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Did super spy Anne orgasm when killed by suffocation.

Anne knew she was in a fight for her life, betrayed by her three trusted informants, she now found herself in a fight to the death with a huge Russian spy called Olga. It was obvious to the three informants that Anne was in a lot of trouble, especially Judy, who was herself a wrestler. She had seen how Olga, in one well practiced move, had ripped Anne’s mini skirt completely off and was throwing her around the room like a rag doll.

Judy watched this fight with renewed interest. She knew that Olga could win this fight and execute the French spy quicker than this. Then she saw Olga wrap one of her arms around Anne’s neck. Olga was on her back pulling Anne, who was also on her back into her. Anne’s situation had become desperate as she pulled furiously at Olga’s arm trying to get free. Olga began to laugh, “Anne I have a surprise for you”. Anne felt Olga’s hand slide down her stomach and onto her clit rubbing it in a fast circular motion. “Fuck you” Anne screamed out as she arched violently upwards and out to the side gasping out loud. Then she heard Olga’s chilling words, “I am going to suffocate you with a pillow”. Anne’s struggles got even wilder. She knew she would be suffocated if she didn’t escape from Olga’s grip.

Olga was no fool, she had done her research on Anne. She pushed her hand inside of Anne’s bikini and smiled as she felt her wetness . She knew that Anne had executed a Russian spy this way. Anne’s eyes opened wide in horror, a mixture of terror and excitement as she felt her own increasing wetness. Olga told her again that she was going to suffocate her with the pillow laying next to them. Anne’s mind was in turmoil, “oh my fucking god, got to escape, please no no”. Olga felt her fingers become soaking wet, she felt Anne twist violently from side to side trying to escape her fingers. It was to late. Olga barked an order, she told two of the informants to each grab hold of Anne’s arms and pull them wide to the side.


Anne felt her arms jerked outwards, she couldn’t move them. Then she felt Olga’s legs wrap around her waist, “oh my god” she thought, “I’m fucking trapped”. Anne tried to fight harder but Olga’s legs were restricting her movements, she could struggle but not like before. She heard Olga tell Judy to bring the pillow to her. Anne’s mind was racing like crazy,”oh my god, no, oh shit, this is it, I can’t escape, oh no, fuck no no no”. Judy looked down at Anne’s muscular well toned body as she fought wildly to escape. Anne’s body twisted and turned, her legs kicking out wildly, arching up and down. Nothing was working. Judy called out “your spying days are over bitch. Anne’s eyes opened wide in horror as she realized she couldn’t escape.


Anne felt the pillow cover her face, she felt Olga’s strong arm holding it tight pulling it in harder. For a few seconds Anne’s muffled cries could be heard coming from under the pillow, her chest rising up and down as she forced herself to breathe through the suffocating pillow. Anne’s legs were alternately sliding back and forth, her body twisting and turning wildly from side to side. Judy watched Olga’s fingers working on Anne’s clit, rubbing and caressing it between her fingers and thumb. She knew that Anne was finding it harder and harder to breathe through the pillow, her stomach was pulled right in showing off her ribs. Anne’s back began to arch backwards in a bow as she forced herself to breathe in. Her chest rising higher, her long nipples reaching upwards.

Olga was an expert at what she was doing. Anne suddenly felt the orgasmic sensations begin to get stronger, Olga’s fingers were relentless. Anne screamed silently under the pillow, “no fuck no, oh my god, agghh, agghh aaggghhh”. She was still trying to force herself to breathe in when she suddenly found herself stuck, she couldn’t breathe in or out. Anne knew her end had come, she knew what would come next.


Judy watched Anne’s hips thrust upwards, her legs sliding wide apart. Anne arched high into the air, pulling and pushing her arms in a mad frenzy trying to get free. She fell back to the floor twisting and turning bucking her hips. Anne felt her strength leave her, ” agghh, oh my god, no, aaggghhhh” her hips began gyrating and bucking furiously up and down. Olga had the palm of her hand held tight over Anne’s clit and could feel it rubbing back and forth and in tight circles as she struggled. Suddenly Olga felt Anne’s head push right back, her arms stopped trying to pull free. Only Anne’s writhing legs and gyrating hips showed she was still conscious. Judy was looking down at Anne’s final moments wondering if she was in a raging orgasm or just fighting to get free. Suddenly Anne arched upwards and fell back to the floor completely still.

Judy looked down at Anne’s clit, it was long and fully exposed her lips wide apart and soaking wet. Judy noticed how thick and bulging they were and was pretty sure she had an orgasm. Olga stood up and stared down at Anne’s body, her legs were wide apart with one pulled right back, her arms stretched out to the sides. She had eliminated four female spies this way. All had gone out the same way, Olga was pleased with her work.

I smother fight other fit female athletes and models from other countries. We use g-spot vibrators, butterfly vibes, smother pads or pillows and ties or handcuffs. The loser is usually smothered unconscious while a g-spot or butterfly vibrator is attached. The loser is usually in a raging orgasm for about 30 seconds before falling unconscious. It seems bagging has become a hit now, due to new friends and casual encounters.

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