Rasslin' My Roomie

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Barry and I were roomies for three years, but during the last six months of his stay, he made less and less secret of his interest in me. Once I walked into the common hallway and turned left to get a riveting shot of Barry thick, dark Italian buttocks quivering. He was jerking off; posing for himself in just a pair of thick white socks.
I just stood there. Barry did not pause.
“Sorry, I … Just can’t…stop”
Barry turned to face me and his thighs were jiggling and his cock was bobbing around.
“Oh man, I been fantasizing about you walkin in on me”
I stammered something as I entered his room, closing the door behind me. I was down to my white socks soon, and Barry laughed because they were the same heavy wool weave sock HE was wearing.
“Well what happens now?” I manage to sputter out and then Barry moves into me and we are all cock to thigh in a kind of bear hug.
“Aww I KNEW we would fit together like this man!!” he hissed in my ear. We kind of sauntered around on his white shag carpet in this hug. I could feel Barry’s big legs jiggle ALL OVER the mushroom tip of my 8 inches. Barry had an inch on me there as well as 30 pounds. Each time I pulled out of the hug I left a new strand of syrupy pre-cum dangling from Barry’s dusky legs like a suspension bridge.
As we locked up again, this time a deep kiss got added to a double hammerlock from me WITH the bear hug and the fit was amazing .
Full nelsons, arm bars; we tried ‘em all then I got his dark bulk down on the white rug. With a cross-body scissors, I humped my arching drippy dick across Barry’s hard nipples.
Barry started scuffing his white socked heels around. Thick jiggles buffeted through the dark meat on Barry’s legs. His White socked drooped at mid calf. AS I cupped Barry’s clean slippery 9″ he bridged up into a slow stroke that made my boyish arms ripple . Barry tossed a considerable batch of salad dressing that was dripping from his densely shuddering legs .
At that point I humped Barry a little harder felt the left side of my shaft tickle as I took in the digging white socked heels, and the subtly violent jiggles that tore so relentlessly through Barry’s tawny leg meat.
A calf dangling over the curled out top of a sweaty sock sent me over the edge and I humped out eight tickle-squirts across Barry’s chest.
And that was just my FIRST orgasm that day

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2 Responses to “Rasslin' My Roomie”

  1. Like the Jiggles

    I like the jiggles in your story.If you had ME in a body scissors. I could make you cum harder than your roomie did. I’m 5’8″ and 187 lbs.My legs are big. They jiggle ALOT.

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  2. Explorer

    You just made BOTH sides tickle reading about those relentless jiggles rolling through Barry’s dark legs…there; I believe I just had 11 tickle squirts. Nice ‘n squishy. All the jiggling is boss. Didn’t take long to get me there. Thanks

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