"Fox Hunting"

It was that time again for Johnson Hall’s tradition of fox hunting. Every year, all the freshman at this SUNY Oswego school get together at sundown and go out for a night “hunt”. The hall was divided into groups of black and white.

The whole premise of this game is for the black team, the hunters, to catch all of the white team, the fox, and win. In the case that there is at least one person in the white team not caught, the fox win by default.

I don’t know whether it was a blessing that I was belong to the white team but it was proving hard to find a hiding place when your sweater is glowing in the dark like that lighthouse by Lake Ontario.

My original plan was to climb a tree and wait for the wave of hunting students to die down. As I looked around for a nice tree with sturdy branches and thick foliage, I found myself by the shore, the breaking waves loud in my ears. I fumbled around, using my hands as my guide in the darkness because the new moon was covered by thick clouds.

As my hands felt around a thicket of dry twigs, they broke through and I was falling forward. Fear was the utmost in my mind. As my whole body fell through, I felt big strong arms catch my falling form!

The same hands covered my mouth as its owner whispered in my ears, “Hush, you don’t want to get caught now, do you my little fox?” Footsteps crunched in the sand between us and the thin barrier of twigs and drying leaves. We were in a little secluded sandy cave.

My head bobbed vehemently in acceptance. I would do anything to win, I am competitive by nature. I want my team to win!

The voice whispering to me sounded very familiar. I turned around, feeling his muscular arms with my questing hands. His husky laugh rumbled in his muscled chest as I discovered his identity.

“Andrew!” I exclaimed. I felt mixed emotions course through me. I wasn’t supposed to get caught, my team depended on me to stay free and clear. Andrew was with the black team, this is not good. Nonetheless, he still has to take me to their “lair” and I will not go without a fight!

“Shhhh…” he said again. Then he kissed me! The same guy I called my close friend whom I trust in my alcohol deliriums to not take advantage of me.

His kiss was unexpectedly gentle. His lips was firm yet soft against mine. His tongue teased the seam between my lips, waiting for an invitation to come in.

Oh my god, I thought. I didn’t know he felt that way about me. Yes, we party a lot, going to rushes and even dancing dirty on the floor with each other. And yes, I do tease him a bit, grinding on his really sexy body, trying to get a rise out of him. More often than not, I did. I have always attributed that to alcohol, so I paid it no heed. I mean, he’s a really fit guy, cut in the right places and quite handsome. Who wouldn’t want to? He has light brown hair that he kept cropped really short, that they feel like soft bristles when I run my fingers through them. And his eyes, just the lightest browns I wanted to drown in many an occasion!

As I opened my mouth to ask him why he was doing this, he took that opportunity and thrust his tongue. A jolt of electricity shot through me. Unexpectedly, my own tongue moved in its own volition and met his. His moist tongue met mine in a duel as his hands explored my body hungrily.

His hands found its way under my white sweater and there was a slight pause as he discovered my bra or lack of it. He groaned in the dark as his big, strong hands gently grasped my breasts, rubbing his palms against the hardened nipples.

There was a flurry of movement as bodies were bared and clothes thrown in a haphazard pile on the sandy floor. On this pile, Andrew laid me. He kissed my neck and trailed a wet path to my aching breasts. He licked each hardened nipples before taking them in his mouth and sucking on them like a thirsty marathon runner.

A shiver ran through me, leaving goosebumps all over my heated flesh. He followed these raised flesh all the way to my cleanly shaved pussy. He spread my lips with one hand and touched my clit with the tip of his tongue. A moan escaped my lips as he took this raised flesh in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.

My legs tightened around his head as I came so fast, so unexpectedly! My juices flowing out of me like a torrent of rain in April. I masturbate about every day but nothing compared to having a man’s tongue and lips giving me release in the most basic way. My baths and showers will never be the same again. I doubt I will come out of this unscathed, my virginity hanging by a thin thread.

I felt his lips against me turn up in a smile. As he slithered up my still quivering body, I too smiled. Like a cat that just lapped up fresh thick cream, I stretched languidly and welcomed his weight on me.

He kissed me again and I taste myself on him. It was a sweet, salty, tangy taste, a huge turn on. How could I refuse when he grabbed his heavily erect penis and rubbed the swollen head against my wet nether lips? This guy is well hung, I couldn’t have picked my first to hurt so bad, I thought dimly. I swear, the many times I ground myself on him and got a rise out of him, the erection I felt through his pants was halfway down his knee. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great tease!

I braced myself for the onslaught but he was just content with rubbing himself on my ultra sensitive clitoris and swollen lips. I relaxed a bit and was responding more and more to his kisses. I caught his lower lips between my teeth and nipped. He answered back by gently thrusting the swollen head of his penis between my wet folds.

“Oh god, you’re so tight!” He groaned against my ear. Without warning he reared back and thrust himself all the way in! My maidenhead stood no chance against his hard, thrusting cock. I stiffened just a bit as I adjusted to his immense size. God, I felt so full, I think I’m going to burst!

Andrew kissed my neck then licked my ear, while he gently rocked his hips. My fingers dug into his back as his thrusts got a little rougher. It still hurts a bit but that was quickly forgotten as an overwhelming feeling of excitement coursed through me. Starting at the juncture where my body was connected to his, it spread like a warm hot chocolate all over me on an icy December night.

The walls of my vagina tightened around his jutting cock in the midst of a powerful orgasm. I submitted fully to his rocking hips, thrusting my own to meet his every move, taking him deeply inside of me, every single inch of his hard, long, velvet covered steel.

“Oooohhhh, yessssssssssss!” I almost yelled out loud. And to think his mouth was the best orgasm I’ve ever had!

I wasn’t even finished with my climax when he had turned me over onto my hands and knees. This guy is insatiable! And talented, he completed the maneuver without separating us, in my mind’s eye I see two dogs post coitus and couldn’t get disconnected.

It was so hot, he was so hot! And deep. Shit, I exclaimed into the sandy floor as I felt him so deep inside me. It doesn’t seem possible but I might have ripped again for the second time. It hurts, hurts so good. I think he’s splitting me in two! My body was confusing pain with pleasure as Andrew started moving his hips in sure and deep strokes. He was also hitting that spot in me that you can liken to a switch. After the head of his slippery cock butted against it a few times I was orgasmic, again. Multiorgasmic! I was coming again and again, I lost count.

He reached down and grabbed a hold of my long black hair, pulling me back hard against him, almost like he was forcing me to keep taking his pounding. Stroke for stroke, my climax washed over me, over and over. My who
le body tightened, my toes curled into the sand, my legs quivered uncontrollably and I was milking him for
what he’s worth!

He groaned like he was in pain and I felt his penis swell even more in my tight hole. He pulled out at the last minute and grabbed himself as his semen streamed out of his convulsing cock and onto my buttocks and back. He kept stroking himself until the last drop spurted out of him.

I fell forward and Andrew followed right next to me on the sand. He stroked my moist body, as I laid there, speechless. What the fuck just happened?

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    Good story you got there……..hope you will keep them coming. :)

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