how she always stayed a step ahead of me. I pulled Nikki back up the stairs to Jasmine’s bedroom, looking at the instructions while Nikki visibly took in the room.

“So, have you been up here before?”
“Just to watch this tape; baby, I’m telling you, there’s no reason to be jealous. Jasmine and I have never been together and she’s never tried pushing me to do anything. I didn’t mind the walking around naked part, because the house was awesome and she promised she’d never touch me, plus, I guess there’s a little exhibitionist in me. It might be a little off on my part, but wait until you see the cottage. Now help me figure out these damned instructions, would you?”

I was beginning to feel agitated, until she finally pulled the sheet out of my hand, making me move over while she followed the directions. Suddenly Nikki’s eyes were glued to the many monitors showing Christy and I together in bed. I could see her getting angry as she watc
hed Christy with her hands all over my tits and pussy, calling me a slut as she fondled me. Suddenly a string of swear words began spewing fo
rth from her lips. Any sailor would’ve been proud, but I felt slightly worried.

“Wow,” was all I could say.
“Wow what?” Nikki asked, sounding annoyed.
“So are you pissed at me?”
“Well, why in the hell were you sleeping with her, and naked?!”
“I don’t know! She said we always did it when we were younger and I just never thought anything about it.”
“You’re entirely too gullible. I never did like her,” Nikki spouted as she continued watching the monitors.

Nikki had no choice but to soften as she heard me moaning her name through my orgasm.

“You really do seem comfortable without your clothes.”
“I’ve been doing it for two years; I can’t really sleep with clothes on anymore. I mean, I will if you want me to, but I really hate wearing clothes at home,” I explained.
“I could learn to enjoy that quite a bit I think.”
“You’re changing the subject.”
“I don’t think that was me.”
“Maybe we could stay there for a little longer. Bill’s probably afraid of Jasmine now.”
“It’s entirely up to you. I don’t have a problem with staying there.”
“What’re you doing there?”
“Putting your pictures back up.”
“Aahh,” she cooed sweetly.

Nikki was kissing me, realizing she had no reason not to trust me. It took her a few minutes to shut down the equipment, but we were on our way downstairs when Jasmine walked by the bottom of the steps with a dark haired girl who seemed to be leaning against her for support. She was asking the girl if she was sure she was okay to drive, but she insisted she was and it was just her legs that were weak. Nikki and I both froze on the steps, waiting until we heard the door shut after listening to a lengthy kissing session.

“You can come down now,” Jasmine instructed.

We walked out to the table, sitting down, while Jasmine was getting a glass of juice. Soon she was sitting with us.

“How you feeling, sweetie?” Jasmine asked Nikki.
“Better, thank you. I don’t know how I can ever thank you for everything you’ve done.”
“I would say don’t worry about it, but there are actually three things you could do for me and I would consider all debts paid in full,” Jasmine admitted.
“Oh God,” I groaned, dropping my head onto the table.
“She’s such a prude, but you dear, look like a panther that was just let out of her cage. A sexy, sultry panther,” Jasmine purred.
“Hey!” I exclaimed.
“Calm down honey, let the lady speak,” Nikki insisted as I stared at them both.
“I told you I liked her. Are you ready to listen now?” Jasmine asked me.
“Whatever; she’s not gonna do it though.”
“First thing, I don’t want you to leave. I want you both to stay in the cottage.”
“On one condition,” Nikki began. Jerking my head up, I stared at her.
“What’s that?” Jasmine asked.
“I don’t care if you watch us, but I don’t want you listening to us,” Nikki explained.
“Deal, I’ll have the microphones taken out tomorrow,” she agreed. “Next, at some point I want you both to come downstairs and view a play session.”
“You’d never even let me look at the place!” I exclaimed. “Why now?!”
“Because I was waiting for your better half to show up. She looks more willing to experiment than you do,” Jasmine explained.
“What?! Who are you?”
“I need a change.”
“So I changed my religion for absolutely no reason?”
“What?!” They both shouted in unison.
“You heard me! I wanted to ask you to marry me, so I went to all the classes and everything.”
“I think I need a break from the church; I’d love to marry you though,” Nikki agreed, rubbing my cheek as I smiled.
“Ready for the third one?”
“Might as well get it over with,” I pouted.
“Just a second Jasmine,” Nikki said before turning her attention to me. “Why’re you being rude? Jasmine’s done a lot for both of us and you’re sounding pretty ungrateful.”
“And you’re starting to sound like someone I don’t even know.”
“Maybe I wanna be more like the girl on that camping trip. Maybe I wanna do a few things without worrying about what everyone else thinks for a change. Do I need to start worrying about what you’re gonna think of me now too?”
“No,” I answered immediately. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Jasmine, she’s right. I’ll go along with whatever she decides. I’ve always loved the other girl, but the girl on that camping trip was definitely the one I fell head over heels in love with and she’s the one I wanna spend my life with, so whatever you say is fine, I promise,” I smiled as Nikki kissed me.
“What’s the last thing?” Nikki asked.
“I wanna watch when you lose your virginity to each other. I’ll even supply the tool.”
“No way,” I whispered.
“Why d’you wanna watch? I know you must have a good reason,” Nikki stated as I stared at her.
“Mostly because I’ve seen how much Tia loves you and I think I can see how much you love her and I just think that when two people actually choose to give that gift of themselves, it’s probably pretty special. I never had that choice, it was just taken and I just feel so close to you both, I wanna feel even closer.”
“D’you mind if I ask who took yours?” Nikki asked.
“A cousin of mine, but it was a long, long time ago.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell ‘me’ that?” I asked Jasmine. “I’ve known the woman for two years and anytime I’ve ever asked her anything personal, she’s always told me, the time wasn’t right and suddenly she’s spilling her guts to you!”
“She wanted a reason, so the time was right. It’s not like I just told her my life story Tia.”

I raised my hands in the air after having it occur to me that control of my life had just switched hands and I still had no say, not that it really mattered as long as it was Nikki taking control. After two years, she was with me and had no intentions of ever leaving me again, so when Nikki agreed to go along with the third part of the deal, I just smiled.

Jasmine explained that the one place in the cottage that there were no cameras, was the bathroom, so until Nikki was comfortable, that would be the best place to do anything without an audience, unless the curtain was open, that is.

Nikki thought that waiting until we both lost our virginity would be the best time to remove the microphones; she thought dialogue was needed for the full effect. Jasmine hugged and kissed her before I took her home.

I showed Nikki around the cottage once we left Jasmine’s house; she loved it. She began crying when she saw the umpteen pictures of herself that I kept around the place. She thought it was sweet that I kept her with me, even though we couldn’t be together. She explained that the only picture she had of me was the yearbook picture, which she looked at several times a day.

That was when I took the opportunity to grab the ring boxes, going to her on my knees.

“I know that things have been pretty messed up the last couple of years and we haven’t really been together, other than on the phone, but since third grade, you’re all I’ve ever been able to think about. You’ve been my best friend for as long as I can remember and I’d like you to be my best friend, soul mate and partner for the rest of our lives. I want us to have children together and I promise that I’ll try cooperating more with anything you wanna do, just so long as you always wanna do whatever it is with me.”
“I don’t think there was a question in there love.”
“Damn! I knew I was gonna mess it up. I should’ve written it down. Will you marry me?” I managed.
“Yes, yes to everything,” she said, laughing.

I was suddenly shaking as I slid the engagement part of the ring set onto her finger. She was also shaky when she put mine on. We knew we couldn’t be married legally, but any ceremony would do. This was what we had both been waiting for and it was actually right around the corner.

We had just started kissing when Jasmi
ne burst in the front door. She couldn’t believe what she had been able to witness and immediately asked if she could take care of all the arrangements. Nikki laughed a
s she, Jasmine and I had a family hug.

It took Nikki less than 10 minutes to be comfortable with the whole nudity issue. I told her to pull the curtain across the bathroom window if she wanted some privacy, but she decided that since Jasmine was such a big part of us getting back together to begin with, she should definitely be a big part of whatever she wanted to be. This was definitely a new and interesting girl in front of me. Not that she hadn’t always been interesting, but this girl was going to keep me guessing for a while, I was sure of that.

Suddenly I had an overwhelming fear gnawing at the pit of my stomach. We were getting undressed in the spot I had shown her and I was afraid to look at her. I was afraid to touch her because of what she had gone through with her brother; of course I wasn’t relaying any of my fears as I undressed with my back slightly turned towards her.

“Don’t you want me anymore Tia?”
“God, yes I want you!” I spun around. “I was just afraid; I mean the stuff you went through at home…”
“Don’t,” she whispered. “This is so different. I ‘want’ you to touch me. I don’t ever want you to make me feel the way I feel right now.”
“I’m so sorry.”

I was holding her in about two seconds flat as I began kissing her and the tingles were intense, jumping from my lips as I felt the inviting softness of hers. The sparks began traveling into my tongue, down through both nipples as they began hardening; they moved on to my abdomen where they swirled momentarily before shooting directly through my pussy and towards my toes. I could tell by the smile on Nikki’s face, she still felt them as well.

“Still there,” Nikki smiled.
“Me too,” I agreed before we kissed.

We finished helping each other undress and she began making a fuss about the bruises on my arm. I told her they were fine and I would’ve walked over razorblades to get to her if I had to, and then I cringed as I could almost feel the blades cutting into my feet.

“Let’s get you into the shower before you kill yourself with your thoughts,” Nikki said, pulling me into the bathroom. “You’d think you would’ve outgrown that by now.”
“You’d think and I wish, but it’s still strong as ever.”
“I think you need to be desensitized.”

She, of course, was referring to this horrible little part of me that could actually see things happening and feel the pain, or if somebody tripped and fell, I would feel pain everyplace they had. It did get pretty awful at times.

I was only four when my mother was pregnant with my little brother, but I clearly remember when she began her back labor. I thought I was going to die for sure; the pain was so horrible that I was screaming. So here’s my poor mother, waiting for my dad to get my siblings ready to go stay with our grandparents and she’s in horrible pain, but she’s trying to calm me down at the same time. To this day, when my mother really feels like getting to me, she calls me ‘her handful’. I really can’t control it and it’s never been like my own pain causes me that much trouble, but anyone else getting hurt and I’m just gone. It truly gets embarrassing at times.

“I’m serious,” Nikki stated. “You really need to get over that.”
“Get over this,” I suggested as I began kissing her again.
“Mmm, don’t wanna,” she argued, coming back for more.

Forcing myself to break loose, I turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature before helping her into the tub.

Nikki suggested a whirlpool later, making me blush as she asked if I had taken advantage of the jets in the past two years. I had to tell her the truth, causing me to blush worse. She laughed as I pushed her head under the shower stream so I could wash and condition her hair.

Nikki was turning me on so much with all of the moaning she was doing, just from the hair care. I had to squeeze my legs together quite a bit… and I was still at her head!

Keeping her conditioned head out of the water, I soaped up my hands, washing her back, down, down, soaping her perfectly shaped butt cheeks before moving to the crack, where she moaned again. God was she ever turning me on!

Turning her around, I soaped up my hands again before shakily moving them to her chest where I paid extra attention to the immensely hardened nubs. She was just as horny as I was, obvious now as she continued shifting her weight.

I soaped down to her pubic bone; she whimpered as my hand returned to her stomach.

More soap before I began washing her legs and feet, starting just below her throbbing pussy. I could feel the heat, hitting me in the face; her scent caused me to inhale, deeply. She whimpered again as she put a hand against the glass wall to steady herself. Standing back up, I smiled.

“My turn,” I announced as she stared at me.
“You’re trouble.”
“You know it baby. C’mon, I wanna have that same look on my face.”

Nikki inhaled deeply as she leaned forward, kissing me, before she began washing and conditioning me… literally. She was getting me so hot, slowly moving her soapy hands over my body, especially when she began massaging my sphincter. I informed her that she was the last one to have entered there. She seemed shocked that I never did it myself, but I reminded her about the camping trip and my telling her that nothing bigger than ‘her’ finger would ever go in there. She kissed my butt cheek, laughing as she continued washing me.

My turn; soaping my hands, they easily slid over her pussy, circling around the lips for a short time as she held the wall again. Deliberately, I took one trip through her vulva, skimming over her clit before announcing she needed to be shaved. She actually whined at me, making me smile as I grabbed the mentholated shaving cream. I loved the cool, tingly feeling it left on me, so hopefully she’d love it too.

Spreading her legs allowed me to do a thorough job. I loved the noises she made as the razor was gliding over her extremely wet pussy. After being shaved and rinsed, I thought it best to stop teasing her as I got to my knees.

Nikki readjusted so the shower spray was beating on her nipples, as I began working my fingers into her vagina. I had all four fingers in her, twisting and sliding as my tongue moved in to work circles around her clit, sliding up and down inside her lips in between the clitty circles. She was making some wonderful sounds as she pushed into my tongue and fingers.

As she began getting closer to her orgasm, the sounds she made were music to my ears and her scent was intoxicating, making me almost lightheaded. I moved my other hand around to her anus, where I began massaging over and around that lovely rosebud. As my teeth began to nibble her engorged clitty, I popped one finger into her anus and the noise she made was quite possibly heard three states away.

Nikki claimed it was being away from me for almost two years that threw her over the edge, but I still think it was the finger up her ass.

I know that her touching me again after so long was incredibly intense, but when she popped her finger into my tight little asshole, there were just too many senses working at once and all I could manage for sound, was something akin to a baby moose. It was slightly embarrassing, but we managed to giggle as she held me.

It was wonderful having her touch me again and being able to touch her after all this time; euphoric couldn’t even describe it, because it was so much more.

During the following week, Nikki went to work with Jasmine and me every day. At times I would catch her just standing and staring at me as I worked. It always made me blush and that would generally bring a smile to her lips.

My last customer on the last day of the week had just gone and I was cleaning up as Nikki sat in the chair. I kissed her as I continued collecting the u
sed combs. Suddenly she was making throaty noises until I finally looked at her.

“What’s up baby?” I asked, glancing at Jasmi
ne who had a big-ass smile on her face.
“I want you to cut my hair,” Nikki announced; I laughed.
“So you want a trim or something?”
“Or something,” she began. “I want you to cut it almost like yours.”
“What?! But I love your hair.”
“Can’t you love it shorter?”
“… Sure I can,” I smiled.

Twenty minutes later, I was looking into an entirely different face. She had always been beautiful with her long hair, but suddenly her green eyes shone at me like beautiful, bright emeralds. She was more beautiful than ever and my voice quivered as I told her how beautiful she looked.

Jasmine was amazed at how different the cut and style made her look as she continued walking circles around the chair.

Nikki smiled, satisfied that she was slowly making progress with all of the things she wanted to change in her life. Thank goodness, I wasn’t one of those changes.

Saturday morning, Jasmine had taped a note to our front door with specific instructions of what she wanted us to do. The main thing was to get out of the house, spending the entire day in the fresh air. She thought it might do Nikki some good to just be outside. We were being directed to go to Lake Calhoun and walk or roller skate, she didn’t care; we were to just do it. All either of us wanted to do was walk and hold hands, so that was exactly what we did.

The sun was going down over the trees by the time we found a quiet spot in the grass to sit. Nikki sat down first, me sliding behind, with my legs on either side of her; we watched as the last of the sailboats and windsurfers were moving towards the beach. Leaning my head in beside hers, I wrapped my arms around her waist.

“I always knew this would feel this good,” I whispered.
“I did too,” she returned.
“I was beginning to doubt that you’d ever really be with me.”
“I always knew I would, I just wasn’t sure when.”
“It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?”
“This is wonderful, but it would be better with some little babies running around.”
“I’ve seen that too,” I admitted. “About four miniatures of you.”
“No you in there? I want at least one or two miniatures of you in there too.”
“I guess I could see that. You’d stay home with ’em though, right?”
“Cool,” I smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

We sat there until it was almost too dark to see, before making our way back home. After pulling the car into the garage, we realized Jasmine wasn’t home, so we couldn’t even stop in to thank her. Hand-in-hand, we walked back to the cottage. Inside, Nikki began taking off her clothes, immediately inside the door.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.
“Getting undressed.”
“You know the rules.”
“Jasmine isn’t even home!”
“I don’t remember there being any specifics to the rule.”
“You’re really serious, aren’t you?”
“Well, yeah,” I said, taking her hand and pulling her upstairs.
“I do adore you, you’re so fucking cute,” Nikki laughed.
“Stop that!”
“Swearing like that! Can’t you break me in slowly?”
“I’ll try,” she laughed.
“Thank you,” I said as we reached the second floor.

Nikki was humoring me and nothing more, smiling the entire time we disrobed. We began kissing, moving the party into the bedroom. It had been such a wonderful day, it only seemed appropriate to end the night on an equally positive note, so we made our way to the bed, kissing all the way.

Landing on top of her on the bed, we both began laughing and just about the time Nikki was going to say something; I began kissing her, almost devouring her with so much passion that I felt dizzy.

Raising my face away from hers, we looked into each other’s eyes and I could feel the intensity of her love, burning into my soul. I was hers and she was mine, there was no getting around that. We had both known it from the start and soon everyone would know it. We smiled at the same time, as though we had a duplicate thought, then we returned to the fantastic kisses as though the world would be ending soon and this was our last chance to be together.

It was almost too hot to handle. We were both sweating horribly and we hadn’t done anything more than kiss; the intensity of our relationship never seemed to wane, no matter what we went through. As we continued kissing, Nikki’s legs and feet began to flex. Smiling, I made my way down to those beautiful breasts, kissing all around the nipples that were already stiff and desperately begging to be touched, I wouldn’t, at least not immediately.

Kissing and running a finger around her nipples, she began arching her back, lifting her tits, hoping to hit something, anything as I moved away each time she wiggled. Fed up, Nikki began reaching for them herself, only to have me hold back her hands. When she growled, I moved in, taking one nipple between my teeth before sawing at it. A high pitched squeal escaped from her mouth, forcing me to repeat the movement on the other nipple, only to hear the same sound. This continued until her legs began moving again, forcing me further down.

Apparently, she was feeling a little impatient that night, as I suddenly found myself being flipped onto my back on the bed and she was shoving that wonderful, hairless pussy into my face. Well, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what she wanted, so I grabbed hold of both ass cheeks, pulling her as close to my face as I could just as she began returning the favor.

The moment I caught my breath, I maneuvered my tongue along the inside of her thighs, cleaning up the juices that had begun slipping down them, slowly moving it up and into that gorgeous, pink pussy. Swirling, dipping and flicking, I was doing it all. I continued playing until she growled again; making me think I should maybe stop teasing her.

What in the hell this new growling was, I wasn’t positive, but it actually frightened me enough to take care of business and my tongue entered her vagina as far as it could, while my thumb and forefinger gave her clitty a mini-hand job. One tug on each nipple and her orgasm was so intense, that she bit me, causing me to join her with my own orgasm, both of us sucking and nibbling until Nikki eventually forced herself to roll off of me.

Looking at each other all sweaty, with our hair matted, we began laughing as we went to take a shower before crawling into bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms; both of us letting small giggles escape.

The following morning, we discovered that our day alone hadn’t been alone at all. As we walked over to thank Jasmine for the idea, we saw her and a strange man at the table with photographs spread out on it. Jasmine waved us in, showing the pictures the photographer had taken from the previous day.

We began looking through all of the pictures until Jasmine asked Nikki and me which one we liked best. We both pointed at the same photograph.

“That is a nice one. What were you doing?” Jasmine asked.
“Talking about our kids,” I confessed.
“Kids… interesting. That’s the one we want Jack, but don’t do just the heads. I want the whole picture, just a little bit bigger,” Jasmine instructed.
“Got it Jazzy,” Jack agreed.
“Wait, can’t we look at and maybe buy some copies of the rest of those?” I asked.
“You’re getting them all loves,” Jasmine explained.
“You don’t have to do that, we can pay for them,” I argued.
“Knows me for two years and still doesn’t have enough sense to know that I always win.”

Nikki and Jack both began laughing as I just stared at all three of them. She was right of course, but it didn’t annoy me any less. I went home; Nikki came home an hour later, snuggling on the sofa with me.

“She adores you; you know that, don’t you?”
“I adore her too, but why does she always have to win? I’d like to win on occasion too.”
“You did win, right from the start, you just didn’t know it,” Nikki explained.
“Won what?”
“The second best friend you could ever wanna have.”
“I know you’re
right, but just once it’d be nice if she’d let me buy lunch, or drinks, or something.”
“Who knows, maybe someday she will.”

Nikki began getting undressed in front of me, but I stopped her, taking her up to the designated undressing spot.

I unbuttoned her blouse, slowly sliding it off her shoulders as I kissed her lips, her cheeks, and her neck. I unsnapped her pants, slowly unzipping them before sliding them off over her hips.

As each piece of clothing was removed, I would hang it on the rack before turning back to remove another. Reaching behind her, I unhooked her bra. I kneeled down, taking off her stockings before finally hooking her thong with my fingers, sliding them off.

I stayed on my knees as I hugged her buttocks, holding my cheek against that lovely, bald pussy as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I turned, beginning to kiss that lovely pussy before standing, picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom where we both fell onto the bed as I began laughing.

“You’ve never tried carrying me before!”
“Don’t think I’ll try it again any time soon either,” I laughed.
“I’m not heavy!” She exclaimed.
“No, you’re not, but I’m about the same size as you and I’d like to see you lift me,” I stated, defensively.
“Stand up,” Nikki ordered.
“I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
“Let’s go back to the start,” she insisted, leaving me on the bed.

I followed her out and she picked me up, carried me into the bedroom, putting me, gently onto the bed. She was so proud of herself as she stood there all puffed up.

“Guess we know who’s carrying who over the threshold after the wedding,”
“You’re supposed to carry me,” Nikki insisted, lying on top of me.
“I’m the 90-pound weakling; you’ll have to carry me.”

Suddenly she was tickling me until tears were falling down my face. She definitely had the upper hand.

I told her she had completely spoiled the mood, forcing her to take a nap with me.

The next few weeks were rather hectic as Jasmine and Nikki were basically taking over the wedding plans. I didn’t even have to pick out a dress, Nikki picked matching dresses.

Mom, dad, Callie and Sam came down to stay with us and they loved the cottage. Naked rules were off during family visits.

The ceremony would be in the backyard between the two houses. That was Nikki’s idea, claiming I was too weak to carry her much further. Everyone was getting a good laugh at my expense until I explained that with the dresses she had picked out, nobody would be carrying anyone since they were too long. She hadn’t taken that into consideration.

The party afterwards would be in Jasmine’s house. Up and downstairs off limits of course. She even went so far as to post guards at both entries. I had to giggle.

Dad would be walking both Nikki and I down the walkway as Jasmine and Callie would follow, standing with us.

Before the ceremony began, I went in front of everyone for a small speech, warning them all that if there was anyone who objected to the ceremony, they should keep it to themselves since I had hired a sniper to pick off anyone looking as though they were going to open their mouths. It was good for a tension breaker at least; also it was the first time I had ever seen Jasmine blush.

It was actually quite nice and slightly emotional as Nikki and I both spoke about the first time we met each other in the third grade and always had feelings for each other, we just weren’t aware of the reasons back then. Nikki spoke about my saving her from the bear and saving her from other bad things, (mainly her brother, I think). I thanked her for saving my life by loving me. It was nice, looking out at the faces of our family and friends, mostly people I worked with.

After the ceremony was over and everyone was mingling, Jasmine brought one of the wedding invitations over to us. We looked at it then at her, feeling lost until she asked us to look at our eyes. We had noticed the dreamy look when we picked it out; we were still slightly confused until she began talking.

“About 20 minutes ago, I had one of these invitations delivered to all of your brothers and sisters and on Monday morning, we have appointments with lawyers to discuss which one of you will be changing their last name. All property will be in both of your names, legally,” Jasmine explained.
“But neither of us have anything,” I reminded her.
“Oh ye of little faith,” she laughed, walking away from the both of us.

We were clueless, but that was just Jasmine, always a mystery and always the winner. Nikki stared for only a few minutes before looking at me, smiling.

“Nikki Devs. I use to write it on my notebooks,” she confessed.
“Cool,” I said, puffing out my chest as she laughed.

Honeymoon in a fancy hotel, courtesy of Jasmine.

Monday meetings, new owners of NikTea’s Styles in our hometown along with 20-acres of land, five miles out of our hometown, to raise our future children. Our own house next door to Jasmine. The new house to come after two years of staying where we currently were and the business and land in five years. How Nikki wound up with top billing on the salon was beyond me, but there it was.

Last name changed, all papers signed and out the door we walked.

“Would it really hurt your feelings if I said that was all too much?” I asked.
“Very much,” Jasmine answered.
“… Okay then, thank you,” I replied, hugging her.

Jasmine went to lunch with us, but as a gesture, she let us buy. I was puffing up again as she and Nikki laughed.

Back at the house, Jasmine was asking if we were ready. Nikki looked like a kid ready to be turned loose in a candy shop and yet again, I was confused.

“What in the hell’re you both talking about?”
“We get to go downstairs and pick out our tool today,” Nikki announced.
“Why don’t you tell me these things?”
“Some things you just shouldn’t know until it’s time,” Nikki stated.

I shrugged as I began following them. As we neared the bottom of the stairs, all I could smell was fresh lilacs; it smelled like springtime and I felt good.

Jasmine showed us the sauna and showers. Nothing scary there, the place looked inviting and cozy with its whites and soft blues on the walls. It felt relaxing.

She showed us the viewing room she had built especially for us to view her in action. That was the construction that had been going on for all of those months. The room we would be viewing was dark though, so I couldn’t see a thing.

She pointed out her changing closet, but wouldn’t let us go in. Nikki pouted, I shrugged.

Pushing a button slid a section of the wall inside itself as she led the way into it. She hit a switch on the wall and my body shuddered. Good feeling gone! I suddenly had mixed emotions as the lilac smell flooded my nostrils while the sensation of pain hit the rest of my senses like a brick.

My arms folded in front of me automatically and I had a horrible time trying to breathe. It wasn’t like an elaborate torture chamber or anything, but she did have some things that looked a bit painful.

I’m no expert on these things, so I can’t give technical names, but she had pulley systems on several contraptions, one of them being a bed, while another looked like a stretching rack.

In the middle of the floor was a spot with steel loops in the floor and chains from the ceiling.

I looked around at some leather masks, some electrical things, (ouch), gags, things Jasmine called nipple clamps and others she called butt plugs, causing me to double over for a second while clamping one hand over my boobs and another across my ass. Nikki rubbed my back until I could catch my breath.

Jasmine explained ho
w some of the butt plugs vibrated, she pointed out harnesses, whips and vibrating dildos along with straps for some.

Nikki was almost drooling while I had to work hard to keep from
curling up into a ball on the floor.

Could be several days before anybody loses their cherry if I can’t get ‘this’ sight out of my head. I left the both of them in the room as I ran outside, trying to catch my breath.

They called for me to rejoin them, but I told Nikki to just pick something out. I began fanning myself as I listened to them laughing.

Two days later and on about three hours of sleep, Jasmine was trimming my hair as Nikki sat watching from another chair.

“So, you gonna be okay one of these days soon?” Jasmine asked.
“What d’you mean?”
“You’ve been on the verge of a breakdown since I took you downstairs.”
“I thought I was doing just fine,” I protested.

Nikki got the biggest grin on her face as Jasmine laughed so hard, she cut off more hair than she was suppose to, making me shout as I grabbed my head.

“Hey! Knock it off before I’m bald! I’m fine and you can stop smiling anytime over there,” I ordered Nikki.
“Honey?” Nikki asked.
“Yeah baby?” I asked, smiling.
“We’ve been married for a little while now, why am I still a virgin?”
“Well if you’re that anxious to lose it, I’ll ram it into ya tonight,” I insisted.
“I don’t want you to ‘ram’ anything into me, just like I wouldn’t ram it into you.”
“Oh my God, you’re afraid of losing your virginity, aren’t you?” Jasmine asked.
“No, you’re way off base,” I insisted, shaking my head.
“She’s afraid of hurting me.”
“That’s what it is?”
“So what if it is? Is it so wrong to feel that I don’t wanna hurt my wife?”
“It only hurts for a minute, and then it feels pretty good.”
“Don’t worry Jasmine; it’ll be done tonight now that I know what I’m dealing with.”

Suddenly I felt nervous and a little scared. The look she was giving me was a very loving look, yet firm as well. I resigned myself to my fate.

At least they were being gentle with me after leaving the salon, taking me out for dinner; I even had two glasses of wine after urgings from Nikki. I would only drink them if she would too, so we were actually a little tipsy by the time we got home.

I did actually feel calm about the entire thing by then, so we went directly upstairs to undress and immediately afterwards, I ran, jumping onto the bed so I could watch Nikki as she came to me. Even with her little stagger, she was still the sexiest creature I had ever seen.

As I watched her crawl up to me from the foot of the bed, I remembered what Jasmine had said that first day about Nikki being a caged panther set free and I had to agree, that’s exactly how she looked crawling towards me. I loved this panther so much and she wanted to lose her virginity to me. There had to be something special about that and I wanted to give her what she wanted.

As we began kissing, I asked her if she would help me put on ‘the tool’, as we called it. Nikki smiled as she began helping me with it. As I looked down, I felt ridiculous looking at it and I let her keep the controller so she could change the speed as she needed.

Nikki chose that moment to let me know that if boys looked like me, she would’ve lost her virginity years ago. I smiled before following her back onto the bed.

I was suddenly at a loss of what to do, but Nikki solved it by kissing me and pulling me on top of her.

Kissing was always so wonderful with Nikki and did amazing things to me. Those tingles just traveled through me like lightening, even times when she would just look at me. They were always very intense, always as wonderful and even with that goofy thing strapped onto me, I still had those feelings.

I slid, slowly down her body, savoring her flavor as I kissed my way down to her nipples; licking, nibbling, flicking one nipple as I fondled the other. I began kissing my way down her stomach, stopping to focus on that beautiful, bald pussy, kissing it all over before moving down her thighs slightly.

She was moaning sweetly as I pushed her legs apart, pushing my tongue into her vagina as far as it could go before moving out and up, over and between her labia, around her little clitty and back down.

I began guiding my fingers into her vagina, hoping to make ‘the tool’s’ introduction a little easier. While those fingers were busy, my other hand was working on keeping those gorgeous nipples happy. When I was satisfied that she was wet enough and open enough, I began sliding my way back up her body.

When ‘the tool’ was at her vagina, I slid it around, lubricating it with her own juices before sliding it ever so slowly inside her. After the initial introduction, I could feel the vibrations beginning.

The odd thing was that I thought this was suppose to be about her, but suddenly I was beginning to feel quite stimulated as the base of it began vibrating on my own little clitty.

I tried not to pay attention to that and just focus on her as I slowly guided it in as far as I could go with it. I could tell it was beginning to hurt by the look on her face and that was when she put her hand over my eyes, wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her before I could pull out.

She told me I was supposed to move, but I was totally frozen. Suddenly I was rolled onto my back, opening my eyes to see Nikki gliding herself up and down onto ‘the tool’ as the vibrations changed continuously.

I could see that look on her face and I knew she was close, as she leaned against me, whispered that she loved me, and suddenly we were both orgasming and immediately I knew how to work my hips again as we were meeting each other in thrusts.

As things became entirely too sensitive, the vibrating suddenly stopped and Nikki was collapsing onto me. I held her close as she began kissing my cheek, telling me how happy she was. I had to admit it had been an interesting experience and she was about as happy as could be.

Naturally after seeing that she was fine, I was more than willing to let her do the same thing to me. It did hurt a little, but not long enough to actually worry about and after, wow! I thought I might actually be into guys if their penises actually did vibrate. The thought made me smile.

I actually suggested that maybe we pick up our own ‘tool’. Nikki smiled as we began kissing, prior to repeating our first penis experience. I was able to get the thrusts down the second time.

The following weekend our virginity, ancient history and Nikki decided it was time to take things to a new level.

I found myself sitting in the viewing room as Nikki held my sweaty hand. I continued closing my eyes, taking in deep breaths of lilac, trying to stay calm.

It wasn’t long before the door began sliding open to the other room and Jasmine walked in, dressed to the hilt in black leather. Not all of her, mind you, but parts of her. I couldn’t help but say ‘wow’, very quietly. It was the first time I had seen her naked and I blushed slightly.

It didn’t take long for another woman, completely naked, to follow her into the room walking directly up to our window. My jaw dropped when I noticed her as Janie, the receptionist from work. I’d never be able to look her in the face again. She knew she had an audience that night, saying hello to both of us. We returned her hello, realizing she could hear us as easily as we could hear her.

Nikki slid closer to me, calming me down. I was still so busy staring at Jasmine that I almost couldn’t say hello to Janie at first.

It was actually the first time I had seen Jasmine wear anything that matched, other than what she wore at Nikki’s botched wedding. Normally she wore things comparable to how my mother dressed me as a child. Stripes with plaids, polka dots and things most kids would be embarrassed to wear in public, but not our little Jasmine, she loved the attention. She actually looked pre
tty hot in her outfit of leather though and I was completely mesmerized by her, so much, in fact that Nikki leaned in to whisper at me.

“If you don
‘t stop staring at Jasmine like that, I’m gonna smack you right upside the head,” Nikki threatened.
“So what then, you’d rather have me staring at the naked girl?” I whispered back.
“At this point, I’m thinking yes.”
“Fine, have it your own way.”

Apparently the microphones were super-sensitive since both women were laughing as Jasmine was stretching Janie out on the pulleys in the middle of the room.

Here is where I have to apologize, because most of the time I spent moaning and curled up holding my own tits while Nikki continued telling me to keep it down.

I watched as Jasmine began the session or whatever, walking around Janie and lightly brushing a small leather whip against her body. She seemed to be getting pretty turned on about the entire thing as the whip was moving over her nipples and between her legs. Right about at this point, Janie must’ve said something that Jasmine didn’t like because the whip came down hard on the cheek of her ass, making me jump up as we both yelped. Nikki stared at me like I was crazy for a split second before patting my chair so I would sit down again.

As I looked at them again, Janie had some sort of a hood put on her; a gag that looked sorta like a penis had been inserted into her mouth as Jasmine appeared to be scolding her for being so forward. Like I said, I wasn’t completely positive since I think my hearing had vanished about then.

I pretty much held on to my tits once I watched her putting some clips on Janie’s tits; then there was more whipping as Jasmine slid a finger through Janie’s vulva, causing her body to fling forward.

Next she was putting some lube onto a butt plug before twisting and inserting it into Janie’s ass.

I was groaning and in pain for a while by then, not looking up until Nikki made me watch as Jasmine was fucking Janie with a strap-on, but she stopped before she could cum. I looked down again, trying to wipe some of the sweat off my body and face, only looking up when Nikki told me to.

Janie was hanging, almost on her back in midair with her legs in almost a full splits position. I hadn’t even seen her being moved. Suddenly my hips began to hurt as I watched Jasmine remove the gag before making Janie tongue her until she came.

Jasmine walked around, giving Janie some of the same treatment, stopping just before she was about to cum again.

I couldn’t figure out why Janie was still moaning until Nikki reminded me about the vibrating butt plug.

I took a little closer notice as I watched Jasmine walking around her with the whip again, calling Janie some horrible names as Janie agreed that she was all those things just before she began begging Jasmine to fuck her.

I think Jasmine actually toned the whole thing down a little just for me, especially after hearing me hit the floor several times and Nikki asking me if I was okay before helping me get up.

I’m sure they were fighting their laughter as Jasmine decided she better just fuck her before the mood was completely shot to hell. Personally, I was a shaky, sweaty mess by the time the two of them were walking out of the room.

Nikki had to help me out of the room once we gave Jasmine and Janie time to clean up.

They were both laughing their asses off as Nikki almost carried me out of the room, my hands still holding my tits.

“Guess we better let you rest before the next session,” Janie laughed as she hugged me.
“Next session?!” I asked, my head snapping up.
“C’mon, let’s get you home before you pass out,” Nikki said, pulling me along as I stared at Jasmine and Janie.
“Did you like that?” I asked Nikki.
“Kinda looked like fun,” she said as my head snapped around to stare at her.

We did manage to make it down for more viewing sessions. Janie wanted to know when we were ready again. She said that I was always very entertaining and it was a lot of fun knowing they were being watched. She made sure she was invited every single time.

Nikki expected me to deal with it better after time, but like I had always told her, my own pain never bothered me as much as seeing or thinking about somebody else in pain.

The day they talked me into going into that room with the three of them, there was a special treat waiting for me. They had gotten me earplugs and set me up with a blindfold so I wouldn’t be able to see or hear what was going on with Nikki. They thought a hood might work, but Nikki knows I get claustrophobic.

I have to say that I didn’t mind it at all, as long as things never got too violent, I mean, some things were slightly painful, but exciting too. We had our own special hand signals if we wanted to stop and they were all pretty proud of me for not using mine.

The next few months were a little too hectic for any fun in the playroom. My sister, Callie was starting college and Jasmine offered her the guestroom to stay in. Callie was pretty excited that she would get to see so much of me and Nikki, plus she looked up to Jasmine, almost idolized her I guess. I knew I could trust Jasmine and never had to set any sort of conditions down. I think she felt even closer to me because of that. Our Friday dinners were definitely growing.

Eric had met a guy named Stephen and they had apparently been dating for a while before they were suddenly buying a house together. He never mentioned Christy’s name again after that, so I’m not really positive what had happened.

Jasmine, Nikki and I were doing quite a few things together around that time, especially talking to lawyers again. It was beginning to be expected that at some level we would always be talking to lawyers, but it didn’t make me nervous like the first couple of times.

Four months later Jasmine, Nikki and I were playing together. Nikki wanted Jasmine to guide her along through her first time.

I was already hanging on my back in midair waiting with a smile on my face as Nikki walked into the room and those lovely tingles hit me harder than ever.

She was even more beautiful in the leather outfit Jasmine had made especially for her. She began her circles around me, brushing me with that little whip, finally stopping by my head.

“You’re not gonna cooperate, are you?” Nikki asked.
“I can’t help it, you’re more beautiful than ever,” I announced as Jasmine laughed.
“Okay, one kiss before I put on the blindfold,” Nikki stated, stepping closer.

I stretched my head, kissing that beautiful, pregnant belly of hers as Jasmine handed her the blindfold. My eyes widened as I watched Nikki walk over to the table, returning with a gag and a lubed butt plug. My apprehension faded as I saw the love in her eyes. I smiled as Jasmine was handed the gag and the butt plug, then the blindfold was put in place.

Hanging blind, in midair, it occurred to me that the woman circling me had gone through so many changes over the years, from shy schoolgirl, to Catholic prisoner and now she was a leather-clad dominatrix, I loved her in every single role. I could hardly wait until ‘mother’ was added to the list. Through it all, our love had only grown stronger and I felt that familiar tingle run through me as the whip snapped across my ass.

“Remember the camping trip and the shower, when you said nothing bigger than my finger would ever enter your ass?” Nikki asked.
“Today we’re gonna test that theory. Are you scared?” She asked, whipping me again.
“You know I trust you,” I answered blindly.
“I love you baby,” Nikki said, kissing the spot she had just hit.
“I love you too, always have and always will,” I smiled, just before I felt the familiar sting again.

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