My Godfather

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Hello my name is Hallie, and i am 18, i have long dark hair, a soft curvatious figure with a size 34D bust. This is the story about how much i lurve my Godfather.

I was at a after-christening party, in this huge vulgar house, there was way too much leopard skin print for my liking. Yawn how boring. Yeah the baby was cute, a little girl by the name of Mariah, but if she grew up to be any thing like her sister she would be a right cow.
Mariah belonged to the horribly loud snobbish Whithams, their daughter Tania was in my year at school. She was the sixth form slag, and everyone was scared of her and her gang of peroxide Barbie bitches.
The only reason she left me alone was the fact that my father and Godfather were on the local council with her father. As soon as she had set eyes on me she began to snigger, my mum had made me wear this short pink dress thing which was ghastly.
I was thinking about pulling a sickie and trying to leave when James arrived.
“sorry i couldn’t make it to the church Laura” he said to Tania’s mother.
He greeted everyone then saw me and gave me a wink. There was no way i was leaving now.
My godfather James is about 38, 6ft tall with thick dark brown hair and these gorgeous hazel eyes, and i adore him.
Every time he smiles at me my heart flutters and every time he gives me a hello or goodbye kiss my heart skips a beat.
We have always been close and if any one knew they would say too close.
I first began to fantasise about him when i was 14. My parents had gone away for the weekend and i went to stay with him, after all what else are godfathers for. Only on the second evening i was there he told me to go to bed earlier than i usually do and we got into an argument. Of course he was having none of it and it wasn’t long before he had pulled me down on to his lap, pulled down my skirt and underwear and given me a hard bear ass spanking. After that i began to lie in bed and finger myself wishing it was him inside of me.
Since the age of 15 i began to notice that if i was wearing a skirt and sat close to him he would put his hand on my leg and gradually slide it up and down. If i reached up to hug him he would caress my bottom, and if he came up from behind me he would kiss my neck. He was hot and i knew he wanted me.
After a while of polite conversation, i could tell that James was getting bored as well, he walked over to me and put his arm around me and whispered in my ear.
“How’s it going beautiful?,”
“God im bored” i replied, “i think i would rather stick needles in my eyes then be here”. By this point i was feeling rather drunk, without my parents noticing had been rather generous with my drinks in Mr Whithams bar. James laughed and seeing how drunk i was said “on the alcohol huh? me as well. This is so dull, lets go have a nose round this place”. So grabbing my hand we looked around the gardens, then the ground floor, then we went up stairs.
James stopped me at the top of the stairs and looking me up and down said “you look so look so damn sexy in that outfit”. He placed his hands on my hips and kissed me full on the lips. He had kissed me before but whether it was the alcohol or my sexy outfit, this time he gently pushed his tongue into my mouth. Then he began to softly and slowly kiss my neck making me giggle.
“Is it wrong that i want you so much?” he asked. I smiled up at him and said
“no, because i want you too, you know that, what did you think all the short skirts are about.” He grinned and said “lets go in here” and pulled me into the nearest room.
the room was large with pink and purple furniture. There was a lot of white fluff and lots of photos. There was no mistaking that this was Tania’s room.
This fact made me want to fuck James even more. Imagine the thought of her ugly face if she knew i lost my virginity on her bed. The thought made me laugh as i stood on her bed and put my arms around James shoulders. I kissed him hard and passionately. He lifted up my dress and kissed my stomach, so grabbing the bottom of the little pink dress i lifted it up over my head and threw it on the floor. Now
all i was wearing was a matching white lacy bra and knicker set. He smiled at me while he removed his jacket and shirt. He had such a fit and tanned body. I felt myself going wet looking at him. He then took of his trousers to reveal his hardening bulge under black boxers.
“You sure you wanna do this?” he asked with concern on his face. “Im sure” i whispered back. I pulled him on to the bed and lay down, he climbed on top of me and began to kiss me. He started from the top and while telling me how beautiful i was and how much he loved me, removed my bra and began to kiss my hard nipples. A male had never seen my breasts before and as he began to like lick around my nipples i was surprised at how good it felt. He began to suck each of my nipples harder and harder, while running his hand down my body giving me a shiver of excitement. His hand reached into my underwear and he began to massage my pussy, then he slowly stuck a finger into me and began to masturbate me. His one finger then became two as his fingers fucked me harder. I had never felt any thing so good and i began to moan.
I really wanted his hard cock inside me. I knew it would feel so good.
Then he took out his fingers and slowly began to pull down my underwear and threw them with the pile of clothes on the floor. “I knew you’d be this sexy” he said, and i blushed as i was nervous. I opened my legs for him and he kissed my inner thigh, he then moved his head towards my hot wet pussy and began to kiss and lick my slit.
Although ive never had one, as his tongue moved inside me i knew i was near orgasm.
I finally exploded in his mouth and he groaned loving my cum.
He licked me until every last drop of my cum was gone. I couldn’t stand it much longer, i needed him inside me, it was my first time and i needed to be fucked by a real man. He must of known because just then he took of his boxers and i saw how much he wanted me. His dick was fully erect, hard and standing about 9 inches long.
He kissed me and again told me how much he loved me as he began to slide his manhood into me. I felt a sharp pain as he took my virginity, but his kisses felt so good i ignored it. He began to pump in and out of me, massing my tits. We both began to sweat as are bodies entwined. Enjoying him inside me more and more i began to rock my hips with him, and moan again as he plunged deeper and deeper into me.
He then shot his load inside of me and i responded by doing the same. His fucking became more and more intense and i was loving every minute of it, he banged me until we both climaxed again. It was so good but i was becoming tired and i didn’t know how much more my swollen pussy could take.
James now panting as much as i was climbed of me and lay down next to me.
“That was really good” i sighed, as he kissed my forehead and smoothed back my hair. “Sooo then” he said “when are you next coming over to mine?”
I was about to say as soon as i can but i then realised we were lying naked on Tania’s bed, with a lot of people down stairs.
We quickly got changed and holding hands walked back down stairs to the party. As soon as James had gone over to talk to someone, Tania came over and glared at me curiously. “Where have you been to?”
I grinned at her as i replied “the garden”.

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