A New Beginning

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Chapter Six: Ariel And Her Uncle Hal

All during dinner, I was trying to determine what Ariel had in mind. I guessed she’d been turned on by the spanking and I wondered where she wanted things to go. It was obvious she was trying to turn me on and thus far, she was succeeding. When we finished eating, Ariel asked, “You’re not mad at me now are you Uncle Hal?”

“No Ariel, I’m not mad. You took your punishment. As far as I’m concerned, that cleared the slate.”

“Good, I’m glad. You don’t mind doing what I asked…you know…rubbing some cream on my bottom. I mean, you don’t think I’m being a baby because of it do you?”

“No, I don’t think that at all. If you want, I’ll take care of that now.” Ariel nodded and I said, “OK, bring the pillow and come on upstairs.”

Ariel followed me up to the spare bedroom. I took the pillow from her and placed it in the center of the bed. Then, I said, “Lay across the pillow on your tummy and I’ll get some lotion from the bathroom.”

When I returned with the lotion, Ariel had removed her blouse and panties. She was lying on her tummy over the pillow. Her sexy little butt was elevated on perfect display. She looked up at me over her shoulder and asked, “Is this OK Uncle Hal?” Was it OK? Damn, it was wonderful! Ariel was one sexy looking little babe! Her thick dark auburn hair fanned out over her shoulders. Her skin was creamy white and flawless. Her hips flared out provocatively below her slim waist. Her firm little buttocks curved up into two perfectly rounded mounds and her legs were very nicely shaped. My cock was getting rock hard just at the sight of her.

I went over to the bed and squeezed some lotion into the palm of one hand. I set the container down on the floor and rubbed the palms of my hands together. I bent down over Ariel and began to massage the lotion into her firm mounded little buttocks. In a few moments, Ariel sighed and said, “Mmmm that feels so good Uncle Hal.”

I moved my hands down the backs of Ariel’s thighs and then slowly brought them back up on the insides of her thighs. Ariel sighed again and shifted her sexy legs apart, giving me a good view of her pussy. Her pouting pussy lips were partially open, revealing the moist pink sweetness within. There was a sparse patch of dark fuzz surrounding this treasure and I could see that Ariel’s little clit was already slightly swollen. I couldn’t resist the temptation. In a moment, my tongue was sliding into Ariel’s hot moist love nest. As I began to lightly run the tip of my tongue over her clit, I could feel Ariel begin to wiggle her little butt, as she moaned softly, “Oh God yes.”

Ariel shifted her legs further apart and as I glanced up from my position between them, her puckered little asshole was in my direct line of sight. Here was another invitation I couldn’t resist. I brought my thumb up and gently probed Ariel’s little elastic nether orifice. She cried out just a little, as her puckered rim expanded to accommodate this entrance. Due to the lubrication from the lotion on my fingers, the penetration was considerably eased and soon, I had my thumb well planted in Ariel’s tight little asshole. As I continued to stimulate her clit, I thrust my thumb in deeper. Now, Ariel began to gyrate her little butt, kick her legs and moan in ecstasy. Within a few more moments, she cried out in ecstasy, as I brought her to an explosive orgasm.

My level of arousal was so high now, I felt as if I was going to explode and I frantically got undressed. When Ariel looked back and saw my lust engorged cock. She said in a fearful tone, “I’ve never done it…you know…all the way.” Then looking at my stiff shaft she said, “It’s really big.”

I replied, “Thanks for the compliment, but it’s just average. Don’t worry. You’ll handle it OK. It’s what you want isn’t it? That’s what all of this was about, right?”

“I…I guess so. Yes it’s what I want.”

I got onto the bed beside Ariel, rolled her onto her back and tossed the pillow aside. Ariel’s tits were small, but perfectly shaped. I leaned over and ran my tongue over her hard little nipples. At the same time, I moved a hand down between Ariel’s legs and stroked her clit. In almost no time, I had her back to a high level of excitement and I slipped a finger into her hot little love tunnel. I moved my finger around slowly stretching the entrance of her tight pussy. In time, I moved down between Ariel’s sexy legs and guided the head of my cock into her pussy. She stiffened as I thrust my cock slowly inward. I said, “Relax, it’s going to be OK.” I thrust in a little more and Ariel cried out as I contacted her taut hymen. I pulled back slightly. Then quickly thrust forward, breaching the last barrier to our sensual fulfillment.

Meanwhile over at McDonalds, Jamie was slogging through another night of abject misery. “Would you like some fries with that order?” she asked a big beefy dude, who was wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket.

His surly response was, “Fuck no bitch! If I wanted some fucking fries, I would have ordered them! Did you hear me ask for any fucking fries? I knew I shouldn’t have stopped in this hick burg. I figured I’d have to deal with a bunch of fucking morons.”

As Roy observed this exchange from his spot by the drive thru window, his face began to turn a brighter shade of red than it normally was. Suddenly, he threw down the bag of burgers and fries he was holding and charged out of his place of concealment. He squeezed around the end of the counter and out into the line of customers, knocking a few of them aside, as he approached Mr. Motorcycle. Roy yelled, “Hey asshole, you can’t talk to my girlfriend like that!”

Mr. Motorcycle turned to face Roy and shouted, “What fucking freak show did you escape from blubber guts?”

Roy didn’t intend to be insulted in front of Jamie and throwing caution to the wind, he charged Mr. Motorcycle. It took Mr. Motorcycle a second or two to react to Roy’s 400 pound-plus body coming his way at full tilt and that was just a bit too long. Even moving at a very slow speed, a freight train can do some significant damage. Roy bowled Mr. Motorcycle over like an avalanche hitting a pine sapling on a mountainside. When he hit the hard tile floor, Mr. Motorcycle’s head cracked like a cue ball on the break shot. Too bad, he wasn’t wearing his helmet. Things might have turned out differently. Mr. Motorcycle was seeing stars and everything began to spin around. Just as he was about to checkout of consciousness for a little while, Mr. Motorcycle saw Roy getting ready to do a belly flop down on top of him. At this point, he popped the clutch on his idling brain and his body began to respond. He rolled across the floor away from Roy and tripped up a very old man who had just hobbled into the front door of McDonalds.

Now this particular old man recently had an operation, which required the installation of a drain for his bladder. At the time, he had said to his wife, “Now my pecker isn’t even good for pissing out of.”

His wife had responded, “It’s a real shame too because that’s all it ever was good for.” (But all of that has nothing to do with this story.)

Due to the operation, there was a very full bag of piss attached to the old man’s leg under his baggy pants. When the old coot fell, the piss bag exploded and sent a gusher of stale piss spewing out all over Mr. Motorcycle. He let out a yell of rage and tried to scramble to his feet, but he slipped on the piss-soaked floor, tripped over the old man and crashed head first through the door. His forward momentum sent him tumbling head over heels out into the parking lot. He staggered to his feet and made a mad dash for his Harley. Within seconds, Mr. Motorcycle was nothing more than a pungent fading memory on Bentleyville’s landscape.

As the commotion was nearing its conclusion, Miss Kilbane came charging out of her office. She screamed, “God damn you Roy, get that pis
s cleaned up and then get your fat ass back to the drive thru!”

By now, the old man
had struggled up onto his feet. Miss Kilbane noticed Mr. Motorcycle’s order still sitting on the counter. She grabbed it up and took it over to the old coot. She handed it to him and said, “Sorry for your trouble pop. Here, take this. It’s on the house, but wait till you get home before you drink that large coke.”

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