Memories of Joseph Pt. 2

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He threw his shorts to the side and knelt down besides her. His fingers traced around her nipples. She looked closely at him and sighed. His touch just felt so damn good! He lifted her top up more and she raised herself up a bit to let him take it off. He put her wet top to the side and looked down tugging at her shorts. She was only wearing a pair of small black cotton panties underneath the shorts. She lifted her hips and he easily took off her shorts along with her panties.

Finally she was completely naked and yet she didn’t feel shy or embarrassed. She wanted her brother to see her naked. His eyes wandered looking at her entire body. His hands stroked her from her breasts down between her legs. She felt herself getting goose bumps as he lightly touched her.

“Wow! You are beautiful sis. So beautiful!”

She squirmed at first when she felt his hand rub up and down her pussy. “Are you OK Christie?” He asked removing his hands from between her legs.

She bit her lower lip looking deeply at him. She grabbed his hand and put it back between her legs. He smiled at her and continued to play with her pussy. Christine lifted her arms up and squirmed with each touch of her brother’s hand. His hand was gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She knew it felt good for a girl to rub herself, but to actually have a guy rubbing was so different, and so arousing!

“Yes! Oh Joey keep doing it like that! Rub my pussy!” Her words were coming out of her mouth so naturally.

He rubbed her clit more and pulled it gently. Christine could feel her pussy drenched with her honey. Small moans escaped her mouth and her body felt so weak. She felt her brother stop rubbing her and positioned himself between her legs. She raised herself up on her elbows to see him. He was kissing her thighs softy and then his lips made their way to her clit.

Christine shrilled a loud moan never having felt anything so erotic. Her brother was sucking on her clit so gently. She was squirming now more than ever. Her legs were spread wife open giving her brother enough access to taste her juices. He was now taking turns licking her and sucking her. It was the most wonderful feeling she ever had!

“Ooooh yesss! Keep licking me Joey! Oh taste me!” Her voice was shaky.

“Are you going to cum for me Christi?” He asked looking up at her and reaching up with one hand to pinch her nipple.

She looked into her brother’s eyes and nodded. “Y-yes! I am! I’m gonna c-cum!”

He went back to licking her and with just a few strokes of his tongue, Christine found herself having her first true orgasm. Her entire little body was trembling with passion. Her nipples were hard and she couldn’t hold back on her moans.

“Ahhhh oh my God! I’m cumming Joey! Oh bro taste me!”

“Hmmmm,” Joseph mumbled with her clit between her lips.

Her entire body was so weak and her heart was pounding. She knew she was already addicted to his tongue. After her incredible orgasm, Christine sighed trying to catch her breath. Joseph kissed his way up until he was kissing her lips again as they both shared her taste.

“Oh Joey that was so wonderful! Oh my God!” Christine cried out.

Joey stroked her hair. “You taste so good Christi. So delicious just like I thought you would.”

She felt herself blush. “Joey can I taste you?” She asked looking curiously down at his hard cock.

He stood up letting her see a full view of his throbbing cock. She felt her mouth water just looking at it. She slowly got up on her knees and felt her brother’s hand on the back of her head.

“You never tasted a guy before have you baby?”

She nodded. “No. Never. But I want to taste you so bad!”

He grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly rubbed the head of it on her lips. She could feel the warm slimy precum coating her lips.

“Ok now I’m gonna put it in your mouth and just suck on it gently. Move your lips up and down on it Christi.”

She opened her mouth inviting his cock in. His hardness was entering her mouth so delicately. She could feel his cock veins on the walls of her cheeks as she began to bob her head back and forth on her brother’s cock.

He cupped her chin making sure she was looking up at him. Even in the darkness of the night she could still his eyes. They were glowing, so full of love and desire. She wanted him to explode in her mouth. She wanted to be able drink him up.

“Arrggghh baby! Keep moving your mouth like that. Yes that feels soooo good!” Joseph groaned.

His hand was still on the back of her head moving her the rhythm of his pleasure. His salty taste was already filling her mouth and she loved it. She could feel his cock twitching a few times and she wasn’t sure when he was going to shoot out his cum.

“Christi! Mmm baby! I-I’m gonna c-c-cum! Oh yes!” He yelled moving her head back and forth faster.

Her mouth slid back and forth so viciously. Suddenly hot spurts of her brother’s cum were filling inside her mouth. She was finally tasting him! Oh he tasted so wonderful! His cum was absolutely delicious!

“Yeah! Oh Christi swallow it baby! Mmmm can you swallow it all?” He asked and she just looked up at him gulping down all his cum.

After a few seconds, Joseph pulled his cock out of his sister’s mouth and lifted her up. He wrapped her arms around her and kissed her softly.

“You did it so good Christi. Oh baby that was so amazing!”

Christine couldn’t believe that she’d actually sucked her brother off. She was surprised herself after all the times she’d heard girls say that it was gross but to her it wasn’t gross. It was beautiful being able to do that with the man she loved.

“Joey, please make love to me,” Christi pleaded looking into her brother’s eyes.

He stroked her face. “Are you sure? I want you so bad Christi, but I want to make sure you really wanna lose your virginity to me. Your own brother?”

She smiled and tip toed to kiss his lips. “Yes I am so sure. I’ve never been more sure in my entire life!”

He slowly began to lower her back down on the huge towel. Christine lay there looking up at her brother seeing his cock was still hard as a rock. She spread her legs to show him she was ready for him to turn her into a woman. He lowered himself kneeling between her legs. His cock was in his hands and aiming towards Christine’s tight opening.

“I’m going to be as gentle as I can. I know it’s your first time and I don’t want to hurt you baby,” he whispered.

Christine closed her eyes for a moment and felt the sharp pain as her brother began to jab his cock in her. She bit on her lower lips trying to stand the pain. It did hurt but she knew that pain would go away.

“Owwww mmmmm Joey oh Joey I love you, ” Christine cried out.

“It’s almost in baby. You feel so tight! Christi you feel so damn good!”

Little by little, Joseph got more and more of his cock into her, until finally he was all the way inside of her. Christine opened her eyes and stared at her brother. She couldn’t believe that his cock was buried deep inside of her. He began to slide in and out of her very slowly and gently.

Christine felt pain still, but slowly started to feel pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him as he kept pumping his cock in and out of her. Christine’s moans came out naturally now. He felt so good inside of her. Now she understood the big deal about sex. All her life she wanted to lose her virginity to a special person and now here she was with her brother. She was in love with him. She knew she’d been in love with him since she was about 9 years old. She knew it was wrong to be doing this with him, but yet it felt so right.

“Ahhhh baby you feel so good! Your pussy is so tight! You are going to make me cum so fast Christi!”

Christine was moaning along with her brother.
She could feel her pussy stretching and adjusting to her brother’s size. He was fucking her! Oh God he felt so good! She wanted him now more than ever. Not as a brother but as a
lover. These thoughts were racing in her head while she was getting deflowered.

“Mmmm yesss! Keep fucking me. God this feels so good! Mmmm!” Christine was getting used to her brother’s cock.

“Hmmm sis. My precious little sister! You are so sexy! Your pussy feels incredible! Ooh yeah! Fuck!” Joseph was pumping her with more determination now.

“You feel so wonderful inside of me. I love your cock in me.” She just blurted out.

He started fucking her now harder and faster. Sweat was breaking out on his chest and face. Christine had the back of her feet on his ass pushing him closer to her, begging for more of his cock. She could feel his cock twitching inside of her with each hard thrust.

“Arrrrggghhh Christi! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so hard!” He yelped pulling his cock out.

She watched her brother jerk off and squirt his cum on her belly. He shot out a long stream of cum that almost hit her breasts. He tilted his head back and moaned so loudly. She watched each spurt of cum shoot out of her brother’s cock.

“Ahhh ooh yesss! Mmmmmm sis!”

She felt her belly and covered with her brother’s cum. It felt so warm and sticky. She reached down and touched it with her fingertips. She swirled it around and wiped it off her while giggling.

“Christi! That was so good! Oh Christi that was incredible!” He gasped falling next to her.

She turned to look at him as he smiled and tried to catch his breath. She was so in love with him. Now more than ever. They began to share a sweet delicious kiss. Suddenly a bright light almost blinded them as it shone upon them.

Christine opened her eyes and to her horror, she saw her parents standing over them. Joseph quickly threw the extra towel over her to cover her up and covered his cock with his hands.

“What the hell is going one? Christine! Joseph!” Their mother called out.

Christine began to shake with fear. Her parents eyes showed fury. “M-mom, D-dad I-I,” Christine began.

“Shut up! This is so disgusting! Our own two children having sex? Both of you get dressed right now!” Christine knew her father was furious.

“Dad, please let me explain-” Joseph started to say.

“Explain what? That you are a sick person? Both of you are sick! Now hurry up and get dressed!” Their father’s voice was filled with rage.

Their parents turned around and walked away as Christine and Joseph began to get dressed. They dressed in silence knowing their parents were a few feet away. It only took a minute and they were wearing their wet clothes again. Joseph held Christine’s hand but quickly let go of it as soon as his father turned around.

“Get back inside and put on some dry clothes!” The siblings’ mother ordered.

The four walked back silently. Once inside, everything went haywire.

“Christine, go to your room. We have to talk to your brother.”

Christine saw the look in her brother’s eyes. She knew he was going to get blamed for everything. She didn’t want that! She wanted to yell at her parents and say that she was deeply in love with him and that they couldn’t do anything about it.

“No! Dad, it’s not his fault! I-I wanted him!” Christine boldly said.

She felt a hard sharp slap on her face from her mother. “Get to your room you dirty little girl!”

Christine felt tears rolling down her face. She gasped and tried to speak up but she knew it was useless. She slowly walked to her room and closed her door. She sobbed on the bed while she listened to her parents argue with her brother. She couldn’t make out what they were saying but she knew it wasn’t good. She changed into some dry clothes and cried more.

The last thing she remembers is feeling her eyes heavy and falling into a deep sleep. The next day she woke up with the sun peering at her through the small window in her room. She groaned remembering the events that happened the night before. She got up and walked into the quiet living room. She looked around and her parents were drinking coffee in the kitchen. She walked over to them slowly staring at them. They looked at her with so much hate.

“Where’s Joey?” She asked softly.

Her mother gave her a dirty look. “He’s gone off to New York early. You won’t be seeing him for a few months.”

Christine fought back her tears. “B-but I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

Her father scoffed. “You think after the little game you two played last night that we’d let you say goodbye? Young lady you need serious help. Once we get back home, you are going to start seeing a psychologist to get that head of yours straightened out.”

Christine couldn’t believe her ears! Her parents were being so awful to her! “Dad! There is nothing wrong with me! I love Joseph! I love him with all my heart!”

Her mother stood up and shook her head. “You are a sick child. I’m sorry Christine but you do need help. You can’t be in love with your brother. That’s sick!”

Christine felt like running out the house and looking for Joseph. “It’s not sick! It’s love! Mom you don’t understand. Both of you don’t understand!”

Her father stood up looking at her sternly. “This is the end of the conversation young lady.”

Christine kept trying to hold back her tears but they rolled down her face naturally. Once they got home she was forced to see a psychologist about her “problem” but no matter how many sessions she went to, she knew she still loved her brother. She didn’t see Joseph for over a year but when she did see him, her parents made sure never to leave her alone with him. She knew he stilled loved her and she loved him.

They spoke a few times every now and then but never brought up that night again. They had to get over it although deep down they both wanted each other again.

As the years went by she had felt more depressed than ever. She made the mistake of marrying the first man she went out with years later in college. The only things she didn’t regret of her marriage were her two children. Now she was single again. The whole time she was married, all she ever did was think of Joseph. She loved him with all of her heart. He never married or had children. He loved Laura and Michael as if they were his own children. It had been months since Christine had last spoken to him.

She opened her eyes and realized she’d been masturbating just remembering that night of passion she had with her brother. He put her skirt back down and buttoned her top back up. She turned to the side and reached out to pick up her phone.

Her fingers nervously dialed his number. It was at least 8pm in New York. He had to be home by now. After a few rings she heard his voice.


“Hello?” She echoed.

“Christi?” She could hear the smile in his voice.

“Yes. It’s me Joey. How are you?”

He sighed and paused. “I’m fine and you?”

She nervously played with the phone cord. “Oh pretty good. I wanted to call and tell you something. Something that I’ve kept in me for too long.”

He was breathing hard. “Yes?”

She gulped. “I miss you so much. I still love you. I always think about you. I think about us and that night we shared.

She heard silence for a minute. Her heart was pounding. “Joey?”

“Y-Yes I’m still here. I love you Christi. I’ve never stopped loving you. God I miss you so much!”

“You know the holiday’s are coming up and maybe you can come visit.”

He sounded so choked up. “I would love to. I thought you’d never ask.”

She smiled feeling like a schoolgirl talking to her first crush. “I have something else to tell you too.”


“I caught Laura and Michael kissing today.”

He gasped. “Oh really?”

“Yeah. I don’t know how to handle it. I just know I’m not going to handle it the way Mom and Dad did. I’m going to be understanding. I’m
not going to keep them away from one another. It’s too damaging. Look at all the years we missed together. All the years we could have shared.”

“Yeah I know. It was different back then I guess. We are different t
han our parents. I know you’ll handle the situation just fine baby.”

She giggled and heard him laugh softly. “I love you,” they both said in unison.

“Well I have to order dinner now but I will call you later on. We have a lot to talk about.”

“Yes we do.”

A few moments later she hung up the phone and heard a soft knock on her door. She got up and to open it and found Laura and Michael standing looking at her so innocently.

“Mom we are hungry. Any food?” Michael asked shyly.

She laughed. “Yes I was about to order a pizza.”

Laura hugged her mother. “Thanks mom. Thanks for everything.”

She called up the pizza delivery and as the three waited for their dinner in the kitchen, Christine could see the love in her children’s eyes. Their stares and romantic glimpses at one another kept bringing back memories of Joseph. Memories of her one true love.

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