Oh Please, You Tease

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“I’m going to rape your tight, little, raw pussy , you fucking tease!” Dr. Martin angrily and passionately told Veronica Maxwell through his gritted teeth as he humped her wildly on the floor of his office.

Now you might wonder how Veronica and Dr. Martin got into this particular situation, him fully clothed in his suit completely on top of her body, her skirt pushed up to her lower back,her satiny blue panties partly down her ass and him sporting a very angry hard on madly humping her ass. Well let me take you back to the beginning. It started innocently enough, well in Veronica’s eyes it was innocent.

Veronica is, for lack of a better description, thoroughly spoiled, beautiful and gets her off on having sexual control of men. Nothing excites her more than to know that her face and body and attitude can fill men with lust and desire for her, but she is also the supreme tease. She likes to get men to the point of deep desire and horniness and leave them high and dry, well maybe not dry, more like high and wet.

Her parents had become increasing worried about her, it was well known in their social circle that she would entice males of all ages by all means possible.When the contractor came to finish work on the intricate brick patio Veronica strutted around in her bikini and laid out on the chaise lounge and of course got his attention. She leaned over, as she layed on
the chaise, showing him her thonged ass, she retrieved a long coconut popsicle and basically gave it a blowjob as she stared at him, he of course got harder and harder while she moaned and murmurred “Mmmmmmm…mmmmmmm…mmmmm.” as she seductively sucked and licked it, she even giggled and looking first at his hard on hidden in his pants then up to his eyes she purred, “Ohhhh it’s so sticky and gooey as it goes down my throat, mmmmmmm.” The contractor had to excuse himself to go jerk off in his truck. He came back the next day hoping for some new sexy experience. He was on the deck working, but hoping and waiting for her. She came out in her bikini she
went to the chaise, folded it up, waved at him and said, “Bye, loser!” and she walked back in the house even wiggling her well formed ass. Oh he was pissed, he even did shoddy work.

She also had seduced one of her father’s clients. The man had stopped by, well first he had called asking for her father, she knew her dad was away on a three day week-end trip with her mom, but she told the client he was there and he could come over at 4 pm. The client showed up and there was Veronica answering the door in a completely see-thru black mesh top and low slung black micro-shorts, his eyes bugged out at that. She sat him down on the big leather chair telling him her dad was busy on the phone and he said she should entertain him, she offered the client a drink and handed it to him while she sat on the arm of the chair,her hip right by his cheek,her long, toned legs straight out and shining,
he looked up and saw her bare breasts,
revealed through the mesh and he stared. She grabbed her nipple between her two fingers and tweaked it and looking deep in his eyes she moaned, “Ohhhh feels so good, mmmm.” She looked and saw his pre-cum oozing
a nice wet stain in his pants. She stood up and told him she’ld be right back. She sent Maddie, the housekeeper in to tell him, he had to leave that Mr. Maxwell was not home and that Veronica thought he was a real pervert by the way he was looking at her. Of course this client ended his business and social relationship with Mr. Maxwell after that. There were many more other incidents of Veronica’s sexual shenanigans, far too many to write, so in their frustration the Maxwells decided to send Veronica to a very well-regarded psychiatrist, Dr. Martin.

Veronica did not want to go, but she had no choice; go see him or go live with her elderly Aunt Elizabeth, the one that smelled like mothballs and expected foot rubs every night on her dry, cracked ,corn infested feet. Veronica chose the head shrinker.

Her first appointment went well enough, she
dressed prim and proper, hair pulled into a tight bun, she even wore her librairian glasses ( they were more for fashion than function, they were not presciption). She looked like the good little society girl that her parents wanted her to be. She told the doctor exactly what he wanted to hear, you know, not enough love and attention from Mommy and Daddy, too many material goods,not enough emotional needs met,
yadda, yadda anything to give this doctor the impression he could “cure” her.

She dutifully went to her appointments and behaved properly, well until about two months into her therapy, then she changed, this was the time of the year when her parents globe-trekked for two months, leaving her alone, but her therapy was going so well, after all Dr. Martin gave them updates on just how well things were going, so they left feeling secure that everything would be alright, little did they, or Dr. Martin for that matter know what laid in store.

That appointment Veronica showed up wearing a long wrap around coat, she waited in Dr. Martin’s office and he sat down and smiled and said she could lay down on the couch and they would start their session.

“Wouldn’t you like to remove your coat?” he asked,

“Ohh, yes…I forgot.” and she stood up and took off her coat. Dr. Martin practically gasped when he saw she was wearing a short skirt and a skin tight sweater, her nipples were rock hard, just staring at him.

“Okay just lay down.” he said as he watched her breasts move slightly under that tight sweater, he knew she had no bra on, this was a big turn on to him, it always made him horny when he knew a woman was braless. She laid back and he sat in his chair at her feet and looked and saw her pink pantie crotch, it was right there he could not help but see it, he tried to ignore it but he kept going back and looking, he could see the outline of her puffy pussy lips and just a hint of the slit bewtween them. This was his biggest fetish, seeing a woman’s panties and soft big lips pouting in them.
It was an image that was always
prominent in his masturbatory fantasies.

He tried to have a normal session with her,
but it was getting increasing hard, oh the session was as getting hard as well.
So he abruptly ended it when could not stop staring at her silky covered pussy.

They set up the next appointment, his hand was shaking as he wrote it on his appointment card and handed it to her,he had no staff, oops I mean no receptionist,he
had a staff alright, a nice,big,warm, erect
staff that loved getting into tiny, wet, moist places.

Veronica showed up at the next appointment
wearing yet again a skimpy tight outfit and
she had a bag with her. She laid down and told Dr. Martin that she feared she had a terrible addiction that was ruining her life. “I never told you, but I feel I need to be honest.”

He nodded sympathetically and asked, “Is your addiction in that bag?”

“Yes Dr. Martin. May I show you?”

He said yes and she pulled out a long cylindrical object, he thought the drugs were inside of it, well until she turned it on and it started buzzing and vibrating.
She lifted her skirt up and she put it right on top of her panty covered pussy
and started masturbating. He was so surprised that he just watched in amazement and in total arousal. She moaned and opened her thighs very wide as she orgasmed. She hooked her fingers in the crotch and pulled it over revealing her wet shiny red pussy. He gasped and felt his cock pressing tight against the front of his pants. He started to lean over to touch her, or smell her,or taste her, he knew he wanted some contact with that beautiful pussy. She quickly pulled her crotch back and yelled at him, calling him a sick demented slob.

This caused him to become enraged, he knew she had set this whole tease session up, he saw it in her eyes they
way they looked at him with derision.

“You nasty, little spoiled, rotten tease!!
You little bitc
h! So this is your game huh? Well you’re not winning this game!” and he quickly stood up as did Veronica. She could see his hard on raging in his pants and it excited her, her pussy was so wet as he displayed this intense anger fueled by lust.

“Oh what are you going to fuck me?” she asked as she laughed.

“Like you have never been before!” he bellowed and he roughly turned her around and reached under her skirt to yank her panties down. She pressed back against him so that he only got them halfway down her ass, they were wrestling, getting sweaty and hornier by the second, they fell to the floor, he climbed on top of her and this where this story began where he yelled, “I am going to rape your tight, little, raw pussy, you fucking tease!”

As Veronica heard those words she wiggled her halfway bare, soft as satin ass
violently against his clothes covered erection. They humped and moved all over,he quickly kneeled backwards and unzipped his pants, he pulled them and his underwear down to his knees, his cock sticking straight out, super sensitive and in deep need of her pussy hole’s atention. He groaned when the cool air shocked his over heated sweaty cock. “Damn, little fucking cock teasing bitch!” he said as he yanked her panties all the way down over her perfect ass and nice legs, all the way off over her ankles and shoes and flung away into the air. He roughly pulled her sweater off from behind her, her stiff nipples scraped against the sweater as it was yanked off of her. She fell back down to the floor with a sensual flesh thud.

“I am going to rape your pussy hole!” he said as he roughly pulled her up by her hips positioning her in the perfect doggie position. “See if you are going to control me, oh no you won’t!” he moaned as he shoved his fat hard cock into her tight very, very wet,horny, feminine lust hole.
They both moaned as that cock slipped and slid into her tight, lubed up, horny pussy tube, he pushed all the way in, swinging his big, hairy, heavy with cum balls up under her pussy. With his dick deeply penterating her pussy he jerked and fucked her upwards, he roughly pushed her ass cheeks up with his groin and his dick with every hard upward thrust he did, he was fucking her like she had never been before!
He completely ravished her swollen, tight, wet needy pussy. He rough fucked her into total submission to him, something no man had ever done before. She was feeling all kinds of emotions, pure lust, total submission and in a strange way love for him.

This was some lusty, deep, intense fucking. Veronicas pussy was swallowing his cock over and over and drooling all over it, turning it into a wet, hard, ramrod hard
slippery veiny mass of manmeat. In and out he fucked her, calling her a slut and a tease in the process making her pussy wetter, tighter and silkier inside. “How does it feel for a man to be in control for once, Veronica? Can you handle that?” he asked grinning behind her while he pummeled her pussy hole with his cock like some crazed animal.

He pulled out and quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles, he roughly, using his knees, spread her knees wider, he looked at her sweaty, wet haired horny pussy of hers and he immediately reentered and slam fucked her pussy. All she could do was moan and bite her lip in intense gratification and push her ass back to him. He grabbed her hair and yanked her back, he got in as deep as he could in her pussy and he hunched over her and released her hair and reached under and around her and squeezed her tits in his hands massaging and holding and feeling them, the heat of his hands on them was intense,he removed one hand and using his finger he opened her pussy slit and rubbed her clit while he was deep in her pussy from behind, he held tight onto her nice firm tit with one hand, really rubbed her clit with his finger and kept his hard dick rammed deep into her wet hot snatch, she screamed as he caused her to have an almost painful orgasm, her clit was too sensitive and he just rubbed it causing her to erupt in one mind blowing, cock throttling orgasm, which made his cock erupt inside her sending his lust lava
inside of her. They fell down on the floor legs splayed out, hearts beating, sweat coating their skin.

They recovered he pulled away from her, turned her over, her tits shook by the force, he smiled, his hairline dripping with sweat, his dick so satisfied
by that fuck, he took his finger, pressed it on her drenched sore pussy and he said, ” I believe this was a very successful therapy session, don’t you agree?” All Veronica could do was nod her head and push her pussy tighter against his finger.

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