My Sex Story!!!

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He stood there looking at me and smiling at me. he then shoved me up to the wall and kissed me laughing in a gasp i said i love you and at that i raped my legs around his torso and he was holding me up. he carried me up the stars and i kissed him neck and then laid my head on his shoulder and let him carry me up the stairs. he opened the door and laid me down on the bed. I laughed when he took my shirt and bra off and laid on top of me kissing my breasts. i moaned and started getting really wet in my underwear so i took them off and he bent down and sucked on my pussy and bit my clit i cried aloud when he licked my clit in little circles.! OH baby more more i said. You wont more he asked. i stuck his tongue inside my pussy and then i burst my first climex. it felt so good.

I yelled BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He then came up and kissed me on the lips. i moaned and rubbed my pussy when he kissed me. i then took off his shorts and his button up shirt and underwear and kissed his hard muscular chest. he in one fluid motion fliped me over and kissed me and then said Are you ready. YES FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!! i said and at that he picked me up and held me close on the bed and then he stuck his 9′ inch cock inside me and i cried aloud he then put it a little bit further into me and he started moaning and then he laid me flat and i yelled Harder Babe Harder ARE YOU SURE? he said in a gasp yes fuck me babe. at that he went in as deep as he could and went very fast in and out. OHHHHHH babe harder harder and then i cried aloud as my second climex went over me and then he collapsed on top of me and breathed really hard. GOD YOU ARE SO GOOD e told me in a gasp Will you Marry me He asked! :0

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