Working for Trevor

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Hi. My name is Tyra. I consider myself to be fairly good looking. I’m a petite 5’2″ with long black hair and green eyes. I’m very slender with a nice round ass and C-cup breasts. I was recently fired from a job because I didn’t allow my boss to fuck me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but not when an SOB is trying to control me that way. After that I was pretty much broke until one evening in a club I met Trevor. When Trevor came up to me at the bar he didn’t waste time with pick up lines. He flat out told me he’s been looking for someone like me for a personal whore. I was appalled at first but he asked me to hear him out so against my better judgement, I listened to his offer. My job, if I were to accept, is to be his play thing, to fuck and be fucked anywhere, anytime, and anyway he chose. In return I’ll have a free place to stay, a car, spending allowance along with a very generous income. After thinking it over a few minutes, I figured why not? At least he’s upfront about what he wants. I can fuck and make money at the same time.

When I told him I accept, he said we should seal the deal with a demonstration from me. He lead me by the hand to the back of the club and into the mens room. He gave me $500 cash along with a piece of paper with the address I needed to report to work in the morning. After that he told me to pull my skirt up to my waist and take off my thongs. After I did he lifted me up and placed me in front of the mirror on the sink counter with one leg on the counter and he swung my other leg over his shoulder. As three men walked in I tried to bring my legs together and cover myself but his strong arms kept them where they were. He asked the men if they’d like to watch and they all nodded their heads eagerly. After that, he ignored them completely. He told me that I may be required to perform in front of many people he socializes with so I may as well get used to it. Without any other words, he started to massage my clit softly until I started to get wet. With his other hand he pulled up my top to reveal my firm breasts with nipples that were already hard with anticipation. As he worked my clit he bent down and alternately sucked and licked my nipples just the way I liked it. It didn’t take long before my juices were flowing down his hand and down my legs. I can see the three men licking their lips, each with his cock in his hand servicing himself. I didn’t care about them, I was feeling so good and so horny that I wished I had a cock shoved up my pussy at that moment. After my climax he set me on the floor and unzipped his slacks. Knowing full well what he wanted, I got down on my knees with my face right up to his hard on. Before I pulled out his cock I caressed his bulge with my hands and my mouth making him grind into me. Hearing his breathing get faster and heavier, I pulled his trouser down and released his cock from their confines. He looked into my eyes and smiled at my open admiration for his tool. I’ve had big cocks before but his was as thick around as my wrist and it must be at least nine to ten inches long. His balls were so big that I just had to lick them first. I sucked and worked my tongue all over his balls and then I slowly worked my way up his impressive manhood. When I got up to the tip, I twirled my tongue softly around and around the head of his cock until I can taste the precum. This is a cock I can truely worship.

I felt like I can’t get enough of sucking his cock so I continue for a couple more minutes until we both heard a grunting sound from two of the men by the door and as we looked, they were both shooting their loads onto the floor. At that time, Trevor pulled me to my feet. “Beg me to fuck you Tyra” he said. I looked straight into his eyes with a smile and licked my lips. “I want you to fuck me please Trevor. Your cock is so big and hard and tastes so good, please fuck me with it.” With those words, he flipped me around facing the sink mirror with my ass towards him, he slammed his giant cock into my dripping cunt full force and never slowed down. At first my pussy felt like it was ripping apart and then I got used to the fullness and wanted more. I began to match his pace, everytime he slammed into me I would push back to meet his. “Your cock feels so fucking good, please don’t stop. Keep fucking me. Oh God! Please keep fucking me.” My screams were drawing more men into the restroom but I didn’t care. I came over and over again and he was still as hard as a rock. His stamina was incredible. He was now slamming into me so hard my face was against the mirror and my rear end was lifted off the floor. I can feel the start of his orgasm as his body started convulsing and he gave one full final thrust and we both came. He shot his gigantic load into me which seem to last forever. I had cum streaming down my legs when he finally pulled out.

I couldn’t support myself on my legs so after pulling up his pants and buttoning them, he lifted me up into his arms and told me he’d take me home tonight. He turned to the audience of men and said,”I hope you enjoyed the performance. You may each fuck her once before I take her away.” I was immediately concerned because there was at least fifteen men in there. I’ve never had more than one cock at a time. Sensing my distress, he snuggled me closer to him and reassured me that everything will be all right and that what I’ll be required to do in the future may be similiar to this. He also said that I did so well tonight and he’s so happy, I’ll definitely get a bonus. So with that said, he instructed the men to line up as he again sat me on the counter with my legs spread. He had me leaning back against him holding one of my legs up. He said he wanted to see each cock as it enters my pussy. I wasn’t sure if I can fuck anymore but as the first guy shoved his dick up my cunt, Trevor was stroking my clits with his fingers and I can feel my orgasm start to build again. I came as the first man finished but I still wanted more. “Trevor, please, I want more cock. Give me more cock. Tell them to fuck me!” “You heard her.” With one hand he signaled for the next guy and began to massage my breasts and clit. Word got around the club and soon more guys were lined up at the door. My pussy was fucked by every guy that came through the door until the club closed at three in the morning. I came an endless number of times and through it all, Trevor was there personally seeing each cock shoved into my pussy and holding me through all my orgasms.

As he carried me out of the nightclub, I was just able to give him my address before I passed out.

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