Man Of My Dreams

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His gray eyes pierced at me as I looked up at him. His hard cock was in my mouth and my lips were wrapped tightly around it, squeezing it. Soft moans escaped his mouth and his hands cupped my face while my head bobbed back and forth. I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth, but most of all I loved his taste. I felt him tense up and his threw his head back moaning loudly while hot spurts of his cum shot in my mouth.

…Yes cum for me, let me drink you up ….. was all I could think of. Every drop of him cum was slowly gliding down my throat and……..


I woke up startled hearing banging on my door. “Nicole! Get up now or you’ll be late for school!” I heard my mother yelling outside my door.

I felt wetness on my finger and realized it was buried deep inside my pussy. That was such an erotic dream, probably the most erotic of all the dreams I had started having. These dreams had started occurring since my 16th birthday. It was the same handsome, tall gentleman with amazing gray eyes and dark black hair.

After washing up, I headed downstairs carrying my backpack over my shoulders. My older brother Tim was already finished with his breakfast since he had early morning soccer practice. I felt uneasy as I walked into the kitchen seeing him stare at me.

“Hey why are you so quiet? Are you up to something?” He asked almost startling me.

“N-no why? I’m just getting some orange juice.” I walked slowly to the fridge with my stomach turning in knots.

“I’m gonna go already, you need a ride to school or you taking the bus again?” He asked while I poured some juice.

“I’m taking the bus but thanks anyway.”

I heard him leave and I stared out the window. His body was so big and muscular from having played sports since he was a child. He was a senior and very popular. Our parents had just bought him a new car for his 18th birthday and he often gave me rides to school. I stopped taking rides from him after all the nasty dreams I was having of him!

At first I shrugged it off thinking it’s normal to have sex dreams of your own brother, but then I knew it was more than that. I was actually getting off to these dreams and feeling major guilt afterwards. How could I even think of doing it with my own brother? What the hell was wrong with me?

I tried to avoid these feelings I had for my brother as much as I could. But it was nearly impossible. How could I avoid his sexy chest when he walked around the house with just his boxers on late at night? Or his wet shirt clinging to his body after soccer practice. His gorgeous smile when he saw me every morning. It was always Tim, the first guy who’d come to mind every time.

* * *

At school I tried to avoid bumping into my brother as much as possible. My friends didn’t make it any easier since they were always going on and on about how hot my brother was and I couldn’t even argue that without sounding fake. I had to make these sex dreams stop but how in the world would I be able to do that?

Another thing that was making everything worse was that I never went to go see my brother play anymore. My parents and other relatives were always there to cheer him on and I was home trying to deny myself these impure feelings I was having. I knew it bothered him that I didn’t attend his games but I always used some excuse like having too much homework or already having plans with friends. I knew at one point that Tim would catch on and then I’d run out of excuses. He and I used to be so close but ever since these nasty dreams, I couldn’t even look at him anymore.

It was early April and a lot of senior girls were getting ready for the prom. Jenna Thomas was one of the most beautiful and popular girls in school. She also had this huge crush on Tim. All the senior class knew that they would eventually end up going together. I felt jealousy, I had to admit, but I was only Tim’s sister, not his girlfriend.

“We already know you’re going with Tim,” I heard one of the senior girls tell Jenna.

Jenna tossed her long red hair back and blushed. “Yeah I know. He is going to ask me, so I’ve heard. Oh god he is hot!”

I just listened but I had to agree with Jenna that Tim was hot. So very sexy!

* * *

One Friday night after a huge game against one of the high school rivalry teams, Tim had decided to go out and celebrate the teams’ victory with his friends. My parents had gotten home late that night as well. I was fast asleep until I heard the loud shrilling ringing of the telephone. I could barely open my eyes and saw the clock said 12:15 in the morning. I groaned hoping it wasn’t a prank call or wrong number.


“Hello! Hello!” I could hear a desperate voice of a young guy.


“Is this Tim’s sister? Listen you gotta wake your parents up immediately! Tim’s been in a very horrible car accident!”

I suddenly felt my eyes widen in horror. “W-what? Are you serious? Who is this?”

“Nicole! It’s me Jeff!”

Jeff was one of Tim’s best friends.

“What hospital? Is Tim going to be ok?” I felt tears come out of my eyes.

“I don’t know if he’s going to be OK to be honest. He’s really hurt.”

Jeff gave me the hospital name and I got up with my body trembling. My hands were shaking madly and I only wished everything was a nightmare. I stumbled as I put my clothes on and rushed to my parents’ room. They were both fast asleep and got so startled when I barged into the room crying my eyes out.

“Nicole! What in the world is going on?” My father asked grabbing his glasses from the nightstand.

“M-mom, D-dad! It’s Tim! He’s been in a horrible car accident!” My words barely came out.

I saw my parents’ eyes looked so scared. They both quickly got up looking fearful but so confused.

“Here, go turn on my car and wait for us outside.” My father said throwing me his car keys.

I rushed outside and turned on my father’s car. I kept crying and wishing we could get to the hospital fast enough. It took only about fifteen minutes to arrive at the hospital. Once we were there, my parents were crying along with me. We all held each other and waited until the doctor came out to give us the latest update.

I watched a tall, handsome gray haired man come out to talk to us.

“Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell?”

My mother quickly answered. “Yes doctor.”

“I’m doctor Garrison and I have good news and bad news.”

I watched my parents’ worried faces. I felt my knees weak.

“Your son Tim is going to survive quite nicely. He’s got a broken arm, which he has to have in a cast for a few weeks though.”

I heard my father sigh. “Well that is good news. Now what is the bad news?”

“Well the accident was very awful. The man who ran into him was a drunk driver. Tim’s face is some what damaged. He was cut quite badly by the windshield glass. If you see him right now you might not even recognize him.”

My mother immediately cried and my father put his arm around her trying to comfort her.

“It’s that bad?” I asked sobbing.

“Yes sweetie. But there is hope. He will need a few plastic surgeries though.”

That got my parents attention. “Yes! We will pay for any surgeries doctor! Just please let us at least see our son right now.”

He nodded. “Very well then follow me.”

We walked a long way down a cold hallway until we reached Tim’s room. He was still unconscious and his face was covered with bandages. I wanted to just run over to him and put my arms around him.

“Oh my lord! He must be in so much pain!” My mother cried out.

“He’s still unconscious right now Mrs. Mitchell,” The doctor said stepping aside to let us get close to Tim’s bed.

We all gathered around Tim in tears and kept praying he’
d be ok.

* * *

It wasn’t until Monday when Tim finally was conscious again. My parents had gone down to see him but I was at school all day. Everyone was asking me if Tim was Ok and I had said he was, b
ut didn’t mention anything about the possible disfiguration of his face. Jenna was one of the girls crying the most. I knew at that moment that she must really love Tim. The entire school was very saddened by the accident and my teachers had offered to let me go home early but I stayed all day hoping to go see Tim at night.

Once at home, I called the hospital up and my parents were there. My father said he’d come pick me up so I could see Tim. My father was silent the entire time we drove back. I wanted to ask him how Tim was but decided I’d see for myself.

When we got to the hospital, my mother was in the lobby and my father escorted me in. They hadn’t eaten all day so they had decided to get something to eat and my father told me what room Tim was in. My heart pounded not knowing what to expect. I arrived at my brother’s room and he sat on the bed with his back towards me. I softly knocked on the door.


He didn’t turn around. “Yeah? Nicole?”

I walked in and closed the door behind me. As I walked closer he kept turning away.

“How are you?” I asked nervously.

He didn’t reply.

“Tim?” I asked trying to get him to look at me.

“How do you think I am?” He asked furiously.

My eyes widened seeing the major disfigurement on his face. It was shocking, but it would have been to anyone who knew what Tim looked like before the accident.

“I-I’m sorry.” That was all I could say.

His gray eyes were sad. I sat next to him and put my arms around him. “I’m sorry this happened to you. But Tim, you survived. That’s all that matters.”

He scoffed and stood up slowly. “Yeah I did but now look at my face. I’m horrific looking. I can’t even stand to look at myself.”

I felt tears roll down my face. “Don’t say that! Please don’t say that.”

He looked at me with sincere eyes. “I’m sorry Nicole. I’m just upset and in so much pain right now. I know eventually they’ll try to fix my face, but it’s awful to be this way you know.”

“Here lay back down bro. How’s the arm?”

He slowly got back on his bed and I tucked him in carefully. His left arm was in a cast and that made it a bit difficult for him to get comfortable.

“Thanks sis. I have to wear this stupid cast for two weeks at least. The good thing is that I should be able to go back to school and that way I won’t miss any of my finals.”

“Or the prom,” I added playfully.

He blushed. “Yeah right. I’m not going to the prom.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh? Why not?”

“Nicole get serious. You think any girl in her right mind would want to go to prom with me looking like this? Think of how bad the prom picture would look.”

I nodded. “That’s not true. Jenna will go with you in a heartbeat.” Or I know I would She added silently.

“How do you know about Jenna?” He asked bashfully.

“I have my sources. Besides it’s all over school. And you know I did see her crying over you when she heard about the accident. That goes to show that she cares for you and will not care about how you look.”

He smiled and touched my face sending shivers all over my body. “Thanks Nicole. You made my dad.”

The two weeks went by so slow or it might have been that they went by fast; it’s just that without Tim around nothing was the same. I missed seeing him. Oh God did I ever miss him. The disfigurement on his face didn’t change anything on how I felt about him.

* * *

Back at school, I noticed a lot of Tim’s friends surrounding him and hugging him. They were all glad he was back. The prom was now only 2 weeks away and Tim knew he had to hurry and ask Jenna. He had mentioned to me the night before his return that he feared someone had already asked her out, but the word was that she was still available and had been waiting for him.

During lunchtime, I watched along with others to see my brother ask Jenna. I felt somehow left out for some strange reason, but then again I was happy for him. I wanted him to be happy and if that meant going to the prom with Jenna Thomas, then I’d just have to put my jealous feelings aside.

I snuck around towards the back of the hallway where he had managed to get Jenna alone. I listened and felt my heart pounding.

“It’s good to have you back Tim,” Jenna said quietly.

“It’s good to be back. Now you know why I asked you back here right?” Tim asked with joy in his voice.

Jenna nodded but looked uneasy.

“Well? Will you be my date for the prom?” His eyes looked so bright.

Jenna hesitated to answer. “Uh well, uh see I already got asked by someone else. I mean he doesn’t go to this school. I’m sorry,” She said breaking my brother’s heart.

Tim stood back and I saw his beautiful smile disappear. “Oh. I see. Well I guess I was too late. I hope you have fun. Take care Jenna.” With that, he walked away fast.

I saw Jenna sigh sort of relief. I was about to ask her why she did that but the answer was obvious. He didn’t look the same and that’s why she did it. Was she that coldhearted? Maybe it was true that someone else had asked her? I wanted to ask her myself but then one of her friends came to talk to her.

“So did you turn him down?” The tall blonde asked Jenna.

Jenna smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to the prom with him looking like that. I know it might be mean but come on this is my last year in high school. I want good pictures to show my children in the future.”

My heart sank. What a bitch!

I watched the girls giggle and walk outside towards the cafeteria. I was going to let it go but I couldn’t. I was furious for her having broken my brother’s heart. I wanted to break her face! I ran fast to catch up to Jenna. There were a lot of people standing outside near the cafeteria so I knew they’d be plenty of witnesses. I didn’t care.

“Jenna!” I called out breathlessly.

She turned around and had a big selfish grin on her face. “Yes?” She asked obviously not knowing who I was.

I didn’t respond I just gave her a hard slap on her face.

I heard her gasp and her friend’s eyes widened. Everyone just became silent and stared. I felt my heart racing and I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to beat the crap out of Jenna Thomas!

“You heartless bitch! That’s for breaking my brother’s heart and this,” I slapped her again, “Is for being the bitch that you are!”

With that I ran away and everyone remained silent.

* * *

Once I got home, my parents were still at work and I felt good having done what I did to that bitch! I went on to take a quick shower and heard Tim come home after I had gotten out of the shower. When I walked into my room I felt myself turn red. There was Tim sitting on my bed and smiling up at me. I was only wearing a small dark green towel around me.

“Ah shit! You scared me!” I said feeling startled.

He laughed softly and stood up. He put his arms around and kissed my cheek very tenderly. I felt my pulse racing.

“Thank you sis. I heard what you did to Jenna. Everyone was talking about it!”

I shrugged. “It was nothing. She was mean for having hurt you the way she did. She doesn’t deserve you bro.”

He smiled again. His smile looked different that the beautiful smile I was used to, but he was still Tim, my brother, the man of my dreams.

“I feel really flattered that you’d do something like that for me,” he said staring deeply into my eyes.

“I’d do anything for you. I love you!” I blurted out feeling my lower lip tremble.

He pulled me closer to him I could feel his nice strong body against mine. I looked up at him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“You know I’d do anything for you too right?” He asked.

I nodded but just being so close to him I had to do it. I
had to let him know how I felt. “If you’d do anything then kiss me Tim. Please kiss me!” I begged him.

He leaned down and by the time I knew it, his lips were touching mine so delicately. My mouth parted and I felt his tongue slide in.
Our kiss grew now more deep and intense. His arms went up and down on my back. I felt my body now full of heat finally being able to kiss my brother.

He broke our kiss and was breathing heavily. “Wow! That was so nice sis. Nicole, I love you so much!”

“I love you too! I’m so in love with you! Don’t you know it killed me to know that you were going after Jenna Thomas? Oh Tim I wanted you for me!”

“Oh Nicole! You’re my sister and this is wrong but damnit I can’t help myself!”

I felt him carry me and lay me on the bed. He was wearing his dark green slacks and a white polo shirt. I watched him kick his shoes off and remove his socks. His shirt came off next and I gasped seeing his hard chest and stomach. He fumbled with his belt and undid his pants. I watched his pants fall to the floor and he was only left in his black boxer briefs. I saw the huge bulge in his boxers and felt myself get wet.

He didn’t remove his boxers; instead he reached down and slowly began to undo my towel. My hair was still wet and so was some of my body. I saw his eyes glow with love, as he looked at me naked. I had never been naked in front of a guy before so I felt nervous and tried to cover myself up.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I-I’m embarrassed,” I replied shyly.

He touched my face so gently. “Don’t be. You’ve got a beautiful body. Let me see you sis.”

I uncovered my breasts and pussy letting him see me. His eyes searched my body up and down and I never felt sexier than that moment.

“Oh my! You’ve got such a sexy body you know that?” He asked looking deeply into my eyes.

I blushed. Then he stood back and slowly began to remove his boxer briefs. My jaw almost hit the ground when I saw his huge cock just sticking straight out. I could see the pulsating purple veins and the gooey precum at the tip. I raised myself up and looked up at him.

“Tim, can I taste you?” I asked boldly.

He looked at me and smiled sweetly. “Are you ready to taste me sis? Are you sure you want to?”

I nodded eagerly. “Yes! I’ve wanted to taste you for a while now. Please?”

I saw him blush and he moved closer to the bed. I saw his cock aiming towards my mouth so willingly. I had never blown a guy so I was a bit clueless on what to do, but I knew Tim would guide me. He always did. He had guided me in school, in life, in everything. I loved him.

I parted my lips inviting his cock in my mouth. Slowly inch by inch entered my mouth until my entire brother’s throbbing cock was in my mouth. I let my lips glide up and down his long shaft. He moaned and stared into my eyes the entire time. His hands stroked my hair and face.

I could taste his juices as they swam in my mouth. His tangy taste made me want him more and I could only hope for more juices from my loving brother.

“Ahhh yes! Oh Nicole mmmm keep sucking me baby sis! Put more suction please!” Tim groaned in delight.

I gripped his cock harder with my lips and added more suction to his request. I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth wanting to explode. I knew my dreams were coming true now. I was finally going to be able to drink my brother’s cum. I kept sucking him and desperately wanting to milk every drop of cum he had to offer me.

“Oh sis! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna c-cum so h-hard!” Tim moaned holding my head in place while he shot long strings of cum inside my mouth.

I shuddered at first having my first taste of cum, but then I fell in love with the saltiness and warmth of my brother’s cum. He was delicious and I was falling in love with him more each second. I managed to swallow his cum nicely and then he pushed me down on the bed gently. I fell gracefully and he stared down at me with loving eyes.

“Sis have you had sex?”

“N-no,” I replied nervously.

His hands began to stroke my legs slowly and she slowly spread my legs open. His eyes stared at my pussy and then back at me.

“Wow! Oh my….” His words trailed off and he dove his head down between my legs. I closed my eyes and felt my body tremble in delight as soon as I felt the touch of my brother’s tongue on my clit. I’d never been licked before and now I was receiving hot oral sex from my brother.

“Oooh Tim! Yes! Oh God! Lick me!” I wailed loudly.

He gently flicked his tongue on my swollen clit making me moan and squirm. Then his tongue strokes grew intense making me want to cum right away. He kept taking turns with his tongue and his lips. His lips grasped my clit and he sucked on it hard. I felt my juices ooze out and suddenly my body just tightened like it usually did when I came by masturbation. This orgasm was way better than masturbation. It was so intense that I let out a loud scream of pleasure.

“Ahhhhoooh! I’m c-cuming! Oh Tim! Argggghhhh!” I could barely managed to say anything.

I heard him slurping my juices up nicely. He looked up at me with his mouth still wet and rushed over to kiss me. We shared my taste, our tastes together. I looked into his damaged face, which I loved now more than ever.

“I love you,” I whispered.

He kissed me again. “I love you too. I love you so much.”

He shifted his body down and sucked on my nipples. I was on fire wanting him deep inside of me. He flicked my nipples in with his tongue and sucked on them gently while he moved his finger inside of me, getting me ready.

“I want to make love to you Nicole. My lovely sister,” he said sweetly.

I moaned letting him know I was lost in his pleasure. I was all his. “Do it Tim. I’ve wanted this.”

He lifted my legs up and placed them on his shoulders. His smile was radiant and I blushed knowing my brother would be the one to pop my cherry. He moved closer to me and I felt a sharp pain as he tried to enter me. I closed my eyes tightly hoping the pain would go away. I knew the first time for a girl is never easy.

“You feel so warm. So tight,” Tim rasped.

Suddenly, before I realized it, he was half way inside of me as my pussy was still resisting the rest of his huge cock. I didn’t care if it would hurt or not. I just wanted him deep inside of me. I wanted him to make me a woman not some guy who would leave me. I knew Tim would never leave me. He was my brother, someone very special who would always be in my life no matter what. He was the man I loved.

“Ahhhh Nicole! Oh sis this feels good. I hope I don’t hurt you,” Tim said softly.

I felt strong pain that made me wish he would stop but then little by little I felt a hint of pleasure. The more he slid in and out of me, the more pleasure I received. By the time I knew it, I was moaning and he was ramming his cock faster.

“Mmmgghhhh Tim! This f-feels good!” I barely managed to say.

“Mmhhmmhh! Yeah! Oh fuck yes!” He responded breathlessly.

That moment was so precious. Probably the most precious moment in my life. I had heard that a girls first time should be special and I knew this was special. My wonderful big brother was making love to me, he was taking away my virginity, there was nothing more beautiful than that.

His fingers began to play with my clit and that’s when I felt the intensity of an orgasm arising once again. He moved faster in me and sweat broke off his forehead. His hard chest was covered with sweat. His balls were slapping hard against my pussy. Our eyes were locked as if we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. Then it happened. I felt that hard rush of excitement all over my body. I was cumming on my brother’s cock. I felt my body tremble with pleasure and I squeezed my pussy hard wanting to milk his cock.

“Mmmm! Yes! I came bro! I came s-so good!” I cried out.

“Yes baby you did! It felt so good to have you cum on my cock! I want to cum in you Nicole oh I want to cum in you so bad!” Tim shrilled.

“Cum in me! Please!” I begged.

“I c
an’t knock you up. At least not yet.”

I was about to speak but I saw Tim’s mouth part and hard male groans were heard. “Oh baby! I’m gonna cum!”

He pulled out of me and jerke
d off his cock. I watched in amazement his cum hit my stomach. I felt the warmth of it coat my belly. It was a soft milky white color and looking at it got me so hot!

Tim laid down next to me trying to catch his breath. I looked at him. His eyes met mine.

“I’ve been dreaming about you,” I said to him.

“Really? Care to tell me about your dreams?”

“I don’t want to tell you. I’ll show you.”

He smiled. “Go ahead.”

So I did.

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