With a Twist

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He twisted his fist in her black hair and pulled her to him without a single ounce of gentleness. Willow yelped and looked up into the dark blue eyes of her tormenter with her pale green ones. He let a wicked smile cross his face as he stared down at her with not one drop of pity. Another squeak escaped her lips as he grapped the front of her blouse and started to tug at the top. He dragged out his cruel torture by popping the buttons one at a time down the line. She clawed at him, trying to get him to let go. Her nails barely scratched his skin as he ripped the open shirt from her body and pulled at her bra until it broke with a vicious snap, leaving red marks in her skin. A whimper escaped her throat as his eyes ran over her bared flesh hungrily and she tried to cover herself. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. Still holding her hair, he bent her head backwards and stuck his lips to her throat. He sucked at her skin, moving downwards towards her breasts, leaving developing bruises as he went. When he finally reached his goal, she cried out in a mix of agony and joy as he latched onto her breast; her struggling went unnoticed. He let his fingers detangle from her hair and he loosened his hold on her arms and immeadiately she tried to run. Just as she turned away from her attacker, he grabbed her roughly by the waist and brought her backside against him with a slam so hard he grunted in pain. Taking advantage of his moment of weakness, she tore from his grip, uncaring of the scratches his nails left on her exposed skin. Before she got three steps away, however , he knocked her down onto the floor, landing on top of her and knocking out her wind. Pinning her down with his hips, he pulled his shirt over his head. He then put one arm across her throat preventing her movement as he first kicked off his jeans and then pulled off hers. Tears fell from her eyes as he slowly started to enter her. His pace picked up quickly, and soon he came inside of her. He rolled off of Willow and sighed contentedly. He looked over at the small body of his victim and watched it start to shake and smiled. Small giggles started to escape Willows mouth, and soon turned into loud fits of laughter. She turned her head and looked at Tim and said, “I love it when we roleplay.”

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