Veronica Love, Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

Soon, Veronica’s funds ran out and it was necessary for her to find a job. She applied to many places and was finally hired at Poole-Biscoe, a grocery store/pharmacy. The work was not very hard, the pay was good, and best of all, she got to meet many interesting people.
One day, she was bagging groceries when she noticed a very buxom woman. The woman was wearing a low-cut white dress which showed off her ample bosom. She had curly black hair and a red flower behind her ear. The woman was beautiful like a silent film star and Veronica wanted nothing more than to be near her.
On her way out, the woman asked Veronica if she would mind helping her to her car. Veronica carried the woman’s groceries and although she was trying to be very careful, she accidentally tipped over the big paper bag and a nectarine fell out and down the woman’s shirt, lodging itself in between her voluminous breasts.
“I’m so sorry,” Veronica said, blushing.
“It’s alright,” the woman said, kindly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But, would you mind getting it out for me?”
It took Veronica a few seconds to gather up the courage to reach deep into the woman’s cleavage. Veronica reached down the woman’s top and searched the woman’s cleavage for the nectarine. The woman stared at her intensely the whole time, causing Veronica to blush once more.
“If you’re interested,” the woman whispered, “My husband is gone for the day.”
Veronica nodded her head yes and gave the woman’s breasts one final squeeze before they got into the car and drove to the woman’s house.
The woman lived in a large and comfortable house in a very tasteful neighbourhood. The hedges were all trimmed and the grass was abundant and green. There were red and pink flowers planted on the boarders of the garden. The flowers also bordered the pathway to the house.
The woman fixed Veronica a martini and then unbuttoned the top part of her dress, exposing her creamy and unrestrained breasts. They were large, pillowy, and soft to the touch. Veronica stroked them gently with her fingers, afraid of hurting them.
“It’s alright,” the woman said, smiling. “Touch them.”
Veronica laid a hand on each breast, just feeling the weight of them in the palms of her hands. She began to gently massage them.
“That feels good,” the woman said, smiling.
“Would you like to sit down?” Veronica asked.
“No,” the woman said. “I’m perfectly alright standing.”
Veronica nodded and began to massage the woman’s breasts again. They felt so soft, smooth, round and perfect in her hands.
“Like a goddess,” Veronica whispered.
“Hmm?” the woman said. “I didn’t hear you.”
“I said you’re like a goddess,” Veronica repeated. “You look just like these fertility statues my mother has.”
The woman put her hands over Veronica’s and gave them a squeeze.
“You’re welcome to suckle from my breasts,” she said.
“You have milk?” Veronica asked, blushing.
“Oh heavens yes” the woman said, smiling. She bent down slightly so that Veronica could drink from her breasts.
Veronica leaned forward and began to suck gently on the woman’s nipple. It felt very comforting to lay her head against this woman’s bosom and drink from her breast. It made her feel safe, even loved.
The woman began to softly stroke Veronica’s hair and pull her face closer to her breasts. When Veronica sucked harder at the woman’s nipple, she felt a trickle of liquid run into her mouth; the woman’s milk.
The milk was sweet and slightly runny in texture. Veronica loved the taste and suckled harder to get more of it. When she gently bit the woman’s breast, the woman groaned softly, almost inaudibly.
Veronica switched to the other breast, sucking that one. The woman pulled Veronica closer with every passing moment until Veronica could barely breathe from being suffocated between the woman’s breasts.
When Veronica had drained both breasts of their milk, she pulled away from the woman and reached out, with trembling hands, to unbutton the rest of the woman’s dress.
The woman slapped Veronica’s hands away.
“Why?” Veronica said, slightly hurt. “I thought you wanted me.”
“I did, dear. I did,” the woman said, smiling kindly.
“Then why won’t you let me touch the rest of your body?” Veronica asked. “Did I do something wrong?”
“To the contrary,” the woman said, giving Veronica’s hand a squeeze. “You did everything right. I find, as I grow older, than I have no need for sex. I get so much satisfaction from what you just did. Did you know I managed to have three orgasms while you were suckling?”
Veronica gasped and looked up into the woman’s smiling face. The sun streaming though the window shone light onto the woman’s curls creating a halo around her head. For a moment she looked like a goddess.

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