Pixiiee the Maid and Dave the Butler

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It was the first day of Summer. All of the staff workers at Chastingtton Mansion were given the entire summer off with pay (due to the vacation plans of Mr. And Mrs. Chastingtton).

Pixiiee (the lead Maid of the mansion) was especially excited about having the summer off. She would finally get to visit her family in France. She’d never had a chance to go to France since she started working for the Chastingttons four years earlier when she was just sixteen years old. Los Angeles was just too damn from France to visit on her Sundays off of work. As she began to pack, Mrs Chastingtton walked into the room with an apologetic expression on her face. “Pixiee” she said, “I need to talk to you”. “Oh yes Mrs. Chastingtton” Pixiiee replied in her thick french accent. She quickly stopped packing and stood in front of Mrs. Chastingtton. “Pixiiee dear….(She had a hard time saying this) I know you had the impression that you too ,along with the staff, would have the summer off………..But, Pixiiee, you are my lead maid….I can’t give you the Summer off…I’m sorry.” Tears began to form in Pixiiee’s eyes, but she quickly dismissed them and smiled half-heartedly, “Yes Mrs. Chastingtton”. “Now,” Began Mrs. Chastingtton “I would like you dust and polish the mansion every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the husband and I are gone.” “The lead Butler, Dave, is also staying behind…he will take care of the visitors while we are gone…..again, I’m sorry you can’t go to France this Summer.” With that she walked out the door and headed to Dave’s room to inform him of what she had just informed Pixiiee.
Pixiiee never wanted to cry so much as she did while she watched everyone leave for their summer vacation. She told everyone goodbye and they all hugged her. They felt sorry for her. She looked over at Dave. He didn’t seem so upset. In fact, he was in an especially good mood all day as he helped the Chastingttons put their belongings in their limo.

When Dave was back inside from helping the Chastingttons, he looked over a Pixiiee with a smile on his face. He always wanted to Fuck her. He even dreamt about it. He wondered why she looked so sad. I know she misses her family He thought to himself, but I will fuck her so good, she’ll forget all about ‘em.

Finally, everyone left and it was just the two of them. Dave looked over at Pixiiee. “Well, its just the two of us……” All Pixiiee did was nod and start up the stairs. “What are you doing tonight Pixiiee?” Dave asked. “Going to bed” Pixiiee replied sadly “This day sucks.” Pixiiee continued to walk up the stairs. As she was almost at the very top of the stairs, Dave the Butler looked up under her Maid Uniform. Damn! He thought, Gotta love those French and their maid uniforms!. He could see Pixiiee was wearing a dark red thong. “What I would give to fuck that french pussy.” He whispered to himself as he started up the stairs to his room.

Pixiiee walked into her room and locked the door. She undressed herself. Now fully naked, she lay down on her black satin sheets and began to cry silently. She thought to herself : Why is this happening to me? I feel like such a prisoner! Its been so long since I went to the park, went shopping. I missed out on so much! I never had a boyfriend. I’ve never even had sex! Gosh, I want to have sex so bad! The other maids talk about it all the time! It must feel really good. She lowered her hands down to her pussy and began to rub her clit softly. She closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and rubbed harder…mmmm….I wonder how this would feel if a guy was doing this to me….Just then Dave’s face entered her mind. I see the way Dave looks at me….If he so much as leans in for a kiss…..I’ll let him fuck me…anyway, he’s cute and I’m horny…what can I lose? She smiled and began to fuck her pussy with her fingers. Yessss I’ll definitely let him fuck me.

A few days have past and Dave the Butler still has his eyes on Pixiiee the Maid. He noticed that she looked at him differently while she was dusting the mansion. Her Black hair was tied up in a bun and messy in a sexy way. Her blue eyes were seductive, mischeivious …Kinky. She smiled at him. It was such a sexy “come here and fuck me” smile. He knew she wanted him. She practically screamed it. He decided he would go for it. It was perfect since they were they only two people in the mansion.

Her back was to him as she was dusting the curtains in one of the guest bedrooms. He slowly walked up behind her, She stopped and stood still. She could feel him coming close. His hard dick was now touching her firm ass. Pixiiee held her breath. She was so turned on. “I see the way you look at me Pixiiee.” he whispered in her ear, “You wanna be fucked……….you wanna be fucked hard.” Still behind her, he reached his hand around her and under her dress. He moved her panties and began to rub her clit softly (teasingly). She took a deep breath. He was making her all wet. “Have you ever had a dick inside you Pixiiee?” She shook her head nervously “No.” This new piece of information made his dick even harder. “How would you like Dave the Butler’s big cock inside that tight little pussy?” He asked as he kissed her along her neck. “Yes Dave” She was shaking “I would like it.”
With that, Dave lifted Pixiiee and threw her onto the guest bed. “I’m gonna fuck your French pussy really hard.” he said as he roughly tore off her panties. This manner frightened Pixiiee. He was acting like a monster, pulling down the collar of her dress and sucking on her tits hard as he lifted up her dress and began to finger her. It hurt. He was so forceful. Tears began to well up in her eyes as he unzipped his pants, pulled out his throbbing cock and shoved it deep into her tight pussy with no mercy. “OOOOOh!” Pixiiee moaned out in pleasurable pain. Dave smiled. He loved making her hurt.
He began to suck on her neck hard as he continued to fuck her crazy. All Pixiiee could to was take it all and cry. She was so inexperienced. It hurt but felt soooo good. Dave could feel Pixiiee cum over and over again. “How does this feel Pixiiee?” Dave asked short of breath “You like getting fucked by me?” He began to fuck her harder…deeper. Pixiiee couldn’t answer…she could only moan with each shove into her tight pussy.
Dave could feel that he was about to cum. He pulled out his dick, grabbed Pixiiee by her hair and ordered her to suck him off. “Let me fuck your mouth now Pix!” He loved this violent fuck. Her legs were shaking from the rough fuck as he positioned her head in front his huge cock and began to shove his way in her mouth, his hands at each side of her head. Pixiiee was caught off guard. She began to choke and had to pull her face away. This made Dave smile. He repositioned her face and fucked her mouth again. Tears streamed out of Pixiiee’s eyes as he pulled out, pushed in, pulled out, pushed in over and over again. She wanted to please him so she began to suck him off as hard as she could. Dave began to moan out in masculine pleasure. For an innocent girl, she sucked his dick really good. Finally, Dave could take no more and he let himself shoot his load deep in her throat. He just loved the face she made as she was swallowing….A look of being forced.
Pixiiee looked at him and gave him a worn out smile. “So that’s what I’ve been missing Dave?” He smiled and nodded his head. “Well, then in that case, you’re welcome to my bedroom anytime.” Pixiiee replied with a big smile.”That way, you can show me more of what I’ve been missing.”

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