me and my brothers wife

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This is about the first time i had my brothers wife. She is a very attractive woman. we were all at their appt playing games and things when i casually looked over at my brother and said can i fuck your wife he said no but his wife said yes so i started kissing her passionately then took my hand and went up her nightie and slipped a finger in her panties and started fingering her nice pussy then i ripped her panties off her bent her over their couch and started pounding her pussy. Then she said fuck me in the ass so i slowly started playing with her ass and stuck a finger in then put my 7” in cock in her ass we fucked lik that for a while until an hour or 2 passed then i asked her to suck me off which she was good at i cummed down her throat it was a wonderful thing…. part 2 to come later

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