The Rubber Reward

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I woke to the sound of high heels clicking on the tile floor. Was it Mistress? I couldn’t be sure. My inflated rubber blindfold prevented me from seeing anything, as it has been doing for the past day or so. I laid there, bound and helpless under a layer of black latex, tied to a medical gurney by chains. Two chains attached to either side of my black leather collar held my head in perfect position. An inflated gag prevented me from making any noise, at least noise audible to others. A wasteband was latched around my abdomen and was locked into position by more chains, making it so I couldn’t move my body. My calves were strapped to the gurney by similar straps, as well as my ankles. The only part of my body left unrestrained was my pelvis. I had a feeling this was for a reason.
Just as quickly as I heard the clicking heels, they stopped. Did the person leave the room? Or were they standing right next to me? I couldn’t know for certain. My wax filled ears sometimes play tricks on me. The latex hood covering my head also made hearing quite difficult. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands exploring my latex clad body. I could feel the rubber crunching under the pressure of the other person. I rustled under my chains trying to resist the probing hands, but it was of no use. The hands slowly made their way to my cock, which was now erect under my latex catsuit. The hands continued below my testicles, now pressing against the inflated butt plug that had been filling my ass for a day. I tried maneuvering my ass out of reach, but it was futile.
Watching me wrestle against my restraints made the person laugh. Mistress. I could recognize her merciless cackle from a mile away. Her hands continued moving around my rubber body. I could feel my shackles loosen. My abdomen was free. Next my hands, then legs. I could hear the chains dropping to the floor and clanging against the tile. Unrestrained, I was unsure of what to do with myself. I decided to just lay like I had been. The gag in my mouth deflated. My jaw creaked under the sudden change in pressure. It felt good, yet almost unfamiliar to have it out of my mouth. I could hear Mistress telling me to close my eyes. “Yes Mistress”, I replied. I knew what was coming next. The pressure around my eyes was relieved, and I could feel the cold air around my eyelids. I turned my head just as soon as it came off. I was blinded without having opened my eyes yet. All I saw was red. She said She was dimming the lights, and I replied, “Thank you Mistress”. The color of my eyelids changed from red to black. I laid there, unmoving, eyes still closed, waiting for my next instruction.
“Open your eyes, slave.” “Yes, Mistress”, I said in a hollow tone. There She stood. Her black and white latex catsuit enveloping her body, hugging every curve and showing off her amazing figure. I looked her up and down and almost soaked the inside of my catsuit with my own cum. She was wearing a latex hood that was black around her hair and down her neck, but clear around her face. She was wearing a catsuit I had never seen before. Black stiletto heels complimented her black latex leggings. Absolutely breathtaking. How lucky was a slave like me to have such a stunning Mistress to serve every day.
“I have a special day planned for you today, slave. You’ve practiced self-restraint for 6 months to the day. Refraining from touching your own cock for that long definitely deserves reward. The reward won’t come without a price though, as I know you’ve learned in your 2 bondage to me.” A shy smile spread across my face, barely visible under the rubber hood. “Thank you very much, Mistress.”
Mistress wheeled a table to the other side of the room, complete with some of her favorite torture and restraint tools. I could see the 3 inch black rubber ball gag that she typically uses when a spanking is about to ensue. Various floggers, paddles, and whips also decorated the table, along with cuffs and locks that were sure to be used. She selected the ball gag from the table first. Opening my mouth, my tongue welcomed the rubber ball as the leather straps were fastened around my latex covered head. Then, attaching a leash to my collar, Mistress lead me to a leather hobby horse in the room and motioned for me to assume the position on the horse. Crawling onto it hands first, I positioned my hands so they aligned with the rings towards the front of the horse. Going back to the instrument table, Mistress grabbed four cuffs, one for each wrist and ankle. Fitting my wrists and ankles with these cuffs, she then proceeded to chain and lock them to the rings on the sides of the horse. I was once again bound, gagged, and at her mercy.
Turning my head in an attempt to look at what Mistress was grabbing from the table next, I saw her take a black rubber posture collar and unzip the back of it. Making her way back to me, she wrapped the collar around my neck and zipped it up. My neck was now immobile. I could no longer see what tools Mistress was taking from the table. I could no longer ready myself for a certain form of torture. I was in the dark without being blindfolded. Just as Mistress intended.
Mistress then walked back to the instrument table, and then back to me. I felt her latex covered hands glide against my rubber clad ass. SLAP. She started spanking me with her hands. Switching from cheek to cheek, I could feel my ass heat up under the latex. She then glided her hands over my ass, almost to soothe the pain she just induced upon me. CRACK. The wooden paddle she was so adept at using cracked against my ass. I couldn’t help it anymore. I tried to yell, I say “OW!!!”, but the rubber gag in my mouth only allowed me to make muffled moans and groans. Once again switching from cheek to cheek, I was on the verge of tears when it suddenly stopped. I let out a muffled moan of relief.
Throughout all of this, my cock stayed erect. I can’t lie. I loved the feeling of the latex covering my body. I loved the pain. I loved knowing that my pain and suffering made my Mistress happy. Without that, I’d be nothing. Each blow to my ass was painful bliss, if there was such a thing.
Mistress once again started gliding her hands across my ass, which was now red and practically on fire. I felt her lips kiss my latex. That kiss was a signal that the paddling and spanking was over. Now another round of pain and torture was coming. I heard Mistress walk back over to the instrument table, and place the wooden paddle back on the shelf. I was growing quite uncomfortable in the position I was in. Having my back and ass arched in the same position for 10 long and painful minutes was starting to get painful in itself. But I knew my promised reward wasn’t far now.
WHAP. I felt the familiar sensation of Mistress’ favorite cat-o-nine-tails whip crack across my back. WHAP. A second whip followed shortly after the first. The two whips worked my back in unison. Words were once against absorbed by the gag in my mouth and were turned only into moans. These sounds fueled Mistress and only made her hit harder. Unable to move my body, I received each blow in full. The rhythm of her whips allowed me to anticipate the arrival of each blow, but it didn’t stop the pain. The pain that I endured for my Mistress. The pain that I loved to receive.
Mistress walked back to the table, and came in front of me. She was empty handed. The torture was over, or so it seemed. Once again undoing my restraints, Mistress motioned me to get off the hobby horse and get down on my knees. I now heard metal hitting against the instrument table. Coming back into view, I saw Mistress had in her hand a black rubber cock attached to a strap-on harness. Stepping into the harness and tightening the belt, Mistress was now ready to fill my mouth with this menacing rubber cock. Undoing my gag, the ball made a thud when it hit the floor in harmony with the steel rings. She pressed the cock against my lips, forcing them open. The black rubber tasted so sweet to my conditioned tongue. Sliding the cock in and out of my mouth over and over again, making me her personal dildo cleaning service. After some time of cock sucking, Mistress reattached me to the hobby horse, this time a little further back so my ass was aligned with the edge of the horse. Not forgetting the gag lying on the floor, Mistress reinserted it into my mouth and strapped it around my rubber neck. She grabbed a bottle of lubricant. First pouring some onto the cock, which was already lubricated with my saliva, and then pouring a generous amount on my waiting asshole.
I felt the rubber penis navigate its way to my now glistening hole. The cock pushed against my eager asshole, infiltrating my anal cavity. Being fucked by Mistress was reward enough. Outside of Mistress’ walls I would never have welcomed such a thing, but once covered in latex I became a hungry cock whore. In an out, in and out, the cock slammed against my ass. Moans of pain were once again snuffed out by the gag in my mouth. Drool was pouring out of my mouth as I was being abused from behind. I could see the saliva glistening against the leather and dripping onto the floor. What a beautiful sight.
After what could easily have been a half hour of being fucked by Mistress’ black rubber cock, she pulled out and stayed out. I could feel my asshole compensating for the sudden change and begin to shrink back to size. My ass was still high in the air, awaiting the next fuck session. But it didn’t come. I wasn’t completely unsatisfied, however. The same plug that filled my ass while strapped to the gurney made its way back into my gaping orifice. I felt the pressure against the walls of my anal cavity increase as Mistress inflated the plug as big as my ass would allow. Giving my ass cheek a smack, I knew the anal play was over.
Undoing my shackles, I was motioned to lay with my back on the floor. Silently obeying, I laid on the floor as instructed. The tile floor felt comfortingly frigid against my latex clad body, after being beaten for about an hour. Mistress knelt down and found the zipper under my testicle. Separating the rubber, the zipper exposed my balls and rock hard cock which was now standing straight in the air. “Relieve yourself, slave” I once again silently obeyed. A golden stream erupted from my cock as piss began flowing from my bladder. The piss splattered against my latex covered body and beaded up along my stomach. Some of the piss splashed onto the ball gag which I eagerly attempted to lick clean. The salty piss never tasted so good.
After the golden stream subsided, Mistress grabbed hold of my erect cock. The feeling of her rubber hands was more erotic than I could even put to words. Sliding up and down my shaft, I knew my reward had come. Mistress took a condom from the instrument table and slid it onto my raging penis. She turned so she was facing away from me, and slid her wet pussy down onto my waiting cock.
Her pussy was warm and inviting. I almost came immediately after entry, but I wanted to make it last as long as possible. Mistress started out slow, but gradually increased speed. Up and down, in and out, up and down , in and out. Our two latex bodies becoming one. This was a dream come true. The sound of our rubber bodies touching eachother, crunching under the pressure of one another was music to my ears. I felt the walls of her pussy begin to shudder. I knew her orgasm was near. Trying my best to hold my load, she came all over my rubber covered cock. Her screams of ecstasy echoed throughout the room. I was the lucky slave who made my Mistress cum. After a few more pumps, Mistress dismounted my cock. Her rubber hand grabbed the condom on my cock and ripped it off. Mistress’ mouth now surrounding my cock. Sucking and stroking, I couldn’t believe what was happening. My cock started bulging in Mistress’ mouth, and she knew it was time for me to cum.
Removing my cock from her mouth, Mistress moved over to my head and undid the ballgag. She then continued stroking my cock, gradually increasing speed. It wasn’t long before I was at the breaking point again. My thoughts were racing. Would I cum? Would Mistress leave me before I could finish? All thoughts quickly vanished from my mind. I could think of nothing. Feelings of joy and relief came to me. White hot spunk started to erupt violently from my red cock. Mistress aimed my cock at my mouth and I gladly opened it. Several sprays made their way onto my tongue and it tasted so good.
Before I even knew it was over, Mistress zipped me back up and hoisted me back onto the gurney. I was once again strapped in and restrained from any movement. My reward had come, and I was back in the same spot I was in when the day began, awaiting my next training session.

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