Cycle In The Country

I am a keen road racer (bicycles) I am a member of local club and we go training every weekend. This particular Sunday there was a meet and I was not able to go, but I woke early and decided to go for a training ride, only forty miles sixty-five kilometres. I have a Merida Road 901-24, its an aluminium frame and carbon forks helps to reduce the vibration form rough road surfaces, I set off and was soon in the countryside, about half an hour into my run, I needed to spend a penny so pulled of the road and into a wood, I had gone about fifteen feet into the wood, pulled my shorts down and released my stream. I was shaking the last drops when I heard moaning, so I went to investigate.

Keeping quiet I crept another twenty feet and in a small clearing, a couple were having sex. She was blonde wearing a flowery skirt and nothing else that I could see. She was not an average build, she was very cuddly, and from the glances I saw of her face she looked to be in her 40’s. She was on her hands and knees, her large breasts swung, as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. He sat with his legs out resting against a tree, he pulled the blonde up off his cock, she straddled him and lowered herself on to his massive erection. I heard her panting s she sank lower, his massive cock stretching her labia, she was having an effect on me my cock grew and pressed uncomfortably within the confines of my tight spandex cycling shorts. I eased the shorts down enough to free my rampant cock, my hand encircled the throbbing flesh, my eyes never leaving the woman bouncing on the cock buried deep inside her. Her companion held her breasts to stop them bouncing, I stroked my cock slowly not wanting to cum, I was after all just easing the pressure in my shorts. Suddenly she let out a loud ‘Aaaaahhhh’, and stopped moving gripped her companion and held on, she rocked slightly and after a few moments, she straightened and his cock plopped out of her pussy, she clamped her hand against her pussy obviously savouring the intense sensations which must have been coursing through her. It could have been minute or it could have been five, I was admiring he large saggy breasts, imagining my cock between them humping, her tongue licking my cock as it poked out of the deep cleavage, culminating in a facial of hot creamy cum, all the time my hand was moving on my organ. I must have closed my eyes in my imagery of the it fuck, opening them just in time to see the woman disappearing into the woods across the clearing, seconds later a car door closed and an engine started, the car drove off.

A deep bass voice said, ‘You can come out now she’s gone’.

I stepped out from behind the tree, and stammered out an apology, ‘I.I.I.I. was just you know when I heard, sorry’.

The man still sitting on the ground his back to the tree, beckoned me over I took a few steps, he was stroking his cock which glistened with the woman’s pussy cum, he was still rock hard, ‘You must have liked what you we seeing’, he said, as he nodded towards my crotch.

I was standing my cock still in my fist, slowly pumping it up and down, I released my cock it was almost like it had become electrically charged, it bobbed in front of me like a traitor.

The man still stroked his cock, ‘Come here, touch it, I know you want too your cock is giving you away’, he smiled as he spoke.

I said, ‘I was not like that’, adding, ‘not that I have anything against them’, as he looked like he could have crushed me with one hand, and I feared offending him.

‘Ok’, he said, ‘See you’.

I was rooted to the spot, I wanted to go, but my legs would not work, my eyes string straight at his cock, it was a lot longer than mine at 8.6 inches and nearly 6 inch in circumference. It was covered with bulging veins, the foreskin peeled over the bulbous head , the hole in the crown seeped a clear fluid. He was muscular with a broad chest and a deep eight pack stomach, he was a handsome man with a long curly jet black hair his whole body tanned, he had no hair on his body. I was transfixed watching his hand moving on hiss cock.

His voice broke through my trance and he said, ‘Since your staying take those shorts off and come over here’.

I pushed my shorts down to my ankles and kicked them off, I was standing in a wood naked from the waist my cock pointing skyward staring at a guy slowly pumping his cock.

‘Come on over here, you can touch it, if you want or you can just sit and look at it’, he whispered in his deep bass voice.

I walked the twenty feet to stand next to this Adonis, he took my hand and gently pulled me down beside him, I could feel the heat from his leg as my leg almost touched his.

‘What’s your name’? he asked.

Before I could lie I had told him, John Hammond.

‘Well, John, you have a lovely mouth, kiss me baby’, he said, casually.

His voice turned me on even more, I had never ever thought about men before, but he was different, my cock was throbbing like it had never did before with a woman, my tummy had butterflies, I so wanted to be with his man, I reached over and my lips touched his, as his hand touched my cheek and his tongue met mine. I accepted his tongue into my mouth and he swirled it round and then I felt his hand on my ass kneading my butt. I reached out and my hand touched his hot smooth veined cock it was wet, and I rubbed the foreskin up and down, he stopped kissing and began licking my neck, as one hand went under me and he rubbed between my butt cheeks.

This lasted only a minute before he pressed my shoulders down till my face was directly facing his cock, suck me baby he intoned his voice like black velvet, if I was a woman I would have surely flooded my pussy. I only hesitated for a fraction of a second before I lick my first cock, he tasted of pussy and as I was to discover cum. I wanted to please this stranger, this male stranger, I wrapped my lips round the huge tip as my hand moved along the shaft. He pushed a finger into my mouth and I suckled on it as well as his cock, he took the finger and rubbed it round my virginal anus and then in one short sharp jab he embedded his finger past my anal sphincter and was slowly rotating it, my ass clamped closed holding the intruding digit. I was sucking on his cock as hard as I could, taking as much as I could into my mouth, it felt magical on my tongue, smooth and hot cock, he gave me a little nudge, I looked up at him, he warned me to mind my teeth, which were occasionally scraping his thick shaft.

‘Lick my balls baby’, he cooed.

I lifted his heavy cock up against his flat belly and lapped his ball sack,

‘Lower, babe’, he smiled.

I licked under his balls sack, the taste slightly bitter. After a minute he asked me to sit on his cock, looking at it and having just had his finger in my ass I was not sure I could do it, but he told me to stand up. I obeyed without thinking and he bent me over he spat on my anal opening and with what felt like four fingers, although it was only two he pressed both into me, tear rose in y eyes as he rotated his fingers widening my ass. Play with your cock baby and I’ll open your ass I reached for my cock and began pumping. My male lover was working my ass spitting to lube me up. Aaaahhh, more pain more intense.

‘Take it babe’, he said. ‘Cum on my hand John’.

My cock erupted and he held his hand for my cum, jet after jet spurted from the eye, which he caught and then he rubbed the cum over my sore ass and rubbed the cum on his cock. He pulled me over his outstretched legs and had me squat, he positioned his cock against my asshole and made me squat further his cock stretching the tender tissues of my hole. He pressed a little more and an other half inch nudged past my burning opening, I had as much as I could manage a mere two inches. He snaked his hand between my spread legs and fondled my semi hard cock which respond
ed and grew he began moving his hand on my cock, I lifted and sank gently on his tool jammed firml
y in my ass, I tried to relax as I moved down his stiff cock. I could not take it any longer and stood up his cock made a loud popping noise as he left my hole red sore and gaping.
I turned straddled him and took him into my mouth and sucked, his cock tasted very bitter but I was past caring I wanted him to cum, I wanted to taste his precious seed slipping down my throat coating my tongue. He did not disappoint me his large hand gripped my neck and he forced me down on his rampant cock, I thought e was going to suffocate me with his cock, which seemed to bulge more as he released a long stream of cum into my wanton mouth. When he finished cumming he released my neck and I gasped for breath, tear flooded from my eyes, but I sucked on the tip of his cock milking every last drop. Somewhere in the final moments my own cum erupted for the second time, my emissions landed on his tight well formed stomach, he made me clean up all my cum lapping and sucking it from his body.

When I finished I flopped onto the ground breathing rapid my mind in turmoil, just what had I done, I was not gay, but the evidence of my shrivelled cock, his semi hard cock and the wonderful taste of cum in my mouth and the aroma of it in my nostrils, not to mention the pain radiating from my ravished asshole.

My male lover stood he was well over six foot tall, he pulled his clothes on and walked out of the clearing into the woods and then a car started and drove away. I hobbled over to my cycling shorts and pulled them on, but before I could ride my bike I had to wrap a towel round the saddle. Eventually I reached home hung my bike up and ran a hot bath and settled into the hot water closed my eyes and saw his cock waving in front of my eyes my cock rose to attention and my hand wrapped round it an I began masturbating, as I remembered the details of my morning ride.

I came weakly the cum no more seeped from the tip, I heard the door opening my wife called out, I answered her telling her I was in the bath.

‘Want company#, she called back.

‘I’d love it, but I think I pulled an muscle, I’ll just let the water ease it’, I called.

‘Deep Heat, is in the cabinet’, she replied, ‘but you will have to sleep in the spare room, I don’t want that smell in the bedroom’.

‘That’s OK’, I called back.

I had reached a turning point in my life, I had tasted forbidden fruit and I knew I wanted to try it again. But, I was not ready to walk away from my current life, so began my parallel life. John the husband and James the bisexual.

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