Battlestar Erotica: Breaking the Habit

“I’m sorry, captain, but you realize we cannot take sides.”

“But you must realize that you are involved, whether you want to be or not. The Sx’Non will come for you meerely because you are human, and the will not care whether you take sides or not.”

“I’m sorry, Captain,” the Mother Superior repeated, “but the Convent of Corvisi Ri must remain neutral. It is our way.”

“Even if it means your death?”

“The Lord will provide for us, Captain, so yes, even if it means our death, we will remain neutral. It is our way.”

Captain Illballya exhaled heavily as he stood with his compatriots minutes later outside the convent walls. “What are we going to do now?” asked Starfuck. “We need that key.”

“I know,” the man said. “I know,” but even as he was saying it, something else caught his attention. “Hold on,” the man said, “I think maybe I know someone who can help.”

The girl was standing in a corner watching the three Viper pilots talked but she stiffened just a bit when she saw Illballya separate himself from the group and come her way.

“What’s your name?” he asked the young nun.

“M-m-maria,” the girl stammered.

“You’ve been watching us,” Illballya told her.

“No, I haven’t,” she shot back defensively

The captain just smiled. “Yes, you have. You weren’t the one who admitted us into the convent but you were standing nearby and you followed us. You were standing outside the Mother Superior’s office when we left, and now, you’re here.”

“Well, maybe I was following just a bit. I was … was … curious.”

“Curious, huh? How old are you, Maria?”

“I’m eighteen.”

“Ever been with a man before?”

The girl was shocked. “No, of course not.”

The fighter pilot just smiled at the girl. “I think you want something, Maria, and I think I have what you want.”

“Like what,” the girl asked breathlessly.

The Viper pilot grabbed the young woman’s and his hand closed over hers, holding her hand in a fist even as he slipped a finger in the hole in the center. “This is what you want,” he told her.

The girl just stared at the fighter pilot’s finger as it slid between her fingers.

The pilot opened her hand and the she slid it down over the front of his jeans. “This is what you want,” he told the girl.

“B-b-but it wouldn’t be right.”

The man continued to rub her hand over his hardened shaft. “Nevertheless, this is what you want. You know it and I know it. It’s only a matter of time before you give in.”

The girl drew in a sharp breath but she didn’t say anything. She just let the pilot continue to rub her hand over his cock.

“You know you want it,” the man told her and Maria just whimpered pitifully.

The young nun didn’t say anything as the captain opened his fly or as he pushed her hand inside, but then her hand squeezed the man’s cock and she looked up at him with bright eyes as she squeezed his cock once more.

She didn’t say anything as the Viper pilot led her away or as the men led her to a small motel room. She didn’t say anything as the man led her inside, and she didn’t say anything as he started to remove his clothes.

But then her little hand was on his cock again and she stroked his member even as his hands started to remove her clothes.

She was standing her in just her bra and panties, and then the catch on the bra opened and she wasn’t even wearing that. She looked at the man breathlessly, knowing what would come next, and then her panties were down and she was naked, all except for a necklace with a little, gold cross. The fighter pilot fingered the cross and then he let it fall back against the young girl’s skin. “Keep that on,” he told her, “as a reminder of what you are about to do. I’m sure it will embarass you to keep that on, and I have a feeling that that embarassment will make you even hotter.”

The little gold cross was like fire as it rested there around the young girl’s neck. It did burn and she did feel ashamed. How could she be letting this happen to her, she wanted to know, and yet, even as she wondered that, she also knew that the man was right. Her shame would make her hotter.

The man turned the young nun around and then he was pressing his body up against her from behind, and the girl moaned as she felt the man’s cock pressing against her back side.

“You like this,” the man told her. “You like feeling my cock.”

Maria had trouble admitting that, even to herself, but then she didn’t have to admit it. Her moans did that for her.

“Yeah,” the pilot told her even as he continued to stroke his cock over her back side, “you like this cock. I knew you would.”

Maria still couldn’t say anything, but her moans said it all.

“Yeah, I’ll bet this little girl wants to feel this big, fat cock in her hungry, little pussy.”

He was right. Maria knew it. She was dirty and low. She was betraying her faith, but she did want it. She wanted that cock in her cunt and she wanted it more than anything in the entire world.

The man seemed to sense her need because he pushed her down on the bed and then he was mounting her from behind and Maria felt his cock slide between her legs, and Maria felt his cock move towards her little, unused hole.

Maria moaned as her hole resisted that cock, but the man would not be denied. She felt the head of his cock slide between her tight lips and then it popped out, but then it was back again, and it was pressing even harder and Maria felt that cock moving inside her and she groaned again. He was going to do it. She was going to get fucked.

The man groaned as his cock pushed even deeper into that tight, little cunt and then he was pushing again. He felt the girl’s cunt relent just a bit and then he was pushing his cock back and shoving it inside her again.

Maria gasped as her pussy took that cock. Her pussy was getting filled with cock and it felt so incredibly good.

The captain continued to pummel that young pussy with his cock and the girl’s moans were all he had to hear. She moaned on every inward thrust and then gasped as he pulled his cock back only to again moan as her pussy took his cock again and again and again.

The girl couldn’t help herself. She just couldn’t help it. She loved that cock. She loved feeling it in her pussy. She loved it so much.

The man pulled his cock back and the girl moaned at its removal. She needed to be fucked and she needed it bad.

“I knew you’d like that,” the man told her. “Now turn your ass over because I’ve got something else I know you’re going to like.”

Maria moaned even as she turned herself over. She knew she could not resist.

The man was straddling the girl’s body even as his hands strangled his cock. The girl looked up at the man and at the big purple head of his cock. “Push your tits together,” the man told her.

Maria did as she was told even as she watched the man pull on his cock.

The captain groaned even as he continued to jack his cock. He pulled on his shaft harder and longer and he moaned again and his cock exploded, sending cum surging up out of his balls and sending it rocketing down his rigid shaft.

Maria moaned as she took the man’s cum on her breasts and then he was cumming again, and he shot even more of the stuff all over her breasts. The man groaned again and even as he did, he shot even more of his cum over the young woman’s little, golden cross.

Maria moaned again as that cock continued to cum. It made her so hot to have this man cumming on her and she was glad he hadn’t done it in her pussy.

The flow from the man’s cock began to wane and still the man continued to stroke his shaft. Finally though, the man released his hold on his cock, and then he reached down and he extracted the girl’s lit
tle, golden cross from the puddle of cum on her chest. “It looks like your cross is all soaked in cum,” the man told her.

Maria felt embarassed. How could she have let this happen to her, she wondered, and y
et, even as she wondered it, she knew she liked it and she knew she wanted it.

“You ever sucked a cock before?” the man asked, and Maria shook her head.

“Well, you’re going to suck one now,” he told her. “Go ahead and suck it and make me hard.”

The girl just looked up at the man with big, wide eyes, but as soon as the man’s cock touched her lips, the young woman opened her mouth and she sucked him right in.

The girl was a natural. She took the whole length of the captain’s rod and she sucked him all the way in, and then she let her tongue go to work on the man’s shaft. She paid special attention to the tip of the man’s shaft, especially when she found out just how much she could make the man groan, and then she just kept comng back to it, over and over again.

Damn, the captain thought, this little vixen sure could suck cock, and he was sure that if he let her, she’d keep on sucking him until she had him filling up her hungry, little mouth with his cream. But as much as he wanted to do just that, the captain knew he had a job to do.

He pulled his cock from the girl’s mouth and he slapped it gently across her full lips. “So you like sucking cock,” the man taunted her and the girl eagerly nodded.

“Well then, if you like that, let’s see how you like this,” and even as he said that, the man was moving his cock down and then he was sliding it between the girl’s legs and he was pushing it deep inside her tight, little cunt.

Maria moaned lustily as she took that cock inside her pussy and then she moaned again as the man pushed himself inside her cunt. She loved that cock. She really, really did, and that man could fuck her for as long as he wanted. However long he wanted was just fine with her.

The captain groaned as he stroked his cock inside the young nun’s pussy. Damn, he thought, he wouldn’t have minded having a whole lot more time with her, but the truth was he was on a tight schedule, almost as tight as this girl’s cunt, and he couldn’t afford to dick around with her. He needed information and he needed it now.

“Yeah, you like that,” the captain taunted the girl. “You like this cock. You like getting fucked.”

Maria could only moan as the man continued to jam his cock in her cunt. The man was wrong. She didn’t just like it. She loved it. She moaned again. She loved it so much.

“Yeah, that’s right,” the man taunted her. “You need this dick, don’t you. You need this dick. Say it. You need this dick.”

Maria moaned as the man stuck her with his cock yet again. Her hands fondled her tits as that cock moved inside her yet again. “I need that dick,” the girl moaned. “I need that dick.”

The man worked his cock inside that tight, little cunt yet again. “Yeah, you need this dick.”

“I need that dick,” Maria moaned in confirmation. “I need that dick.”

The captain could feel the cum welling up inside him but he didn’t have what he needed just yet. He would have to hold it back for a just a little longer.

The captain pulled his cock from between the girl’s legs. “Get up on your hands and knees,” he told her. “I’m going to fuck you like the little bitch you are.”

Maria was too far gone to resist the man. She did as she told and she climbed up onto her hands and knees and she offered up her pussy to the man, hoping that he would fuck her at least one more time.

Maria moaned as she felt the captain’s hands on her ass and then she moaned again as she felt his cock slide between her legs. “The key,” the captain said even as he drove his cock inside her again. “We need the key.”

The young nun moaned as her cunt took that cock. She moaned again. She would do anything for that cock. She felt the necklace, the one with the little cum-covered, golden cross on it, swing as her body rocked to the motion of that cock. She could feel it bouncing against her chest and it shamed her, and yet, and yet, it was so good. It was so fucking good.

The young woman moaned again. “To get past … to, oh geez, to get past the … the … the dark matter, go straight on towards the Jhevani binary system, then veer left at … at … oh shit … at a million kilometers. Steer on and through, the … the … the Pulkassi system, then hard right towards the … the … Laronno pulsar. Pass the pulsar with no more … with no more than … than two million kilometers … on the left, and you clear the dark matter field.”

The woman was moaning loudly now. She had done everything she had to do. There was nothing more she could do, so there was only one more thing that needed doing. The captain picked up the speed of his fucking and the girl moaned as her body rocked to the rhythm of that thumping cock. She needed to … she needed to …

The girl screamed as her body surrendered to the inevitable, and even as her body surrendered to that cock, she felt the Viper pilot fill her little wanton hole with his seed, and the young nun sobbed again. She didn’t know. She didn’t know. She didn’t know that getting fucked could feel so good.

Somehow, she knew he’d made her pregnant and she didn’t care. She couldn’t be a nun now and she didn’t want to. Getting fucked was just too hard a habit to break.

to be continued …

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