Hermione's Deathly Hallows

“How’s it going today Harry?” asked Hermione
“Bad Hermione, Lord Voldemort’s going to attack soon now that Dumbledore’s…”


“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Screamed Harry.
“Those were your last words, Harry Potter” Lord Voldemort snaked as he raised his wand to cast his deadly spell. As the beam of red light flew from the tip of his wand straight at Harry, Hermione jumps in front of Harry and deflects the spell. “What are you doing girl, you don’t stand a chance.” Voldemort quickly strikes again with a spell that knocks Harry out.
It’s late at night and Hermione was out looking for Harry, dressed in nothing but her silk Gryffindor nightgown, which ended in a skirt and fluttered in the breeze half way down here thigh. “You might think so, but I’m willing to do anything to stop you.” Suddenly, Hermione cast a spell. A beautiful pink light filled the air all around the two of them. Voldemort tried casting spells to rid the air of the pink light but nothing would work.
Suddenly, the pink light enveloped Voldemort in a bright, solid pink aura. Voldemort could not escape. The light slowly shrunk, shrinking Voldemort along with it. The ball of light moved, and dissolved into a stream that poured between Hermione’s legs and up her pussy. Hermione shrieked with a small jolt of pleasure, unable to keep her cheeks from blushing. The more Voldemort struggled to break free from her spell, the more pleasure Hermione felt. She never could have imagined how strong of a wizard Voldemort was, but now she didn’t have to imagine, she could feel it, and it was unbearable. Her pussy juices dripped down the inside of her thigh, the pulses of pleasure from Voldemort’s spells getting stronger and stronger. She could hardly take it anymore, her knees started to shake and she could hardly stand. She dropped to her hands and knees, in an obvious orgasm. Just then, Harry slowly began waking up, and Hermione tried hiding her too obvious pleasure. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t stand it, she was orgasming uncontrollably and she needed someone. She jumped on Harry, humping him madly, her juices flowing all over his crotch. She ripped open his pants, throwing her pussy down on his hard penis. This pushed her too far, her orgasms were so intense and out of control she started screaming. She grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it quickly over her head, throwing it over Harry’s face. She grabbed at her belly, moving her hands up and cupping her breasts in her hands, massaging and squeezing them. She ran her hands through her hair on the back of her head, her back arching backwards, her body fully exposed, screaming with pleasure, orgasming again. Now she could feel Harry orgasming, she threw her hands down and grabbed his body, pulling herself down on him. She grabbed the back of his head, her eyes buried in his chest. Hermione could feel her world spinning, she couldn’t breathe. She passed out. Harry couldn’t help himself, he continued humping her tight pussy until he went limp. He left his penis inside of Hermione and fell asleep.

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