Rainy Afternoon

Rainy Afternoon

Aryel was sitting on the couch reading a book when Sarah came through the door on her lunch break from work. Her somewhat bosterious roommate slammed the door behind her, and immediately began shouting.

“This is it! I have had it with guys!” she said, slamming her fist into her hand. She did this about once a week, Aryel knew, and she was getting sick of it.

“Then why do you continue with them, darlin’? Every week it’s a new asshole. Little insane, don’t you think?” Aryel, marked the place in her book and set it on the coffee table, then stretched her long legs out along the couch.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. Why do all men have to be such jerks?” asked Sarah, flopping on the couch beside her roommate and pulling one of the girls arms around her shoulders.

“Because they are men, sweets. They have kindergarteners in their pants, and they’re only out for what satisfies them. They’re immature, inconsiderate, impolite, and just plain damned inconvenient. It’s their nature.” Aryel said, running her fingers through Sarah’s short blonde hair.

They had been friends for years, and Aryel was used to these outbursts. She hadn’t been exagerating when she said it had happened about once a week, for the past two years that they had lived together. She had helped her friend through the ups and downs of high school and college relationships alike, and kept her opinions to herself.

Sarah stood up from the couch and grabbed the phone.

“I’m going to call Steve right now and tell him off.” she declared, and exited to her bedroom.

Aryel sighed and smiled in spite of herself at the girl. If Sarah ever grew up, it would be a miracle.


Aryel stood watching out the window at the somber sky. It had been raining all morning, and the dreary, dank weather always depressed her for some reason. She was dressed in black jeans and an oversized white men’s dress shirt, her dark red hair loose down her back almost to her waist, a single braided lock in front of her right ear that hung nearly twice as far. She had gold eyes like those of a cat, and her features were slightly pointed, giving her face a slightly elven cast.

Sarah came back. into the living room and hugh the cordless phone on the reciever.Aryel didn’t turn.

“Get it over with Mr. Freak-show?” she asked in a neutral voice.

“Your moody today.” Sarah murmured, her pale blue eyes filled with concern.

“Just the rain, love. I don’t care much for the weather.” Aryel said, turning to look at her friend. “You over your little tirade yet?” she asked.

“Yeah, he’s an asshole. I don’t know why I can’t ever seem to find a nice guy. What’s it take to find a gentleman these days?”

Aryel smiled slightly to herself.

“I don’t know, darlin’. Most of them are gay and already have boy friends.” she said with a side-long glace at her friend. “I’m going shopping. Come in for dinner tonight, around 8 or so. We’ll make a girls night of it, you know. Movies, popcorn, that kind of thing.” she said. She headed for the door, retrieving her coat and keys from the table beside the door. “It’ll be just the thing to cheer you up. See you then.” and she was gone.

At the movie store, Aryel stood in line. She loved film noir, and had gotten several older movies, mostly black and white love stories, like “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon.” A bogart fan since her teens, she couldn’t think of anything more romantic. A stop a the grocery store was next, followed by the liquor store where she got two bottles of wine. She bought a pack of cigarettes and filled her car with gas at a station, then went back to her townhouse.

When she arrived, her roommate was nowhere to be found. She shrugged and put away the groceries, started the wine to cooling, and began dinner. At straight up 8, a small feast was set upon the table, along with the wine. She lit some candles, put on a movie, and sat to wait for her friend. A few minutes later, Sarah came rushing in from work.

“Am I late?” she asked, slightly breathless.

Aryel smiled slightly, knowing the girl had probably been flirting with some guy again. She never managed to be on time anywhere; be it a few minutes or a few hours, she was always late.

“Nah, it’s okay. Everything is still warm, and it’s ready to eat. You can go change really quick. Office clothes aren’t comfy for a night at home.” Aryel said, and went to the table to pour the wine.

When she returned a few minutes later, Sarah was wearing a pair of black silk boxers and a sky blue satin spaghettie strap blouse. They had been what was on top in her laundry basket, and Aryel knew she would grab the first thing at hand as long as it wasn’t heels. She worked for a computer firm, as a sales associate, so she had to wear business suits and heels, make-up and such. The clothing she wore usually flattered her long legs and B-cup breasts, but was never really comfortable. She prefered as little clothing as possible and still be decent.

Aryel poured the wine for both of them and sat down at the table. Sarah immediately took a sip. Being that it was a soft chardonay, she enjoyed it very much and nodded her approval to Aryel. They began to eat. Aryel had cooked, and she was a master in the kitchen. They ate their way through braized noodles and beef, with sides of garlic toast, stir fryed veggies, and a cool desert of strawberry cheese-cake.

After dinner, they put the dishes in the dish-washer and sat down on the couch. Sarah immediately put a cushion over Aryel’s thigh and layed her head down. Aryel let her fingers run idly through Sarah’s long blonde hair and down her back, soothing and teasing at the same time. They didn’t speak, just sat sipping wine and watching the movie. At the end, Aryel rose to go retrieve more wine.

When she returned, Sarah had taken her spot.

“Your turn. It’s giving me a crick in my neck to sit like that.” she said, patting the cushion in her lap.

Aryel shrugged and filled both wine glasses, then stretched her slender, long-legged frame out on the couch. This time, Sarah was running her fingers through the thick, tumbled waterfall of Aryels red-brown curls. Each layer was a different color, naturally, and her amber-gold eyes blended with it. It fell in waves almost to her waist, and was usually pulled back. Today, however, she left it down, and it framed her face in loose curls, augmenting her deeply tanned flesh.

Sarah’s fingertips traced lines down her back, through her hair, and around her ears. She fingered the long chain she had suspended from the cartlidge piercing, around the delicate points, and down her neck to her pulse. Aryel’s heart jumped, startled at the familiarity of the touch.

Sarah’s nails trailed gently down her neck, and she looked up at Sarah, who wasn’t watching the movie, but looking down at her friend. Aryel swallowed hard and sat up, still looking into her friends pale eyes. Sarah’s hand moved up to her cheek and drew her into a kiss.

After a few breathless seconds, Aryel broke the kiss.

“We’ve been drinking love. You don’t want to do this. It’s just re-bound.” she lowered her eyes and stared at the floor, her heart still pounding in her ears.

“I want this more than you think, Aryel.” said Sarah, frimly lifting Aryel’s chin with her hand and looking deep into her golden eyes. “I’ve wanted this for a long time, and now I have you where I want you. I’m not letting that go.” she said, and kissed her again.

Sarah’s mouth was warm, sweet. Their tongues danced together, tasting, exploring. Aryel’s hands found their way to Sarah’s thighs and slid up slowly, trailing her nails across the thin fabric covering her ribs, just hard enough to tickle. Sarah twitched against her hands and pr
obed harder, deeper, drawing the kiss out. Without breaking it, she rearranged herself and Aryel, untill she was laying on top of Aryel, her ha
nds pinning both of Aryel’s wrists above her head.

“I’ve watched you for a long time Aryel. I’ve wanted your body even as we lay together between the sheets at sleep-overs. I know you’ve wanted me too. I’ve seen it burning in your eyes. You’ve never hurt me or betrayed me, but you’ve kept your lips sealed. I doubt it is even written in your journal, though I’ve never read it. You’re mine, Aryel.” she whispered against her friends lips.

Aryel was too startled to say anything. She couldn’t think, her heart was pounding in her ears. Her mind was chaos, and it only got worse as Sarah sat up, straddleing her. She drew her nails down her shoulders and ribs, then back up her stomach, between her breasts and to her collar and began to un-button her shirt. Leaning down, she kissed her way down, right behind her hands. At the top of Aryel’s breasts, she began to nibble and lick her nipples through the thin material of her bra as her hands finished with the buttons. She leaned back and helped Aryel to sit up, then slowly slid the shirt off of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Her fingertips then trailed across her bak to the clasp of her bra, and it too was dropped on the floor.

Aryel lay back, the light from the candles reflecting on her deeply tanned skin. The amulet on her chest glittered, and Sarah drew her tongue down it, making the girl shiver. She sucked and nibbled on her nipples, causing Aryel to writhe. Her mouth still on her breasts, Sarah drew a bit of the flesh along the top of her left breast and bit, hard, making her moan and writhe some more.

“Liked that, didn’t you?” she asked rhetorically, and slid down untill she could kiss and lick her way across her ribs and flat stomach, and bit her again and again. Aryel moaned and trailed her fingertips down Sarah’s cheek. Sarah raised her lips to it, kissing her along the palm and wrist, where she bit her again, worrying the flesh between her teeth.

Her hands found the button and zipper of Aryel’s jeans and undid them, sliding them down and throwing them to the top of the pile of clothes on the floor, leaving Aryel in a white satin thong in the candlelight.

“You are so beautiful, Aryel. Why don’t you see that?” she asked, again bending to press her lips to Aryel’s.

The kiss was long and hard and deep, Aryel’s fingernails digging in on Sarah’s shoulders. Her fingertips found the hem of the tank top, and it too joined the pile of clothing on the floor. Above her, Sarah sat up just enough for Aryel to see her fully.

“You are too, love. But you don’t think so either, so shut up.” she said, and drew her back down in another kiss.

Sarah slid down, her face just above the satin of Aryel’s thong. Slowly, deliberatly, she lowered her mouth and licked the girls clit through it, making her body convulse. She removed this last piece of clothing and looked up at Aryel, who’s eyes were closed, her lips parted, her bosom heaving.

Sarah slowly licked her clit, then plunged her tongue into the girl’s wet center, making her thighs jeark and twitch. She leaned into her task, her tongue whipping the red-haired young woman into a frenzy. She could feel Aryel’s climax building against her tongue, and pressed it against her clit, twitching just the end. Aryel cried out, her body writhing and twitching. Before she had time to rest, though, Sarah insterted first one, then two fingers into her. She stroked her g-spot with her fingertips, curling them up and drawing them in and out, making her moan and whimper.

She worked her fingers through two more climaxes, leaving Aryel to lay back, convulsing and twitching. When she stopped, she leaned down to Aryel’s mouth, and kissed her deeply.

Aryel openend her mouth to Sarah, her tongue tasting herself on the girls lips.

“Am I the first girl you’ve been with, or have you been keeping secrets?” she asked, breathing hard when they parted.

Sarah smiled. She had been with other girls, but it had been a long time, and she had always kept it secret, even from her best friend. She told Aryel this, and the girl laughed, a surprised, full throated laugh that made Sarah warm in places her laugh couldn’t touch.

Aryel sat up and slid off of the couch. She took Sarah’s hand and led her to her bedroom. The room was cool, and lit by moonlight streaming through the bay windows, bathing the bed in it’s silvery light. Aryel pushed Sarah down on the bed and slid her shorts off, then climbed on the bed, kneeling between her thighs. The girl above her, Sarah let her hands wander over Aryel’s flesh, her hands pale against her bronze skin.

Aryel let her lips tease Sarah’s nipples, nibbling gently, then running the tip of her tongue around them, tasting her flesh. She kissed her way around to her navel, her thumbs pressing gently on the inside of Sarah’s hips. Aryel bit gently on her ribs, making her wet. Her tongue and teeth played along her thigh, causing her to spread them a bit wider.

She ran the length of her auburn curls up Sarah’s stomach, across her nipples, and past her face, bending to kiss her lightly, teasingly on the lips, letting her tongue just brush them. She kissed the blonde girl’s pulse, and nipped gently. She trailed just the tip of her tongue across her earlobe, down her throat, down between her breasts, slowly across her stomach, then up her clit with no warning, makinger her moan.

Aryel flicked the tip of her tongue again and again across Sarah’s clit, teasing with her lips, sucking gently, making her writhe and whimper. Sarah was not quiet about her pleasure, moaning whimpering, building quickly to her first climax. Aryel cleaned up the sticky drops of her nectar, licking her into another orgasm.

Just when her climax raged, Sarah sat up and grabbed the girl, pulling her close.

“There is a strap on in my underwear drawer. Go get it.” she said, still trying to catch her breath.

Aryel complied, dissapearing only for a moment. She dug into the drawer underneath her own bed and came out with a bottle of flavored lube.

The toy was almost 11 inches long and made of glass. The harness with black leather, still creaking new. Aryel carefully fitted it to herself and slipped the toy into place. She returned to where she had been kneeling on the bed between Sarah’s legs.

“Do you want this?” she asked, her voice low and seductive. She dribbled a little of the lube into her hand and slowly deliberatly ran it up and down the toy, never loosing eye contact.

A drop of the lube fell onto Sarah’s clit, making her hips twitch into the toy, causing it to rub just right across Aryel’s clit.

“Please…”she whispered, reaching her hands up to the girls shoulders and pulling her down in such a way that the toy sild easily into her cunt. “Hard…”she said, pulling Aryel’s hands and her own wrists up over her head, causing the girl to pin her completely with the weight of her body.

Aryel flexed her ab muscles, causing the toy to slid out a ways, then thrust her hips forward, deep into her friends body. Their bodies caught a harsh rhythm, Aryel pounding and Sarah thrusting back. Together they went on, the toy plunging deep into Sarah’s body while the harness rubbed hard on Aryel’s clit.

They came together. One of them cried out, and neither really cared to figure out which of them it was. They lay together panting, both of their bodies dewwed with sweat.

“I’m sober, Aryel.” Sarah whispered. “I was ditching more wine than I was drinking. I knew if I let you drink, I could get to you. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to touch you.” her hands were trailing up and down Aryel’s back. She felt deep scratches she didn’t remember give her.

“I am too. I just didn’t want it to be re-bound. Now that I’ve had you, I want more. If you deny that, I can’t help but be human and follow my nature. I’ll dissapear. I couldn’t bear
having this, and then pretending it never happened. It’s happened too many times before to me.” Aryel whispered ba
ck, cradeling the girl to her.

“And give up your body, and besides probably the best sex I’ve ever had, not to mention my best friend? Fuck that. Your mine, and I’ll tell that to anyone who asks.” she replied, the kissed her, the most passionate and expressive kiss she could, wanting Aryel to feel the truth of her words.

“I love you, Sarah.” she said when they finnaly broke.

“I love you too…”

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