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When Christi Met David…Alone…(Part One)

Christi, a young blond girl of 14, walking up the street, toward her best friends house. Kathryn had left her bag at her house the day before and Christi was a good friend so she was returning it. Her breats bounced happily on her chest with each step she took toward her goal. Her long blond hair flapped behind her in the breeze. She turned into Kathryn’s garden and rang the doorbell. From inside, Kathryn’s father, David, 46 was watching her.
“Such as pretty girl should not go to waste!” he thought to himself.
He was wearing board shorts and a tarten shirt. He answered the door and smiled at Christi.
“Come in come in!” he smiled at her and she smiled back. She’d always admired him, in fact she thought he was pretty hot for 46. He led her into his bedroom and gestured to his king size bed, where she sat on the edge with her legs slightly apart so he could her her black lacy g-string under her short white denim shirt. Through her tight white top he could mak out the outline of her black lacy bra and her plump round breasts.
“Kathryn isn’t here right now, but she should be home soon,” he smiled, knowing quite well that she was away with her mother and sister for the weekend, “but you can lie here and watch a video with me until she does get home, it won’t be long.”
“That’s very kind of you,”she smiled innocently seeing the slight rise in his pants. She made herself comfortable of the bed and he came around to the far side and lay next to her, quite close. He flicked on the movie and the beginning creits began to roll he moved closer to her and then he couldn’t control his urge anymore. He rolled over on top of her putting one bent knee on either side of her. She let out a small squeal, then seeing what he was planning, she smiled.
“Such a child like you should not go to waste!” he cried pulling off her top and then her skirt, then tossing them on the ground. She lay panting in just her underwear as he surved what he had and yes he was right she should not go to waste. He rested his large body on top of hers and put his mouth of hers and let his tounge slide around in her mouth while he foundled her breasts.
Never before in her life had she even kissed a guy the sensations she felt was good, very good! He took his mouth away from hers and began pushing his hands all over her body… slowly down the her slowly wetting pussy. Small, tight and virgin, just the way he wanted her.
“So you’ve never done this before?” he questioned as he slid one finger under her panties.
She shoock her head and let out a small moan as one finger went in, then two and then three. He played with her tiny clit and with his free hand, mangaged to get off her panties all together. He ordered her to straddle her legs as he ripped of her bra and he slid back between her legs, stroking her quivering thighs and slid his tounge into her pussy as far as he could get it. SHe moaned and gave the occansical squeal but he could tell she was ready.
“Now don’t be scared, it will hurt at first but it will be worth it!” he laughed and he pull off his own clothes to reveal an 11″ cock throbbing at stiff. “Just sit tight and enjoy the ride,” he ordered and rammed his cock in hard and fast. She screamed and screamed and he kept going. FOr a mintue she felt as if she was dieing but then she began to feel the pleasure and began to get it into the motion. He was sitting on top of her, with one leg on either side of her, fucking as hard as he could, back and forth, back and forth. She could feel a new sensation coming in her, and as it came, she screamed.
“Your first orgasm!” he cried as he began to fuck the helpless child even harder. Then he began to feel himself come so he pulled she dick, rather suddenly out of the poor little Christi, who was having the time of her life, and opened her mouth and stuck his cock in and almost imedietly he came inside her…she coughed and spluttered but in the end got it all down her throat.
“Good girl!!!” he patted her head, “Now while its out, you can learn some new tricks give me some pleasure! Start sucking! I want head, the best i’ve ever had in my life! for the wife this isnt really her favourite part!
She obeyed because she knew that he could do anything to her at the moment, so she began sucking and nibbling and pretty much giving him the best head he had ever recived. He was pleased
with her and decided to let her in on a secret.
“Kathryn, her sister and her mother are away for the weekend, how about staying the night my sweet?”

To be continued…

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