Wrestling Session with Goddess Dreya

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slave jim was visiting Canada for a few weeks. he had heard about an amazing Goddess who did wrestling and domination sessions in Quebec. he sent Goddess Dreya an e-mail requesting a meeting that weekend.

She replied that Friday at 3:30 would be good for Her. he couldn’t wait to meet Her The next few days flew by; Friday morning slave jim arrived in Gatineau Quebec

At 2;30 he arrived at Her dungeon. he rang the bell and entered when She spoke. his eyes looked down at the ground, “follow Me” She commanded. he did

“Make youself comfortable i’ll be back”

He removed his outer clothes till he was in his underpants and knelt by the door. Goddess Dreya strutted in and presented Her boots for him to kiss. She wore a black thong bikini showing off Her Goddess like body and muscularity. he was 5’10” 290 with a well rounded spare tire.

Part 2 Wrestling Match

They clinched: Goddess Dreya pivoted and flipped him easily to the ground She then pounded his tire with Her boots; “whoosh” the air left his body. Goddess Dreya straddled his face and sat. She squeezed his head between Her magnificent thighs. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” he cried out.

“LOL” Goddess was starting to enjoy herself. She lay across his body; revese figure four head scissors; his head wedged between Her thighs and voluptuous muscular cheeks. he struggled to breath, and moaned in pain.

“Kiss my ass till i tell you to stop.”

he kissed She squeezed pleasure for Her pain for him. Divine. Next Goddess Dreya flipped him over; sat on his back, pulled his chin into a camel clutch.

“Please stop it hurts; i beg You Goddess”

“Stop i’m just getting started. Your job is to please Me Pain and suffering occasionally pleasure. Pleasure always for Me” “Scream slave I love it”

Part 3 Goddess Worship

“She LOL” while Her pussy throbbed with pleasure. She stood up and kicked his body so he was on his back. She placed on boot on his underwear and the other on his face.

“Look at Me; i am a Goddess. My body is a temple to be worshipped. Thre is only one correct answer to My questions; Yes Goddess Dreya. you will serve me till I decide You won’t. I own you. Beg me to lick my boot.”

“Goddess Dreya let me lick Your boots please i beg You; i will do whatever pleases You please I beg You don’t hurt me.”

“WHAT DID YOU say; don’t hurt me; If i want i will. I decide what happens you have no choice Yes Goodess is the only option for you, repeat it “Yes Goddess ” he replied.

She looked at the mirror on the ceiling. Her body glistened from the “match.” The fear in his eyes delighted Her.

She sat on his face placing his nose near Her asshole his mouth on Her holiness. His dick stood up in salute.

” You love the scent of My ass and pussy; now Kiss My ass.”
he kissed Her crotch then lavished kisses in Her crack. She ground Her hips on his face and squeezed his nose between Her cheeks. MMMMMMM She moaned in excitement.

“Maybe if your lucky i’ll let you take off my panties and lick my shit hole; you’d love that wouldn’t you?”
“Yes Goddess Dreya i’d be honored to serve Your magnificent rosebud.”

“Good boy” She replied with a beautifull smile etched acros Her features while She ran Her hand through his hair His dick bobbed and weaved at Her touch.

Part 4 Massage

“Now slave i want you to give Me a massage: start at my feet work your way up my calves thighs cheeks back shoulders arms then go down the front.”

slave jim took Goddess Dreya’s toes and massaged each one between his thumb and first finger. Then he took his thumbs and went up the soles of Her feet from the center to the side. he continued up Goddess Dreya’s muscular calves, thighs, cheeks,& back using the same stoke as he did on Her soles.

She teased his cock continually with the soles of Her feet; he moaned with pleasure and She LOL at the power She held over him.

Goddess Dreya turned over so he could work his way down.
“Tell Me a little about youself slave; start with your childhood teen etc.”

“Goddess Dreya i grew in pretty normal home one sister dad worked mom stayed home. Both my mom and sister had strong personalities; i always figured that is why i am attracted to Strong Dominant Women.

My submissive fantasies didn’t start till i was 12-13. One involves the older women young virgin. he is trained to please women with his mouth. he is reluctant to go down there but She wrestles him to the ground and “forces him to service Her with his mouth.” Most of my teen years revolved about that type of fantasy.

my first real session was in my early thirties no wrestling but foot worship smothering, collar and leash, teasing and cum eating. For the next 10 0r so years i saw Professional Dom’s for sssions and went ot scene parties in NY.

For a while i phased out of the scene but now i have decided this is who i am; i adore women there beauty intelligence sexuality strength, mental and physical, and i believe in Female Led Relationships and Female Supremacy.”

Part 5 Conclusion

“Good, enough talk and massage; time for more fun, lay down next to Me i need to pee”

Goddess Dreya straddles his face pulled Her thong aside, looked him in the eyes, smiling benevolently at him.

“Say ah here it comes’ She peed in his mouth; Gulp Gulp he quickly swallowed Her salty Golden Shower. his dick bobbed and weaved with excitement. When She was done She plopped Her magnificent cheeks on his face and had him lick Her clean; than rode his chin till She exploded;

“YES YES YES AHHHHHHH YES.” Her magnificent body shook with pleasure

“I want more: Lick the sweat form my crotch, crack, and asshole: make sure you kiss as well”

First slave jim licked Goddess Dreya’s crotch making sure he planted plenty of kisses; then he buried his face in Her crack and licked up and down while continuing to kiss; finally he placed his lips on Her asshole and sensuously kissed then licked

Goddess Dreya ground Her hips on his face and squezed with Her muscular thighs

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” he cried out; Goddess Dreya laughed heartily.

“Stick your tongue in My asshole slut Worship your Goddess.”

While continuing to kiss & lick slave jim pushed his tongue into Goddess Dreya’s rosebud. Her muskiness overwhelmed him; he loved Her scent. His cock gave it away.

he moved his tongue round and round then in and out.

Goddess Dreya moaned with excitement: She played with Her clit and continued squezzing slave jim’s head between Her magnificent thighs while She enjoyed multiple gigantic orgasms.

She climbed off his face and surveyed the scene from the mirror above them; his face was red sweaty and coated with Her cum; his dick hard and frustrated with pre cum on the tip.

She felt like a Goddess; after relaxing for a few minutes She had slave jim crawl and get Her strap on and harness. he carried the strap on in his mouth and the Harness around his neck.

he slid the harness up Her magnificent body to Her hips and put the strap on in place.

Godess Dreya had a huge grin on Her face as She relaxed and watched him like a cat watches a mouse.

“Suck it bitch” She said as She grabbed his ears and pulled his mouth to the huge head.

She placed Her legs over his shoulders and watched him move his mouth all the way to the hilt & back down repeatedly

“Lick it Lick It good”

he licked the bottom fo the huge cock first lying on his back; then on his belly licked the head and top.

Goddess Dreya pulled on his leash and dragged him to Her horse. She tied him in place and lubed his ass and Her toy. She slowly and sensuously fucked his man pussy for 30-40 minutes than started pounding him.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he cried out as She teased his cock with Her fingers.

They both exploded.

Goddess Dreya climbed out of Her harness and slowly walked to his face and coated hs lips nose and chin with his cum while feeding him the remainder.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA” she laughed as he wrinkled his face in disgust.

Suprises Surprise his dick got hard while Goddess Dreya fed him his cum.

The end

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