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We had been married for four years and for the last three months; we were trying to have a baby. My wife, Michele, thought there must be something wrong. She ask me to get a sperm test. The report said I had a low sperm count and low volume. I have a big cock and we have great sex. While we were having sex, we talked about what out options were. We do this with Michele on her back, legs open, and I lie on my side and slowly move my dick in and out of her pussy. She ruled out adoption and I did not want artificial insemination. Then, she got really wet and said, “Maybe we need a donor.” We started talking about her having sex with another man to get pregnant. We both got very excited thinking about it. Over the next week, we had sex and talked about it each time.

I went to lunch with a friend of mine from work. His name was Van. While we were at lunch, he gave me a real surprise. He told me that he had a friend that worked in the lab and the friend had mentioned my sperm problem to him (it was a small town). I told him that it was true and it didn’t look like I could get Michele pregnant. He told me that he got his wife pregnant the first try. That when he cums, it’s a cupful. He wanted me to know that if there were anything he could do, he would like to help us. It was obvious what he was thinking. He had seen Michele before. He told me that she was really beautiful and that any man would like to impregnate her. I have to admit, it made me really excited talking about Michele with him and knowing what might happen.

That night, Michele and I were sitting on the couch when she ask me if I had thought about any possible donors. I told her about lunch with Van. She said that she had seen him at work and assumed that he was married. She wanted to go to bed and talk about it. We assumed our sideways position and I told her that he was probably very potent and how easy he got his wife pregnant. When I told her about his volume, she pulled me over on top of her and wanted me to fill her. As she was cumming, she blurted out “please bring him home, promise me!” I think I came more then than I ever did in my life.

The next morning, I ask her if she meant what she said last night. She said, “absolutely.”
She said,”The only requirement is that he really cums that much.” I met Van for lunch again and I think he knew why. I told him that Michele was interested in his offer to help. He said, “Why don’t you just tell me what you want me to do.” I said” I want… we both want you to have sex with my wife and father our first child.” He smiled because he wanted me to say it. I told him that her only stipulation was that he really cums a cupful. He said, “I’ll show you when you want to see it.” I said, “I know where we can park before we go back to work.” We went to this parking spot. He unzipped his pants and took out a long semi-hard cock. I could only think about it being inside my wife. He told me to put my hand on it and stroke it. I did and it became instantly hard. He ask me if I have ever made another man cum. I told him that when I was about 15 I was camping with a friend and when we were in a tent and it was completely dark he touched my cock and made me cum. I really came all over his hand. The he ask me to make him cum and I did. His cum went all over the back of my hand. It was completely dark and I started to wipe it off but something made me want to lick it off. I did and I really felt funny about it. Van said, “How would you like to taste this cum?” I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “yes you do…you want to just like you want me to fuck your wife.” I bent over and put my mouth on it. He wanted to know if I liked it but he knew the answer. He started telling me how he was going to fill my wife. That excited both of us. I could feel when he was going to send the whole load into my mouth. He said, “don’t pull away.” The, I got a whole cup full. I swallowed it and squeezed out the last drops. It was so good. Van said, “Do you think this is what Michele is looking for?” I said, “This is what we both want.” I told him to come over that night.

I called Michele from work and told her that I had talked with Van and he was coming over tonight. She was really pleased. She ask my about his volume and I assured her that he could do a cupful. He came over about 7:30 and Michele met him at the door. He sat beside me on the couch while she went into the bedroom. In a few minutes, she came out in a see through gown. She took Van by the hand and led him into the bedroom. She turned back the sheets and took off her gown. He put his arms around her and kissed her breasts. Michele got on the sheets while he took off his clothes. He was already huge and just waiting to fill her. She said, ‘Do you know why we want you to do this?” He sort of nodded a yes. She reached sown and took hold of his big cock and put it in her wet pussy. It was a tremendous sensation for both of them. She started moving her hips. He started moving in and out. She started saying over and over, “make me pregnant…fill me with your cum.” She started having multiple organisms, which really made Van feel great.
Then he could not hold it back anymore and he started filling her. She moved her legs wider apart to get every drop. She told him not to get off. He stayed on until he went down a little in size. Then he lay next to her. She told Van that he made her really feel like a woman for the first time. She asks him if he thought it was strange that both of us wanted him to make her pregnant. He said, “no” but did not elaborate. He fucked her two more times and then it was 11 P.M.

Van got dressed and came back in the living room. I walked him out to his car. He told me that Michele was fantastic and that he really wanted to make her pregnant.

I went back inside and Michele was still on the bed. She got up and kissed me. She said she wanted me to fill her. I started to get between her legs but she stopped me and pushed my head down to her pussy. She said, “I want you to eat me.” I wanted to so I started to kiss her thighs. I put my lips on her wet pussy and she said, “Can you smell Van’s cum?”
I said, “yes.” She said, “Do you like the smell?” I said, “yes.” I touched her lips and could taste Van’s cum. She asks me if I could taste his cum and if I liked it. I said, “It tastes good.” She said, “You better get use to it because he is going to be a part of our life for awhile.” I sucked he until she had an organism. I moved over to the side and slipped it in. She started telling me how great it was and how he made her cum. Then she said that because we both wanted it to happen, that I can never tell him to stop. Also, you have eaten his cum and in essence submitted to his will and given your wife to him. I had to agree. The she told me to get up and while I was fucking her she kept saying, “mix your cum with Van’s.” This experience has really changed our life and our sex is fantastic.

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